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Speeding up WordPress with WP-Cache

One annoying thing I’d noticed after switching to WordPress, was the increased time it took to load each page.

I’ve just installed the wp-cache plugin, and it’s very much helped to speed up the site. If you’re running WordPress without it, you might want to give it a shot. It effectively caches your pages and reduces the load time and server strain. You’ll also likely want to fix one minor bug with wp-cache, but it’s so easy to do, even a caveman can do it.

So with all that said, I’m now ready to be slashdotted or dugg. So if you could just help me out with a test, that would be great. ;-)

  • dan

    About WordPress I wonder why since just about every other blog software creator has been black listed by search engines why WP continues on?

    I also have a great idea to improve the whole video
    blogs ,but I am not a programmer :(

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  • Edd

    I was just about to ask you why I didn’t like that plug-in, but I see you’ve found the fix to the blank page :D thx!

  • Wan Su

    hey, thanks for the info..i’m implementing it on my wp blogs …looks promosing

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  • Wan Su

    hey, thanks for the info..i'm implementing it on my wp blogs …looks promosing