Posted December 15, 2006 9:47 am by with 7 comments

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Social media strategist Jeremiah Owyang is hearing more and more companies allocating budgets for social media marketing (SMM) in 2007.

Many companies are contributing a few thousands to tens of thousands per month on developing programs that are designed to reach out and join the online communities.  I don’t know in all cases where this budget is coming from, but I do know that old world print advertising dollars are shifting to ‘new’ media, and Social Media is part of this.

There’s no doubt that including outreach to online communities is key to any internet marketing campaign, but is SMM really going to hit big-time in 07?

  • Lets hope so!

  • Social Media Marketing is probably going to be big judging by what the big boys( eg. google ) are doing.

    It’s gonna be an exciting 2007!

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  • I think it will be huge with the online crowd. It needs to get more defined and quantifiable before the mainstream small business buys into it.

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  • Many of the “big Brands” will be using Social Media to gain marketshare with the different age groups.

  • It’s going to grow big eventually, but it won’t work for everybody of course. It is however a really great way to do market research and to engage your target markets in a peer to peer way. There are great advantages in eg. consumer generated content on the SEO side and corporates are always looking for new ways to engage their customers. Keeping up with these trends will surely make them ‘cool’ with the crowd, no? Send those marketing dollars our way!