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Regular readers will notice the addition of Mozy as a Marketing Pilgrim advertiser. I try to be selective about which affiliate ads I run on the site, as I don’t want to fill the site with crap I would never use.

Mozy’s free online backups are awesome! Scott W first suggested I check it out and so I did last week. It’s simple to use, and offers 2GB of free online back-ups – enough for storing vital files – and it’s less than $5 a month for 30GB, if you need it.

Click to enlarge screenshotHere’s what you get…

  • 2GB of free, secure storage
  • Open/locked file support
  • Block-level differential backup
  • 128-bit SSL support (to secure your data during transport)
  • 448-bit Blowfish encryption (to secure your data on our server)
  • Continuous or scheduled backup options

So “yes”, it’s an affiliate, but it’s also a great free tool that everyone should consider using.

  • Andy, heckuva job on this entry in terms of disclosure, explanation and all that. This is how it should be done people.

    I featured you here;

  • Nancy

    I find that to be the best website for online backup news, articles and information. This site lists more than 400 online backup companies and ranks the top 25 on a monthly basis.

  • Hi Jim, thanks for the feedback and link! Nancy, thanks for the resource.

  • Darren Roland

    FYI – is a feeder site for, so obviously they’re not going to be terribly objective. Who else would list them #1 in the “backup” category 🙂

    I agree with your assessment of Mozy as they seem to have nailed the backup thing.

  • Wow… 2GB of storage for free! Heck I am going sign up and take advantage of that deal… Could be a good place to store some MP3 files 🙂

  • Derek

    Here is another dead simple and safe online backup apps that allows you 2GB of data backups for free. It’s called IDrive-E that performs ‘complete hands-free automated backup’ for your files and folders. Small businesses or individuals can opt for unlimited storage for just $4.95/month for all your backups or $49.50/year.

    In addition to the free 2GB of online backups, you will get fast and efficient backups by compressing data during transmission, enhanced security with 128-bit SSL encryption on data transfers and 256-bit AES encryption on storage with a user defined key. The backup will commence when your PC is in the idle state; but you can alter it based on the your convenience and needs. IDrive-E also supports backup of mapped drives.

    It also enables users to setup connections via proxy servers to be able to connect to the IDrive-E servers and perform remote backups/restores and adjust the application’s bandwidth usage and access other Internet applications without any interruptions. Unlike the snapshot or the archiving features present on most other products, IDrive-E has genuine file versioning by retaining up to 30 backed up versions. You can view all the individual file versions that are maintained on your IDrive-E account and restore a particular version of the file you want.

    The application has two interfaces for the users. IDrive-E Classic interface offers a very simple and intuitive user-friendly interface. With the IDrive-E Classic view, you can backup files and folders, restore files and folders, schedule backups for a future data and time, exclude files and folders and delete files and folders. The IDrive-E Explorer view, a virtual drive with Windows Explorer-like view, is meant for restoring files and folders and is not for backups.