Posted December 14, 2006 2:24 pm by with 3 comments

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With more pressures on bloggers to disclose their business relationships, Weblog Tools Collection points to a neat WordPress plugin that helps bloggers set up their own disclosure policy.

Just last week, I added a disclosures page on Marketing Pilgrim, so there would always be a place where you could view my relationships with any company discussed (in case I forgot). With pay per review becoming a hot option for bloggers, it seems that if you want to blog with integrity, you should disclose who you’re in bed with.

So, what do you do on your blog? Do you have a disclosure policy? Do you keep partnership details a secret? What should be included in a good disclosure policy?

  • Hey Andy,

    Any chance you can include a “Disclosure Policy” link in your page template so audiences can always find it linked to your custom DP?

    If done right, over time audiences will know that “Disclosure Policy” is a link they can look for just as they can find a Privacy Policy before giving personal info today. If such a DP framework becomes ubiquitous, the mere absence of a DP will communicate “reader beware” to audiences.

  • Hi Dan, I’m not sure if the plugin does that, you’d probably need to contact the developer.

    We have a link to our disclosure policy in the sidebar navigation – under “pages”.

  • I didn’t follow up on this post as well as I should have pre-christmas. The plugin can achieve almost any linking you can think of, but from the content.

    It doesn’t include any links at all from template elements such as your sidebar.