Posted December 11, 2006 9:29 am by with 1 comment

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It looks like Firefox plans to capitalize in its recent surge in popularity by airing fan-based television commercials, according to Read/WriteWeb.

The ads will initially appear only to viewers in the San Francisco and Boston area, but will likely expand to other areas over time. Each ad will focus on the theme that Firefox is “the safest, fastest and most enjoyable way to experience the Web,” and will be sponsored by users and fans of the browser – (each contributing upwards of $10 of their own cash to help pay for the ads).

So, who does Firefox hope to target with the TV ads?

…they’re going after prime time cable channels like Comedy Central, ESPN, TNT, History Channel, USA, and MTV. In terms of demographics, they’re targeting people who they think are willing to download and try Firefox.

This could just work. Everytime I see one of those Apple/PC TV ads, I ask myself why I still use a PC, when Macs look so darn cool – I want to be a cool kid too! Maybe Firefox should look at ways to highlight how much better their browser is compared to IE. By the looks of the complaints IE7 is getting, they shouldn’t have a difficult time convincing people to switch.

  • This interests me on many levels, all specific to Firefox fans contributing to the campaign and doing the ads. I’m in the Boston area and haven’t seen any of these ads yet and probably because I don’t watch the listed channels. Yet, I use Firefox.
    I’d like to see the demographic (and see if there’s any cross-demographic) to the fan base, but what Firefox puts on the tube will have more to do with what’s shown than anything else.