Posted December 8, 2006 3:44 pm by with 3 comments

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I used to be among those that felt using a partial-text RSS feed would bring more people to my site. About a year ago, I realized the error of my ways – mostly because I figured Robert Scoble would never subscribe (you do now though, right Robert?) – and switched to full text feeds.

Amanda Watlington and Stephen Spencer both talked about the positive benefits of a full text RSS feed at SES, and now we have further evidence from an experiment Amit Agarwal ran on his blog.

Growth in RSS Subscribers – We added more than a 1000 new subscribers in less than a month – thanks to full feeds.

Here’s his RSS subscribers chart to prove it…

  • Yes, I subscribe!

  • Thanks Robert. Make sure to check in on Monday, I’ll have an exclusive story on Google. 😉

  • I stumbled upon YOUR site, less than ironically, looking for a list of full-text RSS feeds, as I, too, now refuse to read partial feeds that exacerbate my carpal tunnel!

    Any such lists exist?