Posted December 14, 2006 8:28 pm by with 24 comments

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OK, so when I first heard about “blog tag”, it sounded like one of those chain-emails, you know the ones – “Pass this on to someone else and you’ll receive good luck.”

After being tagged by blogging-buddy Avinash, I figured it might be fun to share the requisite five things you don’t know about me. So here goes…

  1. Not many people know that I didn’t go to college. Growing up in England, there’s not quite the pressure to get a college degree. Even so, I just couldn’t stand the thought of sitting still in a classroom over a 4 year period. So I grabbed my A-levels and scarpered.
  2. You can trace my ancestors back to Sir Christopher Wren – he being the famous architect who designed England’s St. Paul’s Cathedral and helped rebuild London after the great fire.
  3. Before my career as an internet marketer, I worked as a paralegal, financial planner and mortgage broker.
  4. I first went “online” in 1987 (ish) using the UK’s Micronet service and became addicted to the multi-player game Shades – where wizards and witches competed.
  5. Dachshunds are the coolest dogs in the world!

Ok, so I get to tag five bloggers and see if they’ll play along. Let’s see, who should I tag…

Ben Wills, Robert Scoble, Shoemoney (cos I know nothing about him), Neil Patel and Jeremy Zawodny.