Posted December 27, 2006 4:31 pm by with 3 comments

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Darren Rowse responds to suggestions that traffic gained from being on Digg is fleeting and not long-term. He offers some excellent insights as to how Digg can benefit a blog’s traffic.

Here’s Darren’s observation of how the Digg effect increases his long-term traffic.

I’ve certainly seen the same effect with my own blog’s traffic, with a roughly 10% increase in daily traffic after the two instances this blog has been on Digg’s front page.

If you’ve experienced the “Digg effect”, did any of the visitors stick around for the long-term?

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  • I have a tiny blog in comparison, but I too have experienced the ‘digg’ effect.

    Once a posting of mine was on digg, my hits for THAT particular day went up from approx 20-30 a day, to 150odd.

    It helps in the short-run, however, the long-run is a totally different ball-game and an aggregator of this nature is purely a short-term ‘marketing’ tool. I suppose content also plays a pivotal role.

  • In my opinion, the Digg effect stays if you know how to “embrace” it. If you have something good looking with a RSS feed submission in a great location (plus your website has to obviously have great content), then you get people coming back.