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I’m excited to bring you news of the launch of SoloSEO, a brand new project management solution for search engine optimization. I’ve been working with founder, Michael Jensen over the last few months – consulting on the development and launch – and I am blown away by what SoloSEO is able to offer.

While software for search engine optimization has existed for years, there really hasn’t been a solution that allows you to set-up, track, manage and progress your SEO campaign…until now (see screenshots).

SoloSEO allows both the novice, and SEO expert alike, to manage a campaign from soup-to-nuts. It’s packed full of features, comes with a 14-day, no obligation free trial and is just $29 per month (for up to 5 web sites).

Michael and his team have listened to the feedback of SEOs, tested features and developed tools that you’ll actually use, but he’s not resting on his laurels. He’s so intent in providing the very best SEO solution, he’s offering a 12-month free subscription to the first 20 people that post a review and feedback.

Highlights of the SoloSEO include…

  • Keywords – manage your lists of keywords in one place, organize by topic and “top” keywords, with easy search and sort options.
  • Content – track the backlinks (inbound links) and PageRank of landing pages and other important pages of your site.
  • Link Building – a powerful system for managing link building from start to finish. Find potential links with optimized search queries from the Link Search tool, assess the strength of a link with Link Build It! (a bookmarklet), and easily add the link to your link manager.
  • Reports – run informative reports for competitive analysis and keyword ranking. Reports are saved and can be emailed to clients, etc.
  • Site Statistics – Your statistics for your site including backlinks, pages indexed, PageRank, and Alexa rating are automatically updated weekly and can show the progress of each SEO campaign over time.
  • Competitors – Find competitors and look at their backlinks quickly, then add potential links directly to your link manager. Find and keep a list of your competitors, including statistics like backlinks, pages indexed, PageRank, and Alexa ranking.

As I said, I’ve been consulting with SoloSEO, but just because they hired me to help advise them, doesn’t automatically mean I’ll put my reputation on the line and endorse their product. However, having tried just about every tool out there, I’m very happy to back them – I even gave them a quote in the press release (and I wasn’t paid to do that, or write this post, either!)

I could go on, but you should simply head over to the site, sign-up for the free trial and test it for yourself!

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  • Brett Smith

    Very cool set of SEO tools… I just signed up for the trial. This looks like it will be great for keeping track of links. Thanks for letting us know about it!

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  • eric hebert

    I being pretty vocal I guess about my unhappiness with SoloSEO so far. I made some points yesterday about the software. I feel it only works if you already know a boatload about SEO, and if you already know a boatload then you really don’t need it.

  • Andy Beal

    Eric, feel free to send your comments to Michael. He’ll be interested to hear them. I believe the site is not designed to teach you SEO, it’s more of a collection of tools and a project management application for those running SEO campaigns.

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  • 97th Floor

    I also know Michael and he is all about making it the best tool available. I have submitted several suggestions and some of them where done within a day. It is definately on its way to being my main tool set.

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  • learn seo

    Well I’ve just signed up for the free trial so I am hoping its all that it’s supposed to be!

    Wiil give it a go and maybe then post another comment about my thoughts… good bad or in between.

    Regards, Chris

  • Scott offers some great features for an SEO who is still learning. For professionals who prefer a tool that is more robust, like, you may want to consider keeping your existing toolkit and use it along with soloseo?

  • Gry Gabrielle, WebDesigner

    Yes its quite good but is missing everything from the professional SEO + SEM packages like WEB SEO and Axandra, that its much faster and you can run on your desktop.

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  • Allen

    I have been using SOLO SEO for sometime now, we are a Montreal Based SEO company.


  • local seo

    indexed, PageRank, and Alexa rating are automatically updated weekly and can show the progress of each SEO campaign over time.

  • Conception Web

    We started using SOLO recently. We are very pleased with it for the price we are paying.

  • Olivier

    I’ve used SOLO in the past, it’s pretty useful and user friendly. Thumbs up, i’d highly recommend it for anyone who is trying to SEO their website as I did.



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