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Kalena Jordan’s Search Engine College has launched Certification Pathways, a series of courses that come with a certificate of accomplishment. While there’s no single, industry-recognized, SEM certification, someone new to the industry can make up for a lack of experience by completing a course such as this.

As Kalena explains in the press release

Completion of one of our Certification Pathways indicates to a potential employer a graduate’s proficiency in the very latest search engine algorithms, guidelines and methodologies taught within our curriculum.

Three courses are offered, covering SEO and PPC.

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if you got paid for this endorsement considering all the press re: paid placements in blogs? I am in a similar situation on a popular dog friendly website for Boston area people ( and I have businesses that want to sponsor blog posts. I am probably going to make it obvious that these are paid or sponsored ads.

    Great content on your blog by the way!

  • No, I don’t participate in pay for posts. If I ever blog about a company I have a business relationship with, I tend to disclose it.

  • Makes sense. By keeping your revenue sources to the banner ads, you provide a lot more credible reading. Thanks.

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