Posted November 2, 2006 2:13 pm by with 3 comments

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MarketingVOX reports on two different stories related to in-stream video ads.

First, Forrester Research discovered 80% of video viewers find pre- or post-video ads to be annoying and 75% of them ignore them.

That’s not the best of news for Atlas, which just launched a new product that allows marketers to publish in-stream video ads.

Well, I seem to recall studies that claimed many web users hated banner ads, yet they still click on them. The challenge has been and will always be, show me something targeted and of high quality and it will be less annoying.

  • You know,I laughed when I got that Marketing Vox yesterday and it had both the Atlas announcement and the Forrester info in it.

    But there are studies that “According to a telephone poll by the AP and AOL, 71% of U.S. Internet users who watch online video prefer to watch and download videos for free, sponsored by pre-roll advertising, while only 23% said they would prefer to pay for ad-free content.”

  • Good find Natasha. Forrester should have asked whether they prefer free videos with ads, or have to pay for ad-free videos.

  • Yah that does make things a little more interesting, Natasha.

    We’ll have to see how video impacts the mobile market 🙂