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Tweet about this on TwitterShare on LinkedInShare on Google+Share on FacebookBuffer this page has launched with a service that appears to be similar to John Battelle’s FM Publishing, except it focuses on the smaller blog site.

Believing that lower-traffic bloggers were getting a raw-deal by using Google’s AdSense, BlogKits creator Jim Kukral wanted to develop an ad network that would bring big name advertisers to small-name bloggers.

Hoping to make the process of monetizing your blog’s traffic easier, BlogKits promises a simple sign-up process.

  1. Select the style of advertisement to display on your blog.
  2. Decide on the type of advertisers that best match your blog’s content.
  3. Er, actually, that’s it. Upload the code and BlogKits handles the rest.

According to the official press release, initial advertisers include eBay, PayPal, Travelocity, 1&1 Internet Hosting,, USAToday, Staples, Sony,,, Kodak, GoDaddy, Starbucks, Discover Card, and many more.

I may just have to test it on this blog.

  • Smaller publishers and advertisers are indeed getting a shock from Google Adsense and Google Adwords. It is, however, the help from Google that angers publishers at a time when revenue may be down by as much as 90 percent.

    “Your seo looks good and your pages are fine, content is acceptable but your CTR is down. Please refer to our blog and forums for help” is no help at all.

    In one case an Adwords campaign was flagged for review when the landing page was changed. The account never went active again, no matter what Google said or gave as excuses. Oddly, the landing page was changed so visitors would arrive at the main page of the website when they clicked the ad. But the ad – one of the best pulling ads of the campaign – was destroyed and later abandoned as Google could never rectify the problem.

    Unfortunately for those now going broke, and the smaller people, Google has not been front and center about anything but they are closing accounts of those who spent over $100,000 a year with them. Others may not stand a chance in that environment.

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  • Always good to have some alternative to adsense. I will also test them and add to my affiliate program list.

  • I try to contact federated media but the contact form does not work. if anyone has an email address (ineed a pricing for a campaign), many thanks 🙂

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  • I never heard about this service before. Thanks for the link, I’m sure they are thankful too.

    I’ll try it on my blog…