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I’ve noticed a dramatic increase, over the past few weeks, in the number of people visiting my rant about just how bad IE 7 is. It’s consistently been one of my most visited posts, but as Microsoft rolls out the upgrade to more and more IE users, I’m seeing a direct correlation in the number of complaints.

Here’s a snapshot of the increase in people visiting my IE 7 complaint post.

Has Microsoft rolled-out an inferior, bug-ridden product too hastily, in an effort to try and keep people from switching to the superior Firefox? Has the opposite effect happened, with more people now switching browsers?

Leave me a comment about your experiences with IE 7.

  • My biggest complaint with IE7 is that it broke clearfix, which means I’m going to have to go through all my old websites and fix the CSS.

  • IE7 sucks. It wouldn’t let me change my homepage and MSN would take years to load. Not ot mention anything you do out of surfing say clicking file or something is in extra slow motion.

    Thank You

  • Botim

    For many years I’ve used three browsers. I.E. was always the least used but a stand by when K-mealon (my favorite) and Netscape could not rendure. Months back I tried I.E. 7 beta. I really like the RSS feed reader but Outlook Express still takes a back seat to Thunderbird for mail ease and I.E.’s favorites a backseat to K-mealon and Firefox’s bookmarks. I’ve never had any problem with full I.E. 7 upgrade but didn’t like that it was all but forced on me. My views are that I.E. 7 is the giant size fully loaded SUV browser that is very slow and cumbersome. Firefox the dual or tri purpose sport utility with a good mail counterpart and K-mealon the top AAA fuel dragster of browsers.

  • I’m getting the same feedback. I hope you don’t mind me putting a link, but there’s a little too much to put down in a comment. Here’s my full post on why IE is losing the browser war:

  • I *much* prefer the previous version if IE — but about a week ago I hastily clicked “OK” on the download button for IE 7. My bad. It sucks.

    However, that has forced me to experiment with Firefox — so the whole thing might turn out to be a blessing. The plugins for Firefox are stellar, and Firefox seems to play nice with Gmail, which is my primary email program.

    Honestly, there’s no telling how long I would have stayed with MS had they not forced me to look for alternatives.

  • I used to fear switching to FF as too many sites were not built to be compatible. I switched one year ago, I don’t recall finding one site that didnt work perfectly.

  • It is so sad that Microsoft with its vast technical prowness cannot develop a decent browser. It shows you what happens with large bureaucratic organizations that lose site of what is going on outside of their walls. It is clunky, slow to open, and crashes when I use multiple tabs. Its useless, I still do not understand why companies are not changing their defaults to FF. I guess it is a mixture of ignorance and fear… I guess Microsoft is good at something…

  • B. Gates

    I love IE7! It’s innovative and is redefining the browser. It’s not surprising since Microsoft has a long history as an industry innovator. I especially like the tabbed browsing which exemplifies the creativity and customer focus that is inherent to Microsoft core values. IE7 and Microsoft are truly light years ahead of the competition!

    I can’t wait for Vista!

    B. Gates

  • Andy,
    I personally like Opera, but I have been using IE7 since October and see that it is very stable, even though it is more like Firefox than anything else. Not everything works across Firefox (if you want examples, let me know).

    The need for IE7, as a developer, revolves around the need to see your site as your visitors see it. IE will always be important until users stop using it. I expect that this won’t happen until the OS market swings another direction (away from Microsoft).

    Firefox has been posting steady gains, but its a big slope.

  • I’m back! Quick question for this community: Does anyone know how I can get IE 6.0 back on my machine? Some of the recruiting software I use is being difficult with Firefox. 🙁

  • I would rather have IE6 Back until IE7 is ready
    for our use.Right now the product is really getting
    on my last nerve.Great potential in IE7, but when
    are reduced to snail pace it really ugly.Why can’t
    the Browser deal with coverage of Affiliate Links.
    Never had any Browser crash like IE7, needs to fix
    and fix now. FireFox is not works but with cloaked
    Affiliate Links but is not a complete answer.

  • I would rather have IE6 Back until IE7 is ready
    for our use.Right now the product is really getting
    on my last nerve.Great potential in IE7, but when I’m reduced to snail pace it’s really ugly.

    Why can’t the Browser deal with coverage of Affiliate Links. Never had any Browser crash like IE7, Microsoft needs to fix it and fix now.

    FireFox works better with the cloaked Affiliate Links but is not a complete answer. Maybe we are
    expecting more from IE, yes it has been the main
    stay for me. Sorry but I had to correct the above.

  • I’ve had a good experience with IE7 as an end-user, but Firefox comes out tops in any case (FF Keywords are great). Also as a developer, the JS console, the DOM explorer, the source code viewer and the Web Developer plug-in just awesomely rocks.

  • Dave

    In its infinite wisdom, MS managed to create a vastly inferior product. Ctrl-N still doesn’t open up a fresh window with a fresh homepage, but opens up a page identical to the one you’re on. Why would I want two identical pages? There is no conceivable reason. It has also changed the fonts to some unreadable translucent madness. The icons and file trays are laid out so crappily that it takes up three lines worth of the browser window and you can even maneuver them around to make best use of space. The forward and back buttons are nowhere near the home and print buttons, and MS made it obviously difficult to change the default browser from MSN search; who the f**k uses MSN search except the top brass at MS? Also, the “star” favorites button is clearly stolen from Gmail. If I hadn’t read how troublesome it is to revert to IE 6.0 (which my office requires use of), I’d be back in a heartbeat. Nice job Microsoft, when you really put your mind to it, you really know how to produce some mediocre products.

    not only steal Gmail’s “star” favorites system but also

  • Don

    Have been trying to install with XP professional (legal copy). After 7 hours – still installing.

    Two of my friends have same problem.

    What gives????

  • john heppell

    to anyone DO NOT INSTALL IE7 use ie7 & it will ruin the best part of any browsing experience you have had.ITS SIMPLE ITS FULL OF BUGS.if your unlucky enough to download it by an auto update>control panel and delete it.try something else Firefox2 is excellent why do you think apple use it,no brainer it works.

  • I thought my old age was taking me for a dance; until I started reading the reviews on IE7. I have had nothing but trouble with this pitiful piece of antiquated “Gatesjunk”. As far as
    I’m concerened, he has razzle-dazzled his way right out of an otherwise functional IE6 AND whatever (little as it may be)respect I had for him. In his efforts to yank that almighty buck (and control the market of course), he has layed waste to my Cutesite Builder, and a dozen other programs I have on two main frames & a laptop. It’s also created a major event in my Outlook Express. This IE7 is CRAPOLA / plain & simple. And God help the poor average user trying to surf the net. Hey Gates, Bite Me! (And your xp isn’t all of that either son)

  • Ernie Hall

    I downloaded and installed IE7. Right away I couldn’t do certain things that I could do with IE6, video streaming for one. It also interfered with some of my other software. I uninstalled it and thought things were fine, then Windows updates downloaded, and reinstalled IE7 again on it’s own. I uninstalled it again and so far (one month later) things are good. I DO NOT recommend Internet Explorer 7. It is not ready to be used, right now it’s garbage.

  • to anyone DO NOT INSTALL IE7 use ie7 & it will cut off whatever you are downloading and it really slows your browser down! My DSL is like dial up again! go back to IE6 or another browser!


    I create and manage group sites at MSN Groups. I used IE 6 for many years to great effect. Now, without my commitment, IE 7 was downloaded onto my computer, and it refuses to cooperate with MSN, or any MSN website. You would think a Microsoft Browser would work with a Microsoft Website…

    Obviously not..

    I’ve also had trouble accessing other websites just as much since the download. It’s just a really dumb vehical to gain back the internet lead that they want.

    DO NOT GET IE 7. Stick with the superior browswer, IE 6!!!!

  • Thanks — but I already installed IE7. You are right: It SUCKS! So, can someone show me a download link for IE6, assuming I can get IE7 off of my machine?

    Much obliged.

    PS – Why hasn’t anyone from MS chimed in on this string? Or better yet: If someone from MS could call me at (678) 795-0900 and walk me through the uninstall, I would really, REALLY appreciate it.

  • Chuck

    I can’t stand the damn thing. It is VERY slow, whether i am browsing or surfing. It is especially slow when exiting. It literally takes 3-10 seconds to close the program. I am not a huge Firefox fan….i have always been true with IE, but not anymore. I use Firefox now. Why is it that Google has Betas for years that work just fine, but when Microsoft brings out a beta, its absolutly HORRIBLE? I also have Office 2007, which crashes or hangs up every 10 minutes…..giveing me warnings and errors. I already know that Vista is going to be a bitch. So tired of the idiot stuff, make a program that WORKS when released.

  • Stacey

    IE 7 is a nightmare. It has totally screwed up my computer, it crashes and freezes, and has wreaked havoc on my outlook express as well. What a fool I feel like now, just downloading the harmless looking update. Steer clear.

  • This is my second posting: Just had to laugh the other day – when I realized that the “REAL EVIDENCE” that IE-7 sucks. The truth is, if the program was really worth a shit, it’s own Malicious Software Removal Tool would have taken it’s own self out. Have a Merry Christmas guys and gals; after X’mas I’ll be low ending my lap to get rid of this Viral piece of crap that IE-7 left me with. Firefox2 is beginning to look like a viable option.

  • I need to be able to regularly ftp files to servers. IE7 BLOCKS all ftp requests automatically and the so-called online help to fix this doesn’t work.

    I am angry that IE7 is an automatic update and that it shall come as standard with Microsoft Vista. I’m switching to Firefox immediately and I’ll be looking at an alternative operating system too.

  • Ted Hansen

    I could not believe how bad IE-7 sucks.
    Once installed, I couldn’t even connect to the internet. I couldn’t even close the program after opening it. My computer was in such slow motion it seemed like everything was frozen.
    I was fortunate enough to be able to click on start and then restart to get out of it.
    I then had to go into “add or remove” and uninstall IE-7.
    I was able to uninstall it successfully but not without other files being disrupted.
    For a moment I thought I had been lured into downloading a virus onto my computer.
    Thanks alot Microsoft, ” YOU BONEHEADS! “

  • Rob

    The other posts are too gentle! The time I will have to spend cleaning IE7 off the many machines it was inadvertently installed to without any loss of information or functionality will be educational. The annoyance with MS will reach an all tme high that defies description. IE7 is not a program it is a virus and I will treat it as such.

  • So you think IE7 is bad?

    Read this cost report on how the entire computer software and hardware industry shall be adversely affected by Microsoft Vista. It will also affect video and audio quality and add-on entertainment systems.

  • Marker

    Dear Bill Gates,
    I can only assume you have recently acquired stock in Apple Computers since it is clear that the distribution of Internet Explorer 7 is MEANT to creat havoc and serious error conditions in the WinXP Operating System.

    Besides affecting other applications (including Microsoft apps such as Movie Maker), even upon removal and reverting back to IE6, I now have problems with IE6 not working on sites that make use of FLASH apps for user access (I cannot login to website now nor access my online banking).

    Maybe this is just part of a GRAND PLAN to try to push people into VISTA???

    I truly regret ever seeing IE7, let alone having it on my system and NOT being able to revert back to a fully functional IE6!!!

    May you find a large lump of coal in your stockings, Mr. Gates!!!

  • Bruce Johnston

    I am fortunate in that I am in the process of deploying over 100 Xp SP2 identically imaged machines. I deliberately built the image with all patches and Office updates EXCLUDING the IE7 “Critical Update” and told it not to bother me again, ever.

    I figure that I shall be safe until some one in BIll’s World decides that Vista is a “Critical Update” once they chop off support for XP.

    Imagine the scnenario… don’t read all the fine print. Disagree and you won’t get any more updates. Agree and your system is crippled after so many days until you pay an activation fee. I would not be surprised.

    For those of you who want to go back to 6 sp1 I suppose that one way would be to use IE 7 to download some other browser. Then uninstall IE 7. Install the other browser. Go to Bill’s World and install IE 6 sp1.

  • Merry Christmas everyone and Bill Gates, I hope you liked the Coal that Santa left you.

    Don’t you wish that Microsoft was still operating in that garage like the Big G used to?

    I have dumped IE7 and IE6. I only use IE6 now to test compatibility for web pages. Now I have switched to Firefox, something I decided only after being exposed to IE7.

    I shall switch to Linux when Vista becomes the norm.

  • Hudson King

    I downloaded IE7 to my laptop and noticed immediately that it was much slower and bogging things down. This browser is not ready. DO NOT load it to your computer. You will hate it. It’s so slow it seems as though my cable modem was performing like a clunky phone-line. I switched to FireFox and deleted IE7 from my system.

  • How do I go back to IE 6.0? Installing 7.0 took away 6.0 and I can’t find a copy to download. 7.0 sucks, emails missing, can’t us Telnet (it says it’s “disabled by default” and doesn’t tell you how to “enable” it.. Any help appreciated. Thanks,
    Lowell Van’t Slot NJ

  • Just uninstall IE7 from add/remove programs and it will default back to IE6. You’ll need to the go to tools-> internet options -> advanced and correct all the rubbish IE7 has done to your setup.

  • Marcus

    My experience with IE is not positive. I am an IT prosessional. At my work all our IT staff started to use IE7 in prep for a possible rollout firm wide. Also all the staff installed it on their home computer as well. In all cases and enviroment IE7 had singificant issues. Only one computer out of 5 staff + the work computer work with no crashing. We have concluded that IE7 is one of the worst product rollout that Microsoft has ever done. Here is a quick list of the major issues we have encountered:
    1. Will not install properly.
    2. IE7 Crashes when starting the first couple of times… but then behaves until to turns into issue #4.
    3. IE7 crashes Windows Explorer when opening a new tab.
    4. IE7 stop working completely, and always crashes so all you can do is rollback to IE6.

    Basicly, I would not touch this until at least the first service pack is released. Too bad, because it really had a lot of good features…. but it’s just a totaly buggy piece of software.

    Stick to Firefox.

  • Martin B (UK)

    Explorer 6 has been my preferred browser for quite some time – although I have had Firefox and Opera installed, I’ve generally not chosen to use them.
    Unfortunately, Explorer 7 simply does not work on any of our three domestic PCs, behaving as if there is no working internet connection, while Firefox functions normally. Despite spending some hours on the problem, I have just not been able to fix Explorer, and am resigned to using the rival browsers until a fix comes along

  • ana

    Newest IE prevents me from linking directly to my google search, instead kicks in advertising links. This browser is just horrible.

  • kat

    IE7 came as an automatic update so I downloaded it. When I saw I had to sign in to Google just to look at my bookmarks I went to the control panel and unistalled it, restarted my computer and I have my old IE back!

  • ScarletSpider

    I’ve not had any of the problems that most of you are describing. The one thing that happens on occasion is that I may want to see a popup window and even though I disable the popup blocker and hold the control key down, and enable showing popup windows in a new tab, the browser completely shuts down. This doesn’t happen very often, and only with certain popups. Otherwise it works fine. And to open a new tab with your home page press Ctrl-T (for Tab).

  • OHHHHHHHHHHH I can’t stand it! I bet it is going to take me literally ten minutes to post this comment. I missed an entire day of work today trying to figure out what is wrong with my browsing experience. I can’t roll back to IE6, my darn computer won’t let me. If I delete IE7, it rolls back okay, but then I go to do something and it STILL lags so bad I may as well be on a VERY bad dial up connection. And I have cable! I don’t know about firefox. I downloaded it, but I think IE7 has my whole computer so messed up that firefox won’t work either. Nothing works!

  • Leroy Brown

    It is positively UNREAL the number of problems I have had with IE7! I like the interface and the smaller profile of the menus, BUT after working flawlessly for a while I now have error after error.

    Some are memory, some are failure to start because of a problem with kernel32.dll, idaemon, or msctfime.

    I finally threw in the towel tonight.

    NO MORE IE7 for me.

  • IE 7 keeps shutting down on me in the middle of crap! “Anything you were doing might be lost. Ha ha ha ha ;ha ha” Great! It doens’t matter what I’m doing, it just crashes after a set amount of time. I run other browsers, but Microsoft’s free internet hosting requires that you access their page using this sucky new browser. I agree with everyone who does not like this browser.

  • ray brooks

    I have now installed and then uninstalled IE7 twice in my laptop—most recently this week. Since I live in the sticks: I have dial-up with MSN–even it doesn’t work with IE7–OK for a short-while–then no more browsing–even to MSN sites.
    The MSN tech support people are totally over-whelmed with IE7 problems. When I first paniced that I was losing functions from MSN Dial-up with IE7–I sent three e-mails over a one weeks-span. One was finally answered with a worthless reply—10 days later. I would call on the help line, wait for 15-20 minutes–then get kicked off.
    The one surprise thru all this is IE7 is working fairly well in our 2001 vintage desktop—only problem seems to be kicking you off-line a little more often.

  • Russell Bryant

    Just a word of wise warning!!!
    Do not switch to IE-7!!!
    It becomes part of your operating system.
    Who would have guessed that?
    And it is all but impossible to get rid of, unless you format and restore the whole system.
    Lets keep complaining until Microsoft wakes up and fixes there problems with something more friendly and not distructive to our computers.
    After all, we own our computers, NOT MICROSOFT!!!

  • Justin Hawks

    IE7 downloaded on automatic updates and subsequently IE no longer works at all. Only Mozilla, but unfortunately other programs that piggyback on IE files such as my wireless router configuration and EA link to access the internet don’t work either. Now I guess I get to have the fun of rolling back again and blocking automatic updates. This is the only fix I have found so far. Do a system restore to before MS infected your system with IE7 and block updates until they fix this piece of junk.

  • Endstate

    Agree with everything said. This comes from WinUpdate, but if you have your options set to download automatically install on demand AND you typically Custom Install instead of automatic, you have a chance to catch it. (Please, please don’t just let MS install things without checking the list, folks…)

    Either way, dumb me hadn’t seen the bad press and installed last week. As with everybody else, it has hosed up the system and hogs massive resources. Browsers are SUPPOSED to be thin-client…what can they possibly be coding that requires 100% of my CPU?!?
    Seems to impact WMP also, but no issues with wireless so far.

    Anyway, will do what I can to dump it–looks like I might be switching to FF for awhile. If I can get back to IE6 w/o wiping my disk, I’ll post something.

    Good luck, all.

  • Patrick

    IE 7 is miserable.

    I too had not heard any bad press and just assumed it would be a regular round of updates, etc but this looks totally different and I do not like it at all.

    I don’t think I have had any problems outside of IE 7 but I really, really do not like the way I am forced to have the weird favorites buttons on a toolbar at the top.

    I’ve never seen or used any other browser … but this has me looking.

  • David W

    I’ve recently been bullied in to upgrading to IE 7 and I can’t belive how much it has slowed down my system. I’ve found the tab management to be cumbersome, I don’t like the new layout of tile buttons and the I think the interface generally is ugly.

    My main gripe is that, for some unknown reason, web pages now refuse to recognise that I have Shockwave and Java plugins installed on the browser. I’ve just recently switched to Firefox and I’m can’t belive the difference in peformance and ease of use.

  • IE7 is SOOOOOOOOO Slow. I like the tabs but it feels like I’m using dial up again! I’d go back to IE6 but I’ve heard nightmare stories from a couple of people who tried to uninstall IE7.

    I’m a Microsoft developer and I feel that the past couple years Microsoft has been concentrating more on quantity rather than quality.


  • Update About IE-7 Browser:Kim Komonda News
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    IE-7 Release Party and got a better understanding of what is
    Intended, Yet a Browser Application should not as difficult
    to understand and certainly not Slow operation as IE-7 does.

    The Updated Browser Application was introduced to XP Home
    user as a Security update since it was so much work done for
    Security with the IE-7 Browser. Or should I say attempted?

    I’m still not satisfied just yet with the speed issue just
    yet and still working on that, You will find this help from
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    Kim wrote in:ROOKIE RUNDOWN

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    Liz in Clearwater, FL, wrote in about Internet Explorer 7.
    She’s just updated from IE 6 and needs a little help
    figuring things out. She wanted to know where the menu bar
    went and if the old shortcut keys still work.

    Well, Liz, by default Internet Explorer 7 does not show the
    menu bar. This must be confusing for a lot of people who
    rely on it.

    The menu bar is easy to activate. Right-click the gray area
    at the top of the window. On the pop-up menu, select Menu
    Bar. You’ll see the familiar menus from IE 6.

    The keyboard shortcuts you used in Internet Explorer 6
    should still work. But, there are additional shortcuts to
    work with different tabs. If you’re not using the tabbed
    browsing feature in IE 7, you’re missing out.

    With tabbed browsing, you can have several different Web
    pages open in the same window. It’s easy to switch between
    tabs. And your desktop won’t be cluttered with tons of open

    If you don’t like tabbed browsing, you can turn it off.
    Simply click Tools>>Internet Options. On the General tab,
    click Settings in the Tabs section. Deselect Enable Tabbed
    Browsing. Click OK>>OK. You’ll need to restart Internet

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  • Ben Sn1gger

    The tabs are a great idea, shame they usually crash after loading a few pages.
    This can result in all ur other tabs also crashing which sorta defeats the whole point.

    It does mean your other internet windows stay open but who cares….

    Its slow. when i say slow Im talking about the loading of pages. ive gotgreat connection yet nearly every page is slow to load, even google which is my homepage.
    IE 6 just booted it up instantly, even running myspace wasnt that bad on IE 6 and those of you who have used myspace know how bad it can be.
    Its a nightmare, dont ever use tabs on myspace … ever

    thats it so far i think. oh yeah, that stupid search bar that appears to be unremovable. i want google toolbar, dont need thier rubbish.

  • Just being able to find that menu bar again for
    me is a step in the right direction. I really do
    honestly believe Kim Komando will be a source
    that will solve some of the problems if not all.

    I can’t stand it when IE-7 crashes either, seems
    to me the New Browser Application is using more
    RAM than IE6 also. Does anyone know if people
    with the 1GiG of RAM or experiencing the same
    crash problems? The speed at which our machines
    will run does depend on the amount of RAM in
    Reserve (Random Access Memory).

    We have so much greed running wild on the net
    these day, may do well to check Your registrar
    on Your machine to see if anything is loading
    to draw down your RAM. I got a strange feeling
    that something fishes is going on with some
    secret advertising the public isn’t in the know
    of just yet. Greed my be the blame for some of
    what we are being slammed with right now.

    Microsoft has to know everything isn’t going
    according to plan.Everyone that uses a computer
    isn’t a geek, we just know when things are not
    right with our machine. Right now I’m glad to
    know the Menu Bar is still on the Browser. I’ve
    noticed that the Favorites will load much faster
    using that Menu Bar. Be Blessed!

    I’m not giving up because we will get victory!
    Next thing is, check with Your Domain Host to
    see what they are doing to be compatible with
    Secure Server Requirement if Your Domain is
    using it on feedback pages and so forth.

  • The Blogger

    Three big problems with IE7.

    First – It automatically installs on your PC without your knowledge (acting as an automatic “update”). This one thing alone is outrageous. There isn’t even a way to disable the IE7 automatic install – independent of other more benign and useful automatic updates. Thus, it seems that if you want to keep IE6 as your browser, you are doomed to never have any other updates since IE7 will persistently try to install itself as an automatic update (without your knowledge or explicit approval). This simply means that IE6 users always need to close the automatic updates “pop-up” when it presents itself in order to protect against IE7 installing. It’s just too sneaky for my liking. Who has ever heard of an automatic “browser update”??? (read – MS is telling you which version of IE it wants you to use without your knowledge and whether you want it installed or not). I just find this to be beyond reason. NO-ONE forces users to have a particular version of software, brower, etc… without explicit approval. I’m wondering if this is even legal?

    Second: Persistent browser crashes and sometimes complete PC shutdowns for no meaningful reason other than having a few tabs open. It’s just crazy! Basically, there is no stability or reliability. There should be no reason for browser crashes with simple Internet browsing and related activities.

    Finally, I have to admit that IE7 is sloooowwwww. I have ALOT of RAM and it is still sloooooowwwww. It’s true that if the browser is sucking so much CPU, something else must be going on – what? I have no idea. I have chronic CPU surges when I use IE7 – this never happens when I am doing the same exact things while using FF 2.0 & I never experience crashes. The ONLY reason I haven’t moved exclusively to FF is because not all websites are compatible with FF 2.0

    My question, has IE7 come up with any recent updates to address some of these problems? I keep waiting/hoping that some fixes/patches will present themselves, but have not yet heard of any.
    The uproar against IE7 is interestingly very contained. I expected to see an obvious upwelling of complaints on the Internet, but I found that I needed to do very specific searches and even then, only a few places have a few things to say about it. I am surprised.

  • Sue

    I Hate IE7 !!!!!!!!!!!! It is the worse thing I have ever downloaded. It cuts off the internet connection as soon as you click on internet explorer and I have to keep unticking the work offline button. It is slow and takes ages to come on. I am going to get rid of it, it is SHITE!!!!

  • Jamie

    I have high speed cable and a very fast computer and IE7 is so slow it is horrifying. I have never ever even tried another browser (except to verify cross browser compatibility).
    When i uninstalled IE7 and reinstalled IE6 it was also slow, and kept insisting that updates were available.
    Now I use firefox – so IE7 might just be the best thing to ever happen for firefox.

  • Jim

    I have a fairly new (

  • Conley Flake

    I liked IE6 better than Navigator, Firefox, or anything. IE6 was fantastic because I never had problems with it, and the view was perfect. Other browsers have a crappy toolbar/menu arrangement (that’s what I mean by ‘view’). There was nothing wrong with IE6. There was no reason to make IE7. Now I have all of this stupid clutter, including a useless “favorite yummy programs” toolbar that I can’t hide, a NOW PERMANANT search bar (something I have always hated with a passion and would immediately uninstall every time my sister inadvertently downloaded one), and the worst part – TABS. What the hell is this? This isn’t convenient. There was nothing wrong with the old method of grouping IE windows on the taskbar. All of these things just take up more space.

    Lesson Learned – When automatic updates are available, ignore them.

  • All the negative feedback on IE7 seems to be working.

    Not that Microsoft will drop the silly browser but at least on auto update they now give you the option to never be bothered again with IE7 and just allow regular auto updates that don’t include it.

  • Brett Phipps

    Some users just can’t deal with change….IE 7 is pretty darn good. I just wish I could get the links toolbar to stay where I want it. But I can’t say that is an IE7 issue or something the network administrator here at work foisted on me.

  • It’s not a case of not dealing with change. It’s a case of a totally useless browser that inhibits creative work on the net!

    IE7 is user unfriendly, IT professional unfriendly, marketing unfriendly, browser unfriendly AND…

    for the novice internet user (90% of users do not know how to use the control panels on a computer program) it is a badly thought out package. IE6 is better and IE7 is a very poor imitation of Firefox. I don’t care about the rubbish layout, I don’t care about the amount of processing required. What I care about is that the browser does not provide a quality user experience and if I did not know how to adjust things to correct the appalling functionality issues I would be stuck with a crap product.

  • Brett Phipps

    John I just disagree with your impression that IE7 is user unfriendly. I am a IT professional an dI like it. It took me a couple of days to get used to the changes, but the tabs more than make up for it. I’m guessing that 90% of the people who are flaming here hated Microsoft to begin with, so it would probably be impossible for them to make a change that they would be happy with.

    Personally, I am an IT professional who has worked in app development a long time and most of these comments remind me of users who just get upset over changes in general.

    I found this site because I am having a minor issue with IE7 in that my toolbars keep resetting to standard. I don’t care about the menu toolbar because I just use alt + F to get to the menu toolbar on the rare occasion that I need it anyway, but I use the links toolbar for all of my favorites because you can have it in a standard windows explorer window as well. However, it won’t stay put in IE7 and keeps getting it’s own row instead of just being on the far right and being used as a drop down. Do you know how to adjust this “appalling functionality” issue? If so you’d be great!

  • The Blogger

    “I’m guessing that 90% of the people who are flaming here hated Microsoft to begin with, so it would probably be impossible for them to make a change that they would be happy with.”

    I’m not flaming because I hate change. If that were so, I would never have jumped on the FF bandwagon. I LOVE change… if it’s an IMPROVEMENT. I like fast, efficient, intuitive, and reliable technology. Is that too much to ask in this day and age??? IE7 has added nothing to the browsing experience that FF and Opera didn’t already have. What was the point if MS was not going to outdo the competitors?? IE7 is barely competing, if you ask me.

  • Brett Phipps


    You are probably right about FF & Opera. I’ve just preferred to use IE, cause I remember back in the day when IE first came out to compete with Netscape and the integrated functionality of IE was such a plus that I switched and have stuck with it ever since.

    I think one of the problems that Microsoft had to deal with is that because they have (stupidly) made IE such an integral part of the operating system that they have to deal with security issues more so. Couple that with the fact that Microsoft products are the primary targets of hackers they probably have a lot more error and security handling than other browsers have/need. Perhaps this is the reason why it seems slow to so many people. Myself, I’ve not noticed a major difference with the speed of the system. My home laptop sucked to begin with and was slow with IE6 and I think IE7 actually resolved some issues that my home system had. My work laptop is a pretty hot machine, and so it’s hard to say if IE6 was that much faster than IE7.

    You asked, “What was the point if MS was not going to outdo the competitors?? IE7 is barely competing, if you ask me. ” Personally, I think the people who are going to migrate to other browsers are more savvy to begin with and I don’t think that is IE’s target audience. Their target audience is the relatively inexperienced user. Therefore, I believe their goal is to try to make it easier to use for them. Where I think they are going wrong is that as technology is being adopted by more and more people, the number of “new to computers” people is becoming less and less and it’s time to stop treating all users like they’ve never seen a PC before. Moreover, people who are computer savvy often find efforts like this to not be user-friendly because it’s not a standard interface that we are accustomed to. They are “trying” to make it more intuitive for a beginner, not the advanced person. For the advanced user because the interface is different we get annoyed cause it doesn’t work the way it used to.

    Sorry this message is a little disjointed but I was hurrying, I got to get back to debugging a program. 🙂

    Also, if anyone knows how to get the links toolbar to stay put, I’d appreciate some help. I’m sure there’s a registry setting I need to change, but I don’t have time to play around to find it.

  • The Blogger

    I agree with you on the points you’ve raised. Good luck on your links toolbar issue!

  • char

    ummmm noticed that around the time my pc was in the shop you had that big spike in visits to your site. i would have found you about that time but ie7 destroyed my hard drive and it was in the shop for repairs.
    after downloading the “upgrade” it iradicated all explorer icons and all logical links. the only way i could get on line was to type in a web addy in word and click it or find a support link via add and remove programs.
    i tried to make new icons from the program/internet explorer file but could not find the .exe file. and all those comments about downloading ie6, i thought that came with windows and wasn’t available for a download. no matter i had numerous problems after downloading 7 and the only fix the tech people came up with was reformating the hard drive. now it’ll take another 4 weeks for me to get all my software back on the computer and re-organize my files. the good news is that i no longer get that pop-up that wants me to download the ie7 update. maybe ms got wise. nah couldn’t be.

  • Outsideguys

    I sent Microsoft a rant under their product suggestions area. I said that Internet Explorer should never have been included as Automatic Download for Windows Update.

    I have had end-users within my company download it without my permission, which totally hosed up our synchronization capability with our database that relies on web browser communications to our website.

    Microsoft has pulled a lot of boneheaded moves and including IE7 as an automatic download is one of them. It should be immediately pulled from Automatically Downloading with Windows Update. They have no clue on the havoc they create and through their actions apparently don’t care.

  • Nombre

    Personally I’ve never had a problem with IE. IE7 works perfectly fine for me. It’s not slow and pages display properly. I also use firefox (installed it because other people who use my computer like it) but I prefer internet explorer. Sometimes I think for some people, the reason they get bad impressions might be because of their own computer or internet connection and maybe because some just hate microsoft. I really don’t care what brand it is as long as it works. For me IE never failed so I never needed to change. The “new” tab feature is really useful. Some say they stole it from firefox but anyways soon all browsers will have tabs. I think IE7 just needs some time to develop which shouldn’t take long since it’s already on it’s seventh version…unfortunately it’s impossible to please everybody…

  • Brett I’d be delighted to help you with your “appalling functionality” issue only I don’t have a copy of IE7 installed any more and wouldn’t wish to have the current poor version even if you came to my door with a briefcase full of fivers to bribe me to install it.

    I’m sure Microsoft will fix their browser. It certainly was a bad marketing strategy to make the download an automatic update. Shame Microsoft can’t be sued as they cover it in their IOLA.

    I don’t hate Microsoft. I just hate crappy Beta products that I didn’t want to test.

    As a person who operates a business in the affiliate marketing field, I have to say just how unfriendly IE7 is for operators of AM websites.

    Like you I don’t care about how the browser looks (although it does look a bit like someone was on Mescalin when they designed it), I just want a browser which does the job I want, namely to connect me to what I seek without going through ten shades of security protection, reminders or finding pages blocked because it uses a particular script contained on the webpage. I just want to open the damn page and see all there is to see and use all there is to use. Microsoft doesn’t like you to do that.

  • Anthony Giorgio

    I can’t use IE7 – it just crashes in mshtml.dll almost instantly. I have seen this problem on three or four other machines, and I can’t make heads or tails of it.

  • Elrik Murder

    I usually (never) post when I come across discussions, however, I felt it was important to address two concerns I have over IE 7. When employed with my former employer I served as system manager of a small town ISP. When the browser was released, of course I downloaded it and played around with it. I was shocked to discover that the layout had completely changed from IE 6 (menus, buttons, etc.). Now keep in mind I have to think in terms of the least familiarized user. I was amazed at the problems this would create for end-users, people that may or may not be “computer-literate”. I’d say that 85%-90% of our users fall into the latter category. Meaning, if a button, in which they’ve come to rely on to do the one thing they know how to do, is missing then that user will become confused and frustrated. Ultimately, our staff would have to deal with that problem, which would prevent us from devoting our time to other projects. Therefore, my staff and I discouraged against the update for most of our users.

    The last concern is why I’ll never use another Windows OS after XP. During the Christmas holidays I was planning to do some further testing IE 7 while visiting my parents. They hadn’t performed the update yet so I did it for them. -This is a valid copy of XP. It came with the computer and had been validated since WGA was released. It had received all updates, no problem up to this point- So I install the browser, walk-through setting it up, and click the prompt asking to validate it, no problem. I then restarted it as it asked. As soon as the computer booted up to the Windows XP Welcome screen a notification came across the screen stating that the copy of Windows XP Home was not a genuine copy. After a 5 second timer the message gave me the option of resolving the problem now (buying a new license!!!) or resolve later. You can imagine my reaction. I’m just astounded that a company that is so intent on reassuring themselves that all of it’s software is legit could cause such a blunder. Accusing my parents of illegally installing non-genuine genuine software. That’s crazy and infuriating. The security methods they are implementing are not helping. And with DRM in effect with Windows Media 11 (by default) and Vista, it looks like it’s going to be dark day in end-user rights. You want be using Microsoft’s software…unless it lets you.

  • Steve

    Until I read this, I just thought that the large number of programs I have installed and uninstalled had damaged something. After downloading 7.0, I couldn’t even run IE. Uninstall wouldn’t either.

    Fortunately, I had GoBack on the machine and that was the only way I was able to recover without doing a clean install of because MS restore wouldn’t work either. Imagine me thinking that a MS product would work on a MS OS! One more reason (as though I needed one) why I won’t be buying an off the shelf computer all set up with VISTA for about 2 years.

    Now all I have to deal with is the flippin computer harassing me 3X per day with popups telling me that downloads (IE 7.0) are ready for my computer and no way to shut the thing off. It truly reminds me of those friggin cars with the voice that would start harassing you when the gas tank got past 1/4

  • Nathan

    IE7 was written by n00bs who don’t know anything about Software Testing. Honestly, I could have written a better browser by myself in six months. Go back to basics MS and fix your flawed internal QA processes. Just pathetic…

  • The Blogger

    Yep, IE7 crashed again today and I lost some really important tabs. In FF, when you close it down, you retain your tabs until you want actually close them. I wish there was a way that tabs could be saved in IE7.

  • Standarshy

    hmm, I don’t seem to notice how much ie7 sucks, that’s probably because I never use it, lol. FF2 FTW

  • Paco

    Installing IE 7.0 is opening a can of worms. I installed it like an idiot looking at a shiney new coin. I had it running for a day or so and noticed it was causing issues with another program I use frequently. Easy enough to uninstall the “update” through add/remove programs, but now my IE 6.0 has frequent crashes and error messages. It seems you can remove 7.0, but….you can’t get rid of it. DON”T INSTALL IT.

  • me8up

    IE7 worked great for me originally – until I installed the Java update from Sun. Slow, slow slow. Went to add-ons and disable Java (2 items). Now back to full speed. Of course I can’t view any pages requiring the add-on.

  • me8up

    Did a little more research. If you only disable ssvhelper_class add-on from Sun, the Java continues to function and IE7 is back to the original speed. I now can view Java pages with normal speed. Hopefully this helps some of you.

  • Re: IE7 Rant Part of a Large Chorus

    Andy Beal’s IE7 Rant echoes the sentiments of many of us who were sucker-punched by an automatic update setting on MS IE6.

    I’m tired of fighting Microsoft for control over my “Home Page” … my button bars, my menu bars, my default search engines, my Desktop settings, my comings and goings on the Web.

    This might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for MS IE. I once was a devout Netscape user till AOL trashed it. Then IE made some improvements I could live with. Till now hadn’t really thought of looking into Mozilla Firefox or Opera as alternatives.

    Now it’s time to make a serious change. I am determined that Gates is not going to put a ring through my nose and tell me where to go everytime I get on the Internet. That avaricious, gluttonous, megalomaniac control freak just lost a lot of default users, who will now be motivated to get up off their rumps and find a more user-friendly, more powerful browser for their web needs.

    Bruce From New York
    “Now Up Off His Rump”

  • J. Archer

    Hi Guys,

    Whew – I’m glad it wasn’t just me! I thought my personal supercomputer/high speed internet connection had developed senility.

    Here’s some helps;

    1. To get back IE 6 (provided it was on the machine before IE 7), Go to “Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs” Windows Internet Explorer 7. Click “Remove.” Let it do it’s thing, reboot, and VIOLA!

    2. If you really wanna tough it out with IE7, try; a. reduce the cache size in “Internet Options/General/Browsing History/Settings. I think the default is 1024mb, I was down to 256mb, but it really helped b. Turn OFF the phishing filter (under “tools” menu). Overall, IE 7 seems pretty cool for about the first hour, after that the honeymoon is OVER once you try to type in form information (forget web e-mail), or browse beyond a few more URL’s and the scrollbars freeze.

    3. When you get so frustrated with IE 7’s lost typed in characters, the stuck windows and scroll bars; Install Firefox 2

    Have fun

  • D. Lindsey

    It seems to me that here’s another case of Microsoft trying to rip off and make their own copy of a free program that works wonderfully. I ran the update to install IE7 and immediately noticed the tabbed windows like firefox has and despite any and all efforts I could not get IE7 to connect to any website even the built in IE7 product tour. I ran the diagnostic tool and it said that there was a problem with the winsock so while that was up I opened firefox and went to microsoft’s website and googled it some to see what the problem was. It seems it’s another case of Microsoft pushing something out that’s crap and doesn’t work. If they don’t get it fixed really quickly alot of people will switch to firefox and microsoft will have helped create the problem they were trying to prevent.

  • Pezza

    i got internet explorer 7 even tho i didnt want it fanx to stupid norton!!! Now wen ever i connect to the internet and use ie 7 it turns off my internet connection?!?! fank god for firefox or id b fucked!!!

  • sahith

    I have IE7… the thing is I like to open pages in new window.. but when I close the new page it also closes the main window and the rest of the windows i opened using the “open in new window”…I sometimes have 3-4 windows open .. it is a pain going back to the main site and doing the whole process again…
    does anyone’s IE7 do the same?r

  • The Blogger

    Sahith, the problem can be handled ( I think) by just closing the window tab which is located on the tool bar rather than the window per se, which is ocated in the upper right hand portion of the window. The problem I’ve found is that when you browse – IE7 sometimes opens a new tab instead of a new, independent window, but there doesn’t seem to be a consistent rule for when one or the other occurs. Just one more thing. Hope this helps!

  • chubby

    I had to try to test software we’ve developed. While they fixed a few things that didn’t work with IE6, there we still a number of issues. And its SLOW. Really slow.

    I also don’t find it very intuitive. I’m always hunting for the right button or menu. I would rather have IE6 back myself. In fact, I’ve avoided upgraded my other machines.

    I agree with a previous poster, I think this will backfire on MS and will push more people to Firefox.

  • Dorian

    Hey guys, I’m not tech savy. I think that IE 7 is a piece of shittles, but I can’t seem to reinstall my IE 6. My comp says that I ‘have the latest Internet Explorer version’ and it wont let me go back. Can anyone offer some advice, this IE is killing me…

  • J. Archer

    “1. To get back IE 6 (provided it was on the machine before IE 7), Go to “Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs” Windows Internet Explorer 7. Click “Remove.” Let it do it’s thing, reboot, and VIOLA!”

  • Lisa J

    I will never download an update again!! Just once would I like to be able to close IE7 without being told there is an error and sending the error message to microsoft. Why have they done this to us! I cannot even turn my computer on without being told I have a problem with a programme. I Know I have a problem, it is called IE7!

  • Stephen S

    If you think I did a search for IE 7.0 sucks because I hate MS, you are wrong. I am searching because I just found out today why my HP SCanner wasn’t loading properly, my music playback was messed up and why I coundn’t view videos well.

    This thing is seriously a piece of crap. The search bar sucks, cannot get rid of it. I enjoyed IE 6.0, but this is junk.

    And WHY ON EARTH would a WEB browser for God’s sake interfere with my scanner software? How do those two relate? I need my scanner for my work and for two weeks I had to run across the hall to another company and use theres.

    I call HP and the dude just says, “oh yeah, we’ve known since this fall that certain HP Scanner software won’t work with IE 7.0.” Well thanks for telling me Bill. I have wasted about 15 hrs trying to install/uninstall my scanner software and searches for solutions.

    I haven’t heeded any of the warnings about IE until now. So this amazing, the very thing MS develops to defeat Firefox is the VERY same thing that made me go to it.

    YOu don’t have to change the world Bill, just don’t screw it up.

  • ie7sucks

    Ok I really need help… I just updated to IE 7 and now I can’t surf the web. Something is stopping me. I’m connected to the internet but I just can sign on to my aim or even surf the web. What is stopping me. I’m so mad its on my brand new laptop and now I have to use my desktop because its not letting surf on my laptop but it will let me on my desktop. And they use the same connection. PLEASE will somebody help get the thing off of my computer that is stopping me from using the internet.

  • Bill Read

    I am on my third try at IE7 and my browser has to close and send an error report about 5 times a day.I never get a report from microsoft of what is wrong.
    My first try was with ie7 beta 2, I did not realise I had a problem till I reported to microsoft that my game “combat flight simulater 3” was not working,[this is a microsoft game].Their reply was ie7 beta interferes with Cfs3, well done microsoft.
    When ie7 came out I installed it and uninstalled it having the same problems as now.
    I have a feeling that what is causing the problem is all the browser and active X objects have been carried over from ie6 and dont work with ie7.
    Any one out there brave enough to delate the lot and re-download as the need arises?

  • Bill Read

    Please ignore my last gripe, have tried firefox and it is fantastic. Good by, or should I say, good ridance IE7.

  • IE7 is giving me nothing but problems… What is the solution? Hello to a new browser!!!

  • Ramon

    For me, in IE7 when I have multiple windows open, and I close just one window, the whole IE application crashes and all windows close. For the first time I chose ‘Send error report’, and have done so a couple of times after that. Not only that, the browser is slow and not user-friendly, the familiar layout of IE6 is jumbled up.

    I have never used Firefox before, but when I voiced my frustration to a friend, he suggested I use Firefox instead. Now that I’ve discovered how quick Firefox is, I am kissing not just IE7 but previous IE versions goodbye.

  • Jean-Claude Brunel

    IE7 worst crap I have seen.Spent two hours with so called technician left my system in worse shape. Hext call tech tolm he’d call back in ten minutes-never called back. Sp far has spoken with rour techs. Most cannot speak english properly!! calls originate from Maryland.Have been told by tech that removing IE7 will mess up my whole windows system. Usual crappy microsoft screwing the public

  • Jean-Claude Brunel

    IE7 worst crap I have seen.Spent two hours with so called technician left my system in worse shape. Hext call tech told he’d call back in ten minutes-never called back. Sp far has spoken with rour techs. Most cannot speak english properly!! calls originate from Maryland.Have been told by tech that removing IE7 will mess up my whole windows system. Usual crappy microsoft screwing the public

  • J. Archer

    Hi Jean-Claude & All,

    I’ve removed IE7 three times, re-installed in hopes of better results twice, then for good third time. No matter how many times I tried, IE7 was terrible and I simply gave up.

    My machine easily rolled back to IE6 (your mileage and results may vary), then I installed Firefox 2 – All is well again!

  • Kerry

    I installed IE7 in December, and immediately my computer was beset with problems. I only just now did a search for this program and noticed all the issues. I literally cannot use my computer now! Everything freezes, word cannot open, and I can’t play music or video without complete system shutdown. Add my voice to the complaints!

  • James

    Ever since I got Internet Explorer 7, my computer crashes about 3 times a day.. I constantly have to restart as the whole system freezes :(. I dislike having to use firefox as I like using Internet Explorer. The new program (IE) is really shit, and I dislike the design of the new browser. The older design is so much better. Why did they release it, when the older version was obviously superior..

  • Bill Read

    have you tried removing IE7 in add or remove programs? if you do you will automaticly revert back to IE6,
    If that dont fix your PC try system restore if you have it

  • Erika

    This thing is BAD-I work from home and access my company’s secure websites from there. I thought it was a fluke at first, but EI7 has completely blown me out of the browser several times a day, especially at crucial times, when I’m uploading a document or setting notifications, or refreshing. I look up & my browser is GONE. Every time I lose what I’m working on. I’m not crazy about Firefox, but I’ll learn to love it at this rate.

  • JDOG

    I have IE7 for my laptop and it has given me no problems what-so-ever but at the work computers it just plain sucks!

    I only use wireless internet on my laptop. I wonder if the only way IE7 will work is in wireless mode.

  • GMan

    I have used IE7 now for over a month….with NONE of the problems that everyone is having here.
    Love the tabbed browsing…way to steal an idea Bill. Also use FF….I keep coming back to using IE7 fulltime though…cant get enough….

  • Please continue to keep me updated with your experiences. I no longer use IE7 just IE6 and Firefox with my browser set to Firefox.

    If IE7 ever gets properly fixed I’ll look again but my concern is Vista and not IE7 now. I am concerned that Vista is a pile of poo and that it will seriously damage my online experience.

    Mods. Please email me when there is a thread about Vista as I will no doubt contribute there too.

  • dennis

    i downloaded ie7 and it totally crashed out my computer.. it took a tech guy hours and cost me 600 bucks just to get back into my computer… which is still so messed up that im giving up and buying a new one..

  • Brett Phipps

    which will come with IE7 preinstalled 🙂

  • Bernard Witholt

    Creating a functional IE6 from remnants on your hard disk after it has been emasculated by IE7

    I have used IE versions since Internet Explorer first appeared. Firefox looked good when it came up, but I continued to work with IE because it was better (at least up to IE6) for various professional tasks. All of that changed with IE7, which is basically not yet mature, as most of you have also observed.

    Thanks to IE7, Firefox is now becoming the much better choice, except for certain applications such as web mail via Microsoft Exchange, where IE supports rich Outlook options, of which the separate reading pane is probably the most desirable. Other non-MS browsers support a simpler variant of Outlook, which does not offer a separate reading pane.

    As a result, FireFox is relatively inefficient compared to IE6, if you want to scan your emails quickly. When IE7 came along, it too of course supported the rich Outlook options for Microsoft Exchange driven web mail, at least in the minds of its creators. In practice, IE7 tends to crash or lock up when used with Microsoft Exchange mail servers, one of the several reasons to go back to IE6.

    One option would be to follow instructions provided by Microsoft Help and Support (, which start with “How to uninstall IE6”, but also include a paragraph on “How to repair or return to previous IE installations”.

    A simpler option would seem to be: uninstall IE7 and download IE6 from various sources, including Microsoft ( and tucows (

    However, when you try to install IE6, Windows XP informs you that it cannot proceed because Setup has detected a newer IE version already installed on your computer. You can try to hunt down remnants of the IE7 that you just uninstalled (or perhaps there are later versions of IE6.x residing somewhere) but these are not easy to find. I have not been able to find anything relevant in C:\Program Files or in other partitions that I usually reserve for programs. Nor have I seen anything useful listed in the Add or Remove Programs panel(start > control panel > add or remove programs), either in the general list, or in the Windows Components list.

    A better option turns out to be to search for iexplore.exe (go to My Computer > Search > All files and folders > type iexplore). At Look in: select > My computer. This is useful to insure that you look everywhere. Select the More advanced options and tick system folders, hidden files and subfolders. Click on Search. After a while several instances of iexplore.exe (ca. 90 KB) come up, among others in c:\Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 (for Windows XP SP2); or in c:\Windows\$NtServicePackUninstall$ (for Windows XP, SP1); or possibly among the C:\Program Files\… (despite the fact that there might be no obvious program listings in the Add/Remove panel or elsewhere…).

    Right-click any one of these iexplore.exe files and select: Pin to Start Menu. Alternatively, you can create a shortcut for the Desktop or Quick Launch Taskbar. Click on any of these shortcuts, and up comes IE6.

    There are several other folders in the original fully installed IE6 folder (Connection Wizard, MUI, Plugins, Signup, and a few files, plus subsequent security updates, totaling about 2.5 MB for my system). All of these program components are located in multiple directories (ServicePackFiles\i386; $NtUninstall…; SP2; and again, remnants of program files). When the modest iexplore.exe application (only 90 KB) is launched, it obviously finds the needed components. Thus, there appears to be no need to bring these folders together, although doing so and putting your newly constructed IE6 folder in C:\Program Files might speed IE6 up a bit.

    On another note, as mentioned by several of you, if you do not want IE7 to install automatically on top of your newly functional IE6, go to Start > Control Panel > Automatic Updates. In the Automatic Updates menu, remove the tick from Automatic (recommended by Microsoft), and instead, tick one of the other 3 choices. If you leave Automatic Updates ticked, the installation files of IE7 will be downloaded and installed as a highly recommended Express update. If you select one of the other 3 options, you will be able to see a list with downloaded or available updates, and you can then unselect installation of IE7. You will be asked whether you do not wish to have IE7 installed, and if this is the case, Microsoft promises not to offer it to you in the future. That sounds reasonable.

    Finally, to check how it might interfere with IE6, I installed IE7 once again. It looked good for about 10 minutes, but again fell apart when linked to web mail from my university Microsoft Exchange server, followed by a request from me for a print preview and a print command. It was still possible to then open IE6, which was however contaminated by several IE7 features. Uninstalling IE7 with the Add/Remove feature was fast and effective, and as soon as it was gone, IE6 once again was fully functional.

    The only thing I find surprising in all this is that Microsoft sounds so upbeat about IE7. In any case, the Internet Explorer website ( contains a good download of IE6 as well, so the two will probably coexist for a few years.

  • candice

    IE7 is a horrible disaster! I have cable and normally get speeds from 2000 to 3000. Since IE7 was installed without my permission, the speed tests I have run have been 129, 89, 83 and down to 29K today. Have to keep signing in to every site I am a member of because Auto Complete has been affected. Yesterday, everything froze. Called Dell and they said hundreds of people are calling because of this crap 7.0. Dell did a restore back to 6.0, but I still have terrible problems. Speeds are only in the dial up realm, pages take forever to load and I still have to sign into the member sites over and over. Even going back to 6.0, there has been hardly any improvement. I am very, very angry about this! A class action lawsuit should be brought against Bill Gates.

  • Larry

    The only reason I can think of behind the release of IE 7.0 is to force owners of older computers to upgrade to compensate for the HUGE slow down that IE 7.0 creates on the web browsing experiences.

    Because there’s absolutely no way that Microsoft’s in house testers or external beta testers would not have noticed load times being 3-5 times longer than with the previous IE 6.0 version.

    I “had” blazingly fast page load times on Cable Modem prior to the IE 7.0 “update”. Now like many of the previous posters, I feel like I’m on a dial up connection again.

    It’s also par for the course that Microsoft sent out this slow POS to it’s customer’s without providing any plan whatsoever for it’s users to return to IE 6.0 if they didn’t like it.

    Looks like I’ll be forced to use Firefox until Microsoft provides a bug fix for their latest global release of the “IE 7.0 Virus” that’s being masqueraded as an “update”.

  • Sarah

    I have used Windows Internet Explorer 7 since beta. I have the public release running on 3 computers (work, laptop & home pc). Do I think it sucks? No, because I don’t slap a label on something before I understand what could be causing the problem. It’s not slow, infact it opens faster than Firefox 1.5/2. It’s more secure than firefox 2, which has had 7 security flaws (5 of which were critical) IE7 so far has had none. It scales webpages for printing, it has a protected mode (in Vista) restricting access to the OS. With an updated IE coming in July I fully expect it to reclaim its place as the worlds best web-browser. Anything contrary is just opinion.

    *Candice a few posts above me, if IE7 was your problem, then reverting to IE6 should have fixed it, since it didn’t obviously you have a different problem.
    *Dennis a few more posts up, spent $600 to fix his computer after installing IE7. Booting into safe mode or using system restore would probably undo any of the effects of installing the software, otherwise simply reinstall Windows. Don’t complain to MS that you spent $600 because you can’t use your own computer and don’t back up your own files.

    I wonder how many of the above “experts” can verify the stability and sanitation of their Windows XP installation before IE7.

  • Hey Everyone,

    I’m back and as You know, no one has been more upset about the new IE-7 Browser than I have.
    Here is what I’ve done to become more convince that
    IE-7 is on the right track. Here is what we Discovered, I Did this and no Browser crashes since
    and speed is restored. Suggest that if You have
    IE-7 Browser, Don’t shut it off- learn this: Later Jim…

  • Bryan Robinson

    IE7 is an ugly crap machine.

  • Sree

    HI ALL

    Please dont install IE7 in any of your 2000 or2003 servers, it will screw up your FTP settings and you will not be able to bring the serverup again for FTP.

    All clients whose desktops are updated to IE7 Try connecting to any of the FTP sites you will come to know the exact problem.



  • overfien

    I would suggest that IE 7 be fixed before it is rolled out and Firefox be used with the IE tabs addon to make a website think you are using IE. I use this addon with firefox portable and it is great.

  • GreenGoose

    I installed IE7 today as I need to test web development on it as practically everyone in the western world will have it soon.

    It crashes every single time I start it (unless I start it with no page).

    Luckily for me I use FireFox 2 which has not yet crashed once (FF1 did quite a bit) and because there is an IE7 tab plugin available, I always use this (in case you get one of these IE only pages).

    Well lo-and-behold, an page running through IE7 will open and function within FireFox fine. I just can’t use the IE7 browser itself.

    What a load of old toss.

  • GMan

    I would have to agree with Sarah on her post above when she states….

    “I wonder how many of the above “experts” can verify the stability and sanitation of their Windows XP installation before IE7.”

    We have deployed IE7 accross our LAN with little or NO problems….and by lan, this numbers over 200 pc’s….

  • Candice

    Using FireFox 2 now and have no problems at all. When I try to go back and use IE 7, it doesn’t remember me when I log into any of the member sites. I have to keep signing in. Also freezes up. Speeds are at a snail’s pace. Went into the system to rectify and changes/corrections won’t take. Next door neighbor is a professor (computer technology) and said most of the computers at the University crashed when IE 7 installed. He said there are using FireFox until they make a final decision. Thanks to all of you for the useful information and for recommending FireFox.

  • DP

    Opera is the fastest web browser I’ve found and prefer it to ie. I am running the beta version of vista with ie7 so I cannot uninstall it and go back to version 6. IE7 is excruciatingly slow, but I thought it was just a bug with vista beta, apparently not. Firefox is good, but give Opera a try if you haven’t yet.

  • Kris D.

    I am about 3 minutes away from getting IE6 back on to my computer and installing Firefox. I had no (major) problems with IE7 until recently. Now, when any program (with the exception of MSNmsg, surprise surprise) tries to open up an IE window, it crashes that program. I have a brand new computer. I’m not willing to mutilate it with this trash any longer.

  • Amanda

    Have had a few issues with IE7 since it was forced upon me by a ‘critical update’, but not any I couldn’t fix or work around. But today I went to YouTube to look at a video a friend of mine posted and it took FOREVER to load. Thought it was unusual, so I viewed several different videos, all of which had ridiculous loading times. I have never had a problem with videos loading on YouTube, they’ve always loaded lightning fast!

    Would anyone happen to know how to fix this?
    Looked everywhere, Googled ’til my finger tips are bleeding for a solution.

    Anyway… Apart from the tabs feature, IE7 SUCKS

  • Hey Amanda,
    And Those of us having our struggle with IE-7, Jim
    wrote about what I did to get BETTER control of my situation. This allows a better experience with the
    IE-7 Browser Application if You are using Windows XP Home Edition, try this, it what I did until the
    geeks fix any bugs that my be left in using IE-7.

  • Ted

    My daughter has a Dell about a year old, and it has always been a pain to keep XP Home running at a useable speed. I recently did a full system restore off the hidden partition onthe hard drive. I got everything running great. Then last week XP’s automatic updates installed IE7. All of a sudden the machine slowed to a crawl. She can type about one full line ahead in Word before the text even appears in the document. Everything takes minutes to load. The computer will not shut down, well it might if you wait 3 hours. Restarts are more than twice as long as before IE7 was installed. Luckily I was able to uninstall IE7. For those that haven’t found it yet go to control panel Add/modify windows componets on the left side. There should be an uninstall/remove icon for IE7 in the list.
    Once I removed IE7 the computer seems better, still probably a little slower than before. I then turned off automatic updates, since obviously the idiots at Microsoft don’t know what they are doing.

  • Denise

    Ok my problem with all this is that I run IE7 on my old desktop without ONE, not ONE single issue. My new laptop that I’ve had not even a month that did not come with it installed on it from Dell, but I did put it on because of my love for it on my desktop, now does not work right. Well IE6 doesn’t work right. I uninstalled 7 and now when using 6 it will freeze up all the damned time. ALL THE DAMNED time. I don’t know what to do. Is that fixable? I seriously have no issues using it on my desktop and haven’t since I installed it when it was first available and the desktop is two years old and has very little memory or hard drive. But this new laptop is loaded up and god it sucks. My son had to uninstall it on his laptop he got four months ago as he didn’t like it but I think it was more he wasn’t used to it not because of any issues using it. I don’t know what to do now. Any suggestions.



  • I installed IE7 for the added security since a couple of the web sites my boss visits require IE. Well, as soon as I installed this program 2 of the critical programs used by my boss would pop an error stating she did not have permission to use these executables.

    There was nothing I could do except uninstall the program to allow the use of these programs.


  • Sarah

    I’m not very computer literate but recently installed IE7 and had the same problems as everyone else here. Uninstalled…now back on IE 6 but it gives me an error message almost everytime I try to load a page.

    I have been trying (lots!!!) to download Firefly, but it stops after about 1000kb…then won’t go further….then tells me the file is corrupt……..can anyone please HELP……I am feeling trapped!!

  • GreenGoose

    So I was loading IE7… and it crashed after loading every single web page. So. Loaded with the extensions off (that’s command line ‘iexplore.exe -extoff’) then changed the internet options and put the security level down from medium-high to medium.

    Now. No crashes. Not that I’m going to use IE anyway, but I’d prefer to have a working copy.

    Sarah? Do you mean Firefox?
    this is a link to the Windows executable:

    If this link stops halfway then there are plenty of other places you can get it, just Google search for “Firefox Setup” sure you’ll find it.

  • Sarah

    Hey….thanks Greengoose………yes I did mean Firefox…….the pressure was getting to me. Changed over to an ADSL2 modem this arvo….and threatened IE with death and managed somehow to get Firefox which I am now using as my default………..OH ..FOR JOY!!!!!!

    I intend to remove IE from all of my 3 computers….so glad to be let out of jail!!!Now what else have I been putting up with from the big guys that just ain’t good enough no more?!

    As an almost incompetent computer wannabe it is so good to be able to post on a site like this and get a friendly answer to a plea for help.

    Sorry if I kept you out of bed……just saw the time….its only 7pm here!!!!

    Thankyou thankyou thankyou


  • GreenGoose

    Hope it’s all working well Sarah.
    Don’t worry, that’s not my time either, it’s 12 midday here now. You must be in Tasmania or something?

  • Sarah

    Hi GreenGoose

    No..Darwin Northern Territory (Australia) actually…….much warmer!!!
    Thanks again for your help…….you must be in England hey? or near there……

    Am really enjoying my new internet speeds without the dramas…..takes a bit of getting used to the new look and wrong buttons….but well worth it.

  • GreenGoose

    On the face of it Tasmania was a good guess, but in reality I guess it’s as about as far from Darwin as here (yep England) is from Nigeria.

    Maybe you might like this. Add-on for FireFox called StumbleUpon, sort of browses interesting pages at random.

    And I have not, as yet, managed to stumble upon

  • Kinrei

    My father installed the update while I was at school, which was really unfortunate. Dx
    Now, we’re stuck with 7… and it seems like reverting back to 6 will be pure hell.

    You’re right, Internet Explorer 7 is horrid. Absolutely horrid. And I HATE the cleartype font.

    Ugly, horrible and slow.

  • Well, I’m not terribly computer savvy but I know when something “isn’t” working! I was notified of an update at Microsoft. It was IE7. It was downloaded and installed. Immediately after the install lots of strange things started happening. I received numerous errors about my Google DeskTop. I had downloaded the beta for Windows Live OneCare and then paid for the first one-year subscription and Windows Live OneCare didn’t function properly. When I go to the website for help for OneCare nothing on the page is accessible, nothing to click on. So, that was one method I used to contact Microsoft. Then I tried the telephone. Then the USPS. No response. I’d like to uninstall IE7 but when I attempt that there’s a message listing some of my applications, stating that if I uninstall IE7 if might affect the operation of those applications. Hey, thanks Microsoft!

  • Charles

    I think if people go in with the “Microshaft” attitude, they will just end up being the most nit picky. Firefox 2 is much slower for me than IE7 both in browsing capabilities and functionality. I do like how each browser implemented tabs, and the RSS feeds. Overall, I like IE 7 a lot better than 6.

    I guess since it’s my job to be impartial, I can give both browsers a fair review. To say you were bullied… I laugh at your remark. You are always given the choice. The reason they are pushing the browser as an important upgrade is because it is security wise. MS has made a lot of mistakes, for which they have been crucifed on. I suppose someone is going to cry and then lie about how Linux and Mac are so much better do to the lack of bugs. Hmm… 100x the user base, more discovered bugs… I’m glad they are proactive about it.

  • Kelly

    IE7 really does suck. I could only read about the first 50 comments. I am still on dial up on one computer due to location, and it constatnly refuses to go to a website when it is valid, has been there before, and I do have a connection. A number of friends have similar problems. So nice to spend time filling out forms, then get the error message, and then fill them out again. IE7 must die!! I have switched to Netscape on one computer, and now might try Firefox on this one – Anything!!! but Microsoft.

  • CJ

    I too am desperate for answers. I innocently downloaded internet 7 thinking it would be a better upgrade. The browsing is so sloooow. Even worse is the freeze ups. As many as 5 or 6 during a session. The reports to microsoft seem to produce no results. I have attempted to uninstall internet 7 but it doesn’t uninstall. It goes through the process and gives me the message that it is uninstalled. I turn off the computer and turn it on and click on microsoft internet and there it is! Microsoft internet 7. It didn’t uninstall at all. The only thing different is that the favorites became nonfunctional. There was no sign of internet 6. I finally had to reinstall internet 7 to get back the favorites. I tried this process a few times. Just can’t seem to uninstall 7! I feel stuck with 7. How do I uninstall 7. It doesn’t uninstall by the conventional way of uninstalling? I have lately installed Firefox and Opera for browsing which I had never even heard of before this!

  • Bin13

    Generally, I don’t jump on bandwagons over new releases BUT even I have to question the quality of this alleged ‘upgrade’ from IE6 to IE7.
    I thought it was simply because it was unfamiliar, but then several other repeated misbehaviours have made me wish to tear the upgrade out.
    Web Favourites Cent(re) is now chaotic.
    Windows Explorer now crashes repeatedly, especially when hovering over the ‘edit’ button.
    IE file associations appear to be erratic and difficult to control.
    Less browser information appears ‘up front’ by default.
    Integration with other products appears to be more by default than by choice and less controllable without 3rd party software and time that few can afford.
    I have given it a fair chance. (Several weeks of intensive use, during which it has cost me dearly in time!)
    I, too am sure that there must be a way of getting IE6 back by choice, the question is HOW, (and how much more time)?
    It reminds me of the road that is dug up for 3months each year in order to streamline traffic flow.
    Is there a link or software to uninstall IE7?

  • Bill Read

    Bin 13.
    Just uninstall it in add or remove programs and you will automatically revert to IE6. You will then have to look at your next update and choose to block IE7.

  • Thad Hunter

    IE 7on Xp worked for 2 weeks then crashed hard on mshtml.dll. Reinstalling only made it worse…now i t won’t load — same module is complaining > mshtml.dll

  • Bin13

    (>Tnks, Bill)I help to support a number of relatively stable machines with colleagues that have similar responsibilities.
    Installing IE7 wrecked many settings all of which have been painstakingly restored. Removing it via the means you suggest is reputed to be equally destructive and (again reputedly) not truly restorative. As you clearly have confidence in this method, I guess it has to be worth a try. Perseverence with new releases has succeeded in the past, sadly not this time. I guess we’ll all have to go and buy Vista now …….. or Firefox?
    Now let me see, which is cheaper?

  • bean

    i was gettin tons of script errors when opening my service.msc.i couldnt open it just a blank script error i had to ctl alt delete out of.couldnt get into group policy either..spent all night searching finally uninstalled ie7 and i can get into services again.reinstalled ie7 thinking it would fix it same script error..geuss im usin firefox now

  • Oamey

    IE7 is by far the worst application I have installed on my computer. IE6 sucked, but at least it displayed web pages correctly (most of the time)! IE7 is corrupting so many sites it’s unbelievable. It makes them hard to navigate. IE7 sucks and has no idea how to display tables, or a proper CSS. I hope IE7 dies, Microsoft should stop wasting their money and FIRE the IE7 team because they are clearly a bunch of overpaid, inexperienced retards.

  • Eric

    Hi, I’ve got the exact same problem as CJ (email on Feb. 14, ’07). It seems the only solution might be to reinstall IE7 (so html files on the computer can be read), but then use Firefox as the internet browser.
    Unless someone knows how to uninstall IE7 for real?

  • Yogiman!


    Look I am not posting this to have an argument, and believe it or not I am no Microsoft fan. But will people please stop suggesting that FireFox is superior.. Cobblers! with all due respect.

    FireFox, won’t render a lot of the sites I visit so is useless in that respect, FireFox loads slower than IE now yes I know thats because half the code is already loaded, but IT STILL LOADS FASTER. And second I can’t use my Bank with FireFox it just isnt supported.

    Last but not least.. It looks horrible! Can’t they get someone to design a decent toolbar for cripes sake?

    🙂 Having said that, have a great day everone, and keep working on the all new FireFix! 😉



  • Bin13

    Have now been using FireFox for a short time.
    It loads about 2x slower (yes, I know why!).
    It seems a more stable than IE7 and I find it amusing that the page “tabs” concept is so similar to IE7’s new offering.
    IE7 has now been re-installed and still gives the same problems. It also refuses to ‘get on with’ my blue-tooth management, something that I had not realised previously.
    IE7 handles favourites in a different and better (to find) way to both IE6 and FF CGI-wise IF only it wasn’t so painfully slow to process and difficult to add a new favourite to the chaos resulting from the upgrade.
    Both browsers seem to co-exist so I will persevere with both for a while.
    Sadly, I am coming to the conclusion that IE7 seems to make demands on memory management that the OS has difficulty coping with. Maybe this is what causes the system to slow and become unstable? Now let’s see ……

  • You know I have always been a fan of IE6 it has worked great for me for a long time.. I kept seeing advertisements for the new IE7 and for awhile, I was skeptical…. But I took a risk and decided to join the crowd and download that piece of shit… After downloading, it asked me to restart the computer for the update to take effect. After the restart I tried to access the internet and I got the usual error report, no biggy right?.. Yea right, the damn thing locked up my computer. So I ended the program and tried again… And again I got the same error report and my computer locked up.. After about 5 or 6 times of this, I realized that this wasn’t just a random coincidence so I went to my add romove programs and went to recent update to delete the son of a bitch… Now I can’t use my IE6 cuz every time I try to access it, it doesn’t load… FF works just fine though… Does anyone know where I can download IE6…. Every time I look for it, I get referred back to IE7…

  • Yogiman


    IE7 is known to be very memory hungry, but I have installed it on about 450 workstations and 90 or so laptops and had no problems at all.

    Having said that all the machines have 1GB RAM minimum.

    What sort of specification is your machine and what is the exact error message your getting now you have removed ie 7.



  • IE7NoGood

    I updated my IE6 to IE7 and now wished I could downgrade.

    It is very annoying that they place the STOP/ESC and the REFRESH buttons on the far right. So if you have a widescreen monitor you really have to move your mouse from one end of the screen to the other end to refresh or stop. Have Bill ever used this software himself?

    The only good thing about IE7 is the tab feature.

  • The Blogger

    I have to agree with Yogiman on a number of points, esp the look/rendering of many websites. I find that I need to use both IE and Firefox to maximize efficiency and maintain sanity for the things I need to do. The great thing about Firefox though is STABILITY!!! Even if my PC goes down, I don’t lose my tabs or sessions. Every single day, IE 7 crashes on my PC and I lose everything all the time. EVERY DAY – I Hate It….

    I just want to know how to take off all the numbers on the Firefox websites. Every word has a number attached to it and it looks horrible. I’m not sure if this is due to an add-on or what, but at some point, numbers in little boxes were placed next to almost every word – it’s driving me crazy!!

    I need help getting rid of those numbers.


  • Yogiman


    I have to say I have not really experienced any thing like the crashes you guys are experiencing.

    I have had I.E on for ages now and to the best of my memory it has only dumped twice, and one of those occations I seem to remember I had about 20 tabs open “that will teach me”.

    I run a P4 with 2GB ram and a Core2 Duo laptop with 2 GB ram and my system seems very stable.

    I would like to know what these numbers are your refering too, don’t think I have ever seen that 🙂



  • The Blogger

    I too have a P4 with 2.0 GB RAM on a Toshiba laptop and still IE7 has to be treated with kit-gloves or else… by by forever. I know this is just an IE7 thing because it never happened with IE6 and when I use FireFox, all is well. Also, I constantly clean-up my system – spybot, defrag, etc, etc…

    But I have to say that I do open alot of tabs (not sure about 20!!). Why include tabs, Microsoft, if they can’t handle the work??!! 🙂

  • Yogiman


    I see what your saying my friend, but think about what you are saying, IE7 runs perfectly on my Toshiba Tecra M5 Core2 Duo 2GB and my P4 with 2GB, also on my old 2.8GHz Celeron Satellite Pro. So it must be somthing to do with your system that is causing the problem.

    Defragging although some help only has a minor effect on an NTFS hard disk so don’t rely on it to keep your system tip top.

    I note you say you use spybot, well I could not keep my system stable with spybot or spyware blaster.

    Something you might find helpful is to remove spybot, spyware blaster, any additional tool bars you have running. Then install Microsofts own Windows Defender. You can get it here:

    I have no spyware and my machines are virus free and I never use anything else (except for the odd test). If you want to use IE7 this may help.

    Hope this helps you in someway my friend!



  • dtrav

    Since installing IE7 I cannot click on web links in my emails. I have to copy and paste the links. Anyone know if there is a fix or a good way to uninstall IE7?


  • Yogiman

    Try holding down SHIFT or CTRL when you double click the link.



  • Melady

    Running Vista/IE7 on a new Toshiba P105-S6227 I got just for my gaming. One game I’m having trouble running is At the log in I get the pop up message that “the webpage you are viewing is trying to close the window. Do you want to close this window?” I’ve tried answering yes and no, but no luck. I found one posting on the internet that this popup could be a security breach fix in IE7 which closed a loophole that was before in IE6. I’m in hopes that this is just a setting issue that I am overlooking, but at this point, who knows! Any suggestions, ideas, comments would be appreciated.

  • Yogiman


    I think this being a security breach would infact be correct. Something that used to happen alot was site re-direction without the users knowledge.

    I would wait for the page to load and then view the html and see if it is re-directing you to another site. If it is, then add both the original site and the re-directed sites to your trusted sites in Internet Options Security. However!!! Be very carefull.

  • I had to disable twenty seven separate windows processes after uninstalling IE7. I found that IE7 was using so many different ways to access the internet and traced the left over bits using ZoneAlarm which indicated what each program module was.

    Having now deleted them my IE6 works fine except on Google Adwords. The only way around this for me at present is to manually delete my cache files and the browser connections work.

    My default browser is now Firefox. Still use IE6 for a lot of things, particularly for comparing websites in different browsers.

    Other than that I’m happy with Firefox now.

  • Alan Larson

    I was having issues with my XP OS freezing up and many programs like NZB omatic (news client) locking up.. not responding etc.. Sometimes if I opened outlook express it would lock up my system. The behaviour was random and I could not figure out the source of the problem. I started to uninstall the last applications that I had installed and the issues continued. Finally I rolled back my IE7 back to IE6 and my system is once again rock steady. This is amazing that a browser can do so much damage to an OS. This is really why MS should have been forced to separate its browser code from the system files. With other browsers like Firefox you can end task them with task manager and still not crash windows. With IE 7 it will take the whole OS down. Installing IE 7 made my XP pro as crappy and unreliable as windows 95. I was resetting my PC once or twice a day with IE 7. Since I rolled it back to IE 6 I have not had to reset it any more. This is some poor coding. I expect it may fair better with Vista but I discourage anyone to use this on XP.. Just use FF if you want tab browsing.

  • addnan

    my IE7 freezes when i type in websites and to play some game i need IE7

  • bmccr

    I have been using IE 7 for about 2 months now and I cannot believe how bad it sucks. I’ve had it crash on me at least once a day, something the previous versions never did. If I see that window that asks me to send information to Microsoft one more time I’m going to go crazy. I use my pc all day long for work and rely on the Internet completely. What drives me the most insane is that IE waits until I have a few instances open and then at least a couple of tabs per window, then it crashes, UGH!

    All I can say is, Firefox here I come!!!!

  • Hello, I was searching by Google for debugging IE 7.0 !!! and came on your site. I neither can post comments on my own blog 🙁
    I changed to firefox 😀
    Greets from Switzerland, Joanna

  • Yogiman!

    Hi again… 🙂

    I would really be interested to know how many of you have done a clean install of Windows XP, all updates and IE7 before installing any of the other products you use.

    I have installed so many systems with IE7 without issues that I find it difficult to understand why your all having such problems!

    Don’t get me wrong I am not an MS fan but it seems odd to me that having installed so many machines and not having any issues that you guys are all getting such bad headaches with it!



  • Yogiman

    How many virgins over 20?

    That’s seriously about as good a question.

    IE7 comes as an “Update”. This effectively means it is an “add-on” and not a piece of software you install after re-formatting your hard drive, installing Windows XP, installing utilities and hardware, then configuring your internet service and then going to windows to get the “Update”. Not forgetting that it is PC suicidal to access the internet without first ensuring anti virus is operating (installed first), which somewhat negates the idea of a virgin PC.

    Then also ask yourself how many people in the world actually know HOW to do all of the above first.

    So if IE7 works fine with a virgin PC then fine. It doesn’t with a “used” PC, particularly when the “Upgrade” is flawed as it is incompatible with many utilities and software.

  • Yogiman!

    John Jupp

    P.M.T ?

    Fair point, not everyone knows how to do a fresh install.. but then thats what learning is all about!

    As for connecting a pc to the internet yes you could possibly have problems, but your scare mongering! Download a copy of Service Pack 2 and your AV software and put it on a CD! Then when you install the fresh machine install SP2 and install your AV, then go only to MS update and do all the updates! Then you reduce any potential problems.

    As for weather it’s a virgin pc that IE7 works with or just that people have let their computers get into such a state in the 1st place is actually more to the point.

    If you insist on installing endless rubbish on your pc and don’t learn how to use it properly then their is little you can do, except moan how bad everything is… but don’t moan at me, moan at John Jupp he appears to enjoy it!

  • He he he!!!

    Yep I do enjoy a good moan.

    On a serious note though….

    If you are an ordinary computer user and you have diligently set your PC to accept automatic updates, as recommended by Microsoft and you use your computer for all sorts of weird and wonderful stuff that a computer can be used for…..

    It’s hardly likely you’ll have done the sensible things you have suggested. You will have just one day switched on your computer to find that you have received an update and Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Wots wrong? “&^%$£%^ Computer!”

    So this thread can be helpful for many people for many different reasons. Whether it’s to find out how to “live” with IE7. How to “die” using IE7. How to fix the parts that Microsoft seem to have forgotten. How to find an alternative browser. How to get technical assistance.

    The thread is good for all these things…oh and also to have a rant at Mr Gates for yet another rubbish product.

  • Alan Larson

    Yogiman, that is a very old one about it works on mine so why not yours? I remember folks saying the same about windows ME too. Sure, on some systems ME worked fine. It really depends on the utilities used and hardware. On my PC I recently installed XP Pro, (less then a month). My copy of windows already has SP2 so it was a very clean install. Before IE 7 my system was incredibly stable. After IE 7 all kinds of negative behaviors. But my configuration is no doubt very different then your PC installs. I use a 10 year old HP SCSI scanner, newer USB HP printer, Adaptic SCSI card with SCSI ZIP, have several USB 2 devices synced, Zen vision, NOMAD 3, CASIO camera, USB HD, and a ton of HP scanner software. It has already been noted that some HP software does not co-exist with IE7 very well at all! I have used NZB o matic newsreader for years without any issues.. With IE 7, many binary chunks would slow, freeze or the whole app would be non responsive using NZB omatic. Nzb omatic requires MS .net installed as well.. that too would become non reponsive at times in the task manager.

    The point is, I unistalled IE 7 over a week now and have multitasked this machine like crazy.. like I always do.. I run alot of apps at the same time.. even ones that take lots of CPU power at the same time. In short I push windows hard. But since I rolled back to IE 6,, not one single reset. I also only used full versions of applications that are used widely.. I don’t install vague third party stuff that may cause issues.. but rather stuff that has been around for years and used by millions. STuff like Powerdesk, ACDsee, PAR, PowerDVD, NERO, IMGburn, WinRAR, NZB omatic, newsbin, VLC player, winamp pro, AVG 7.5, SVCD2DVD 2.0 also requires ms .net

    All of these apps are widely used and generally accepted as very stable. I run AD aware regularily and antivirus/adware scans bi weekly with AVG internet security. I don’t generally go to shifty sites anyways that may have security threats. My system is far from average. My PC is not a typical business box with IE7 and office networked to a printer etc.. I am sure that individual configurations are very key on how well IE 7 fares.

    Its all about the configuration. Your configurations are no doubt completely different then mine. So implying to others that they should have the same experience as you is tiresome and old. I heard this from people for years since windows 95. Ask yourself this, do you use the same hardware/software then I do? Same MB? I have a 2002 Asus board, with last bios update. Promise controller card. Adaptec SCSI card.. seagate IDE HD.. both internal and external.. Its all very different then your setup no doubt.

  • Alan Larson

    Yogiman, If all you want is for people to do fresh installs with windows only then to install IE 7 to make it stable.. then that implies right off that IE 7 has issues with other applications. We are talking about a web browser. Why should it interfere with HP software and other applications? Only because it is intergrated with the OS system files. If what you ask is for us to do a fresh install of XP and IE 7 only… to have a good IE 7 experience.. then that is not living in reality. Since people will have to install their other needed apps.. which may break IE 7 later on anyways. The bottom line.. IE 7 should not be breaking other apps period. Especially ones that are generally stable and used by many. I am using Firefox more and more now. Although I have no issues with IE 6 either.

    If all you want is tab browsing then download Windows live toolbar.. IT only runs when I right click on IE 6 toolbar and enable it.. When I turn it off IE 6 looks normal.. Seems to be very stable and does not crash when I tab in IE 6. The only issue is the windows live toolbar takes more space then I would like. But just a thought for those that really want IE 6 and tabs.

  • I like to do web design in my spare time and run my own site. For my job I build websites and webaps.

    I. Hate. IE7.

    It is a horrible horrible product. I haven’t even used it (go Firefox) but I can tell you all that it sucks. Most of you won’t notice until you come across a site that looks like it went through a blender.

    IE6 rendered websites incorrectly. Websites that worked well in Firefox needed to be fixed to work in IE6 by using certain hacks.

    For IE7, websites are still rendered incorrectly. To me this was absolutely inexcusable. It blows my mind that they still aren’t up to the web standards.

    Anyway, IE7 sucks at showing stuff like IE6 did, but what MS did in it’s utter stupidity was “fix” the hacks that allowed sites to work in IE6.

    So first I made a site work in Firefox. Then I make it work in IE6 cause people still use that. Then Internet Explorer 7 comes out, and I have to go back and update all my old sites to work correctly in IE7 as well. Inexcusable.

    It is my firm belief that IE7 killed the dinosaurs.

  • Alex Berish

    for some damn odd reason the menu bar in internet explorer 7 opens for no reason i have to check the menu bar box then uncheck it, just so it can open again in a few seconds cough cough microsoft sucks cough cough get a mac………..cough

  • Dan

    Being a web developer I cannot believe the extra amount of work I have to put in to fix CSS problems with IE7. I wish Microsoft would stop trying to do things outside of acceptable w3c standards just to BE different. They are not making friends in the web dev world.

  • Paul

    I have just got a new laptop with IE 7 on it. Problem is that whilst surfing,it says that you need to reconnect, then all the windows you have open close down and a new one loads. Anyone know if this is a setting, or just IE7 ??

  • Jon

    I have recently swithed to Opera and Opera is much safer than internet IE7 when ihade IE7 i would get at least one virus a week off the internet.The other advantage is opera is much faster . have used Fire Fox before it is good but not as fast as Opera but they still protect your computer well IE7 just sucks

  • If you have IE7 you have problems using our SSL booking form a message comes up” there is a problem with this websites security certificate” our certificate is upto date, our host BT say phone microsoft!! any ideas, thanks

  • Brett Phipps

    It’s just a matter of time until Firefox is as slow as IE:,289142,sid14_gci1246349,00.html

    Meanwhile you won’t be as secure…

  • The_Editrix

    IE7 simply doesn’t work on my computer at all. If I try to load a page, it loads and loads… ad infinitum.

    I have switched to Opera and Firefox.

  • Matt C.


    I use my computer constantly and have installed tons of programs, games, etc.

    Im definitely good with computers and have had to troubleshoot every now and then, but usually its a quick fix.

    But the one thing that has consistently caused me endless grief on every computer ive ever owned is the ridiclous mess of a program that is Internet Explorer. I got this new computer I’m on and it worked for a few days, then suddenly for no apparent reason it stopped working.

    Now I am back to digging through detailed technical information trying to figure this out, and it would probably take me a couple of hours to get it working if I really tried.

    I JUST WANT TO PLAY VIDEO GAMES, DOWNLOAD MUSIC, AND TALK TO MY FRIENDS. When it comes down to it, i am very capable of fixing my computer problems, but I DONT WANT TO. I shouldn’t have to spend 25% of the time on my computer troubleshooting Windows because the developers cant create something solid!

    It just seems ridiculous that we have so much technology now, but as far as Windows is concerned, it is necessary for even the most casual computer user to know how to troubleshoot endless glitches.

    I don’t know anything about programming and i dont want to… but there HAS to be some way to make computers more simple for people like me.

    Yeah, I have been using firefox for a few years now and it has relieved a TON of internet-caused stress, but there are still some things I can’t do and some websites I cant see without IE being the only option. And it sure seems like windows does what they can to force me to use it.

    I started using a Mac G4 at a campus computer lab and I am PISSED that I just bought another windows computer. It seems like they have a MUCH more user-friendly approach to everything they do.

    I really want to burn this computer now, along with the office that developed it

  • Darren

    Help!!! I uninstall Internet Explorer 7 and now Internet Explorer 6 crashes all the time

  • W G Read

    see if you have a system restore from before you installed IE7 and try that.
    If not try….open run- and type sfc /scannow this will examine your operating system for faults. If it finds any you will be prompted to put your recovery disk in, don’t follow any of the prompts from the disk as the program you are running will use it to repair automatically.

  • K. Brew

    I love it! It’s the greatest thing ever! Who needs a homepage when you can watch the blue screen of the MSN site try to load without errors, except it can’t because the browser blocks it! Oh and no more drop down boxes, or pdfs A.K.A POP UPS! And there is now the occasional…actually, every time I use it, crashing; but hey, I don’t need the internet I guess. Maybe this is Microsoft’s way of saying 1 of 2 things: consumers are fat from using the internet too much, or monkeys are now a good source for programming code. Oh well, at least now my friends won’t chastise me for still using IE because now I’m using Firefox! I still can’t help but feel my battle with the IE7 pop up blocker was something out of “Dude, Where’s my Car?”: Block pop ups? No block pop ups. Block pop ups? NO BLOCK POP UPS!!!

  • N Segal

    After installing IE 7 [March 2007 for me], several of us cannot open .html files in our Briefcase folders using IE.
    I have Mozilla which works fine.
    As for IE 7 — XCLN: Error Msg.: “Briefcase Is in Use by Another Computer. Close the Briefcase on that computer, and then try again.”
    Microsoft answers on October 28, 2006: “The briefcase folder will not be accessible until you exit the Exchange client for Windows NT.” I have XP — never NT.
    STATUS (according to Microsoft):
    Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft Exchange Windows NT client, versions 4.0 and 5.0. We are researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.
    Reminds me of the IBM System 32 OS. Finally IBM admitted that pointers were not erased — we needed to reboot once a day or more during business hours. IBM corrected this bug in Release 9 — the last for System 32 and only when they moved the base OS to the newly introduced System 36.

  • Vanessa Deagan

    I do not like IE7. One of my “know it all” friends ?did the Windows update thing on my desktop PC and installed IE7. From IE7 I can no longer log onto my wireless router. I bought a new laptop with Vista Home Premium installed. I tried logging onto my router using IE7 from my laptop – same this: “HTTP/1.0 401 Authorization Required”. I installed Firefox, can log on without any problems whatsoever.
    Are Microsoft trying to redefine the way Basic Authentication works (the WWW-Authenticate header field)?

  • Mark

    When MS pushed out IE7 the first time, I thought, “Great, an improved version, I’ll let it load.” This despite my apprehension, having built and worked with computers for a great many years and having seen some of MS’s first versions – but heck, the Betas were over, so what could possibly go wrong? (heh). IE7 constantly lost internet connection, something IE6 and Firefox hadn’t ever done on that computer. So I uninstalled it, and IE6 now became flaky on that computer. So I had to reinstall Windows including IE6 – problem finally solved. So, thinking it an anomaly, I tried it on a different PC. This time IE7 wouldn’t work at all (even with rebooting twice, as recommended) – it was totally locked. So I uninstalled it – now IE6 loses internet connection on the other PC. I’ve now scanned through MS forums, etc. and realize that IE7 has NUMEROUS issues, many of which are difficult or impossible to fix, including using an error log that is IGNORED by IE7 setup (My thought – if errors occur, IE7 ought to automatically roll back). Also, IE7 not only has compatibility issues with software that IE6 has no problem at all with, including Norton(!), it isn’t even compatible with some features of IE6 (for example, there are changes for things that are registry-based but IE7 doesn’t do them for you – some things may just stop working without manually editing the registry). Microsoft has really dropped the ball with IE7! My advice – avoid it AT ALL COSTS until they fix it.

  • Mark

    NOTE TO YOGIMAN and others who think people are whining: Because I build high-end systems and have worked in IT for quite awhile (and for several companies who are pretty adept in IT, like IBM, HP, etc.), I thought I’d respond to your posts. First, the second PC I tried IE7 on WAS a clean install – I did it specifically to test IE7. Of course, this is before I went to and found out that IE7 has a problem with Norton (OMG – one of the most prominent AVS/FW apps on the planet). I don’t want to get into a debate about Norton (some love it, some hate it), just that IE7 shouldn’t have a problem with AVS/FW at all. According to the above site, if you have ZoneAlarm, you actually need to UNINSTALL ZoneAlarm in order to load IE7. Rediculous. Second, no matter what’s on my PC, a web browser shouldn’t have an issue installing and working on it. I tried several other browsers on these 2 PCs (Firefox, etc), and they all worked fine. Why is IE7 having so many problems? Yes, it’s a rhetorical question… Third, to expect people to reload their systems to load an application, especially a web browser, defies logic, defies reason, and defies knowledge of most people’s capabilites and desires to have IE7. Which for me, with it’s lack of benefits, is none. Zilch. I personally have 10 “PCs” (one’s a laptop), including LAN-connected PCs, a webserver, a software development machine, a Unix server, etc. used for various purposes. I am certain I won’t be doing a “fresh install” in order to get IE7 on each of them. Since you love it so much and aren’t experiencing issues, good for you – for the people having issues, perhaps it’s reasonable to expect MS, the developer, to fix them, and not to put out a prodect with so many problems in the first place (don’t think many are having problems? Read the posts here, and read some forums). When I’m working in open-source, I don’t mind issues. When my OS provider (and Windows is NOT cheap) sends me software with the problems and design flaws of IE7, I mind, a lot.

  • mike

    Internet Explorer 7 just keeps on re-installing itself. When it seems you have all the downloads, updates you click to open and then it begins the decline, I agree, restart process over and over again. What is with this?

  • Ron

    I really cant see why you are all whining about it, some of you must have real low end machines, IE7 is as fast as hell for me an does everything I need it to. I install it on all the machines I build and never have had one complaint. Runs fine with zonealarm suite an Norton[absolute garbage software] LOL funny to hear all the problems, I have never had one problem that any of you talk about but then again you probably think AMD is the best 😛

  • Bill Read

    I bet IE7 does work OK on a clean install, the problem is when it is an update from IE6.
    I tried it when it was in BETA form and it caused problems with a (MICROSOFT) game.
    I have had two further attempts to install it, but now am quite happy with firefox.
    Pentium P4 2,8..756 ram.
    Cheers Bill

  • Mark

    Yep, the “low end” machines I put IE7 on where it had issues: one’s a P4 540 3.2 HT with 2 GM ram – this was not a fresh install, one’s a Core2 Extreme X6800 (my personal computer) with 2 GB ram – this was a fresh install, and the last was an Athlon 64 4000+ (San Diego – 1 MB level 2 cache) with 2 GB ram (wanted a non-dual core AMD because sometimes the dual core AMDs have issues) – this was a fresh install. After the issue with the P4, I experimented with the other 2 because I build systems and need to know if installed software might cause issues. The P4 is not OC at all, the Core2 Extreme is running at 4.2 GHz, and the Athlon 64 has a moderate OC of 20% (2.88 GHz). On all of them, IE7 had some kind of issue. On my core2 x it was completely locked up after install + 2 reboots. I went back to IE6 which works fine, except that after the uninstall it began to periodically lose connection; reinstall fixed this issue. On the others, IE7 always intermittenly lost connection and had some other quirkiness. Look at the post from a web designer about MS’s removal of workarounds. Here’s the thing – some people don’t have any issues – great. The simple fact is this – NO ONE should have any issues unless due to viruses, spyware, malware or a hardware issue. I like Windows, and in general Microsoft, but I also know this is somewhat typical – MS releases a product with issues then spends years of patches addressing them. With an OS, this is perhaps forgivable to some extent because an OS is complex, there are so many platforms to support, and because people try to break it (viruses, etc.). With a browser, it isn’t. I can only guess the timing of the release is for competitive reasons, because I can’t otherwise guess why they’d release such a buggy browser. Also, the recommendation for ZoneAlarm is to uninstall ZA, install IE7, then reinstall ZA. If someone didn’t have to do that, great for them; it’s recommended because IE7 has an issue with ZoneAlarm – this is just how it is, it’s not my opinion, guess or idea. As for Norton, that’s a personal opinion. I usually recommend Ghostwall and Avast AVS, but that’s just my opinion. I don’t think Norton, McAfee or anything else sucks, but I guess that’s also just my opinion. As for AMD, they used cross-bar technology first and implemented it well – in fact, until the core2 duo line, AMD WAS much better at running dynamic apps (games for example) where Intel was better at cache-intensive apps.

  • GMan

    Still running IE 7 accross the lan of over 200 pc’s…NO PROBLEMS…it is amazing to come back to this site time after time and see so many people experiencing so many issues. I have friends that are running IE7 all over Canada and States with very little issues…but then again, we are all IT Pro’s! I also agree with Ron on the Norton issue…total “POS” in the the last 2 versions…RESOURCE HOG!

  • shaake

    i hate ie7 i have a nw hp pc..with windows vista premium 4600+ amd athlon 64×2 dual-core processor 2048 mb of ram 500 gig h/drive and nvidea geforce card and when ever i use ie7 to download anything from Microsoft i get page not found error WTF? it’s microsoft why are u telling me the page is not they tell me to validate my windows vista to click on a link on the previous page to try and solve the error…guess what..i click it I GET A PAGE ERROR WTFFFFFFF? i haaate ie 7 or i hate vista or maybe it’s both i wish compusa woulda sold me this machine with xp but they wouldn’t!

  • SRC

    I agree. It’s annoying. Installed it tried to work with the tool bars and move them around, consolidate things so the toolbars don’t take up too much space from the data I need to see, but alas they fixed the “back” and “next” buttons and an address bard at the top of the window and a damn “favorites button bar at the bottom of the toolbars up top. SOOOOOOO much wasted space. At least on IE6 I have the ability to move and manipulate all the toolbars I have showing and consildated every button I use onto two small toolbars leaving more window space for viewing pages. Also I hate the fixed address bar, because I prefer the google toolbar add-on and I sure as heck don’t need two darn address bars and it doesn’t need to run the full width of the browser. I just need to see the end as I type it. Couldn’t resize or get rid of the one on IE7. Absolutely annoying. And don’t get me started on those idiot tabs.

  • TRA

    I am most annoyed with trying to organanize my favorites folders. You can’t just drag and drop them in line in the main directory. It keeps wanting to place them into another folder. If I select “Organize favorites” and highlight the folder I want to move, the only option I have is “Move”. When I select that, it says to “Click the folder that you want to move the selected files to”. I don’t want to move it into another folder, I just want to move it so it is in alphabetical order.

  • chie

    it really sucks!this IE 7 is bullshit. I downloaded it two months ago and same problem i had with these people here. i decided to reinstall the whole winxp, thinking that the problem really was the whole windows xp. because of stress and am desperate to use my internet…along the way i somehow, after reinstalling the whole thing…big disappointment & torture…all my files got deleted. I gave patience on fixing everything up and finally was able to use the internet with the old xp version. after a month…But because i have winupdates…i thought my windows will get better from having problems with the not responding windows. So i downloaded it again not realizing it was the one i downloaded before…now i’m here with the same situation…lucky before i have the ie7 i have savedthe firefox thing…it’s very handy to have it even if you don’t use it as your default browser. Somehow, i feel relieved having firefox although this ie7 is making me real crazy. NOw, am still trying to find out how to fix that stupid ie7. I can’t believe that microsoft with their excellent reputation have not done anything to fix this problem through their updates. I won’t be surprise if everyone uses firefox instead.

  • Richard

    I naively bought the Vista and IE7 bullshit and now I have a problem on my hands. All together I have spent over 100 hours getting Vista to work with even fairly regular programs like Nero.
    Altogether, about 6 applications or devices wouldn’t work, some do now I have releases of beta drivers.
    The big surprise is IE7 – it’s pants, it’s full of kak. Mine is so slow – every mouse-click consumes 50% cpu resources and overall it’s working in slow-motion at about 10% speed. I think the biggest Gates crime is not fixing these issues immediately since you can’t reload IE6. Oh no, I talked my partner into installing IE7.
    I have become yet another Gates-hater.
    Come on Firefox, polish it up a bit and we’re away.

  • Tej

    Terrible pathetic piece of software ever from microsoft! It takes 5 times as long to connect and load the damn web pages. God, is Microsoft that lame? Firefox is tons better and I am converting over to using that almost 100%. Forget IE7, its a waste of human resource and time!

  • Jessie

    IE7 ruined my computer as well. I just bought my computer about 2 weeks before I upgraded to IE7 from 6. It worked fine until the uprade. I agree that it was a mistake on my part. I have even went back to IE6 but my computer is still not right.

  • BurningSpleen

    As a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and former Microsoft enthusiasts, Internet Explorer 7 has turned me away from Microsoft. IE7 crashes and crashes and crashes. It doesn’t matter if I’m browsing or if my computer is idle, it crashes at home and at it crashes at work. It crashes on XP and crashes on Vista. It crashes and crashes and crashes.

    IE7’s failures made me a Firefox convert. Microsoft is no better than the open source apps it criticizes.

  • I HaTE it – sucks is a way too calm use of verbage. And can you find any help on how to get the fricken thing off the computer? Where’s my favorites? what? I now have to hit the alt key every stinking time I want to see my list? Gee that’s an improvement. What’s all the stinking fricken ad shite in my browser now? where the hell is the contact info for Microsoft? Just where exactly does Bill Gates live? Where’d he get these programmers – eBay?

  • IE7 is such a great program… I love it!
    Not only does it trounce the competition, but it is so innovative, bright, breezy and new. Everything about it is inventive and original, and nothing is copied from anywhere else. In f
    (Actually, I’m not allowed to mention the word “competition” when I’m writing about My Favourite Company, which is Microsoft, of course). There really is no other browser to use; IE7 is it!
    Anyway, IE7 loads up so fast, and it never crashes, and you remember the way we used to force websites to disallow other browsers with our web-authoring tools?, well we’re going to do that again with some new tools soon. And this time the damn DoJ won’t find out how we are doing it. So we won’t ever have any unsuccess with another anti-competitive case.
    Oh and the pop-up blocker works so well too.
    And I love the security features too, how you can easily block ads, flash, scripts…. oh wait… errr… isn’t that what that damn firefox does so damn well? Grrrr, well I’ll have them out of business so damn fast, they won’t know what hit them. Maybe I’ll put some DRM into IE7. I must make a note to tell Ballmer about that one.

    Hmmm… you know, I’m thinking I might put the Office Ribbon into IE7. That ribbon is so good. Everybody I know just loves it. Yes, what a good idea, that way everyone will be forced to learn the new interface, and then there won’t be any complaints about my cool new ribbon.
    Errr… not that we get complaints, not ever.
    I haven’t ever seen a complaint about any Microsoft product ever. (Note to self, get more secretaries, a complaint nearly got through the other day. I thought I’d made it clear I never wanted to see another one).

    Well alright. I think Ballmer is out of the clinic now after going nuts from that monkey-man incident a while ago at one of our conventions. Actually, I think he was just drinking too much coke. But anyway, I’ll get him onto the ribbon right away.

    Ok, bye for now.
    And I don’t work for Microsoft at all. I work for a completely independent company. Really.

  • Dooswyn

    Just downloaded FF and love it! Never actually thought of FF in the past but I was forced to this move – friggin IE7 will not connect to the internet! I thought my DSL was the problem when my antivirus downloaded and installed! M$ can keep their useless, no good, crap. I’m FF’ed

  • NotsoHappy

    IE7 is the worst browser in the history of man. In my humble opinion.:) I have searched everywhere for reasons it will not open certain web pages. Namely my company’s. It seems that IE7 is not compatible with Novell Ifolder. We use Novell and as a backup we use Ifolder. We have to make sure that not one machine updates to IE7 or our website and some others are not able to load. The IT super. wanted to test IE7 just to see if it was a viable upgrade from 6 but as soon as she installed it she was unable to access the site. We currently have 3 pc’s that have both IE7 and IFolder and all three are unable to veiw our own website. In our luck the three machines are not crucial to our upkeep in the internet sense. IE7 has to be the most buggy and troublesome browser out right now.

  • JFitzgerald

    Mmm… my experiences with IE7 are rather good and neither do I hear my son or wife complaing.
    Personally I think few of you know how to handle Windows updates, how to run a computer, how to build one or how to maintain one. IE7 crashes, is slow, renders pages wrong, what planet are you gusy from? I have seen none of these problems and I work on three different computers now and then, all with IE7 installed. Trust me, I’m not a MS fanboy, but I simply don’t see any of these problems.

    I’ve learned over the years that you get great results if you always update when you end every non-Microsoft service or application. I know, it’s shouldn’t be necessary and it’s extra work, but it saves you all the headaches you’re having now.

    I’m serious; I don’t see any slowdowns, pages render well, haven’t seen any crash… all in all it works good. The only think I complain about is that sometimes I lose the URL of some of my favorites. Oh well, I’m pretty sure that this will be solved, but all in all I’m pretty satisfied and so are many ohers I have spoken.

    I’m serious and now I talk as 45 year old IT professional; learn how Windows really works and stop pretending that you’re an expert when you can’t even get IE7 to run without any problems.

  • JFitzgerald

    Btw, those who complain that it breaks CSS; I own two web sites, one with 1,6 million visitors per year more than average size and I haven’t seen anything broken on both sites, so I did z e r o fixing. Again, maybe some of these “so called” web designers need to go back to school, because otherwise explain to me why I’m seeing zero problems.

    As for the comment at the top of this page: “Here’s a snapshot of the increase in people visiting my IE 7 complaint post.”

    That doesn’t prove anything. When I have popular topics on my forums I always see a huge increae in traffic, but most of it is returning traffic.
    Also an increasing number of post means an increased exposure to search engine (more content, higher changes of people finding the page) and after a while it’s becoming a snowball effect, not because of an increasing amount of people with problems, not it has purely to do with more people able to find this page. So next time… don’t make assumption, use some logic.

    Again, most of you think you all know how to handle a PC and Windows, but actually most of you are all amateurs. Like a fellow IT guy said in an earlier post; pretty much zero problems with IE7 on 200 PC and zero problems for fellow administrators.

  • It may be the case that we’re all amateurs (I’ve almost lost count of the websites I own) but consider the mass public instead of “web designers”.

    This product is supposed to be for Customers. The Public.

    They are all amateurs. Purists may like IE7 but your average customer who has used their computer for different applications, faced with an update to IE7 finds, their computer browser not working as they want. All because their computer isn’t “clean”.

    I shall never be convinced IE7 is good for customers. I am staying with IE6 and Firefox.

  • Ron

    I fell off my chair laughing at all the peple that have problems with computers, I used to have them when I first started but nothing like I read here. IE7 is rock solid 24/7 365 a year. Bring me your comps that have problems with it and I can almost guarantee I find a backdoor trojan or virus or some nice good ol spyware that is really the source of your issues (90% of my customers that have problems that are descibed here have been hijacked in some form or another)Hint: dont think you are safe just because you run garbage symantec or McAfee crapware get some real protection ;)FYI most trojans get in before you can catch em, Kazaa an limewire keep me in buisness suckas so keep using the p2p an gimmee your cash ;D

  • Mark

    Ron have you been eating those mull cokies again? You claim that IE7 isn’t a problem, it is caused by some virus. Sorry to tell you but your wrong. I have a PC rollout with IE7 istalled and none of the PC’s have touched the net. You can remove IE7 but you can not install IE6 because it claims IE7 is still installed. Come to think of it your right. Microsoft have shipped CD’s full of viruses, and we were all stupid enough to install it. I better hurry and check with Symantec for a removal tool to delete the trojan virus. I wonder if I need to enter the full name of the virus – Internet Explorer 7

  • Bill Read

    It seems to me that the only people who “like” IE7 are those who know a lot about computers. IE7 was not developed for people who know a lot about computers, but for the ordinary man in the street to use, therefore it should work properly and not cause fails in this respect miserably.

  • i think that IE5 is better than IE7..just my sense..

  • Ron

    Ya know if you dont know how to use a computer properly you shouldnt complain about it if you cannot uninstall ie6 that tells me you have no idea of what you are doing, it is a lil more complicated to remove MS software but it is fairly easy to the computer literate. I laugh at all the people whining about this it truly is funny. Face it newbs if it wasnt for MS You wouldnt even be on this forum. everyone loves to hate I guess its easier than saying “I have no idea of what im doing” So you stick to your ie6 Mark probably better that you dont mess with any settings, lol

    |OS|: WinXP Home Edition 5.1 Service Pack 2 (Build #2600) |CPU|: Intel Pentium IV, 3.22 GHz |Monitor|: SyncMaster 931B/931BF/931BA/930BA(Digital) |GFX Card|: ATi Sapphire Radeon X1600 PRO 512MB DDR2 |Resolution|: (1280x960x32bpp 60Hz) |Sound|: Sound Blaster Audigy |Memory|: Used: 394/1024MB Load: 38% |Uptime|: 2d 20h 58s |HD|: Free: [C:DSK1_VOL1] 58.90/114.49 GB [D:] 16.95/298.09 GB [F:] 15.59/189.92 GB |Connection|: Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC – Packet Scheduler Miniport @ 100.0 Mbps (Rec: 157.72MB Sent: 28.98MB)

  • Sarah

    Well you might know something about computers Ron, but you are also proving the old adage about computer experts having no social skills. Last time I looked the vast majority of people using computers are not “experts” with the technology. They are people getting on with useful lives and jobs, and don’t particularly want or need to be able to fix computers. So when they get programs from a giant like Microsoft they expect them to work and not cause problems. I am afraid you will just have to live with the fact that there are a great deal more of “us” than “you”. I’d bet my last dollar that Microsoft would rather have all of “us” available to purchase their products than a few of “you”, yet they seem to have gotten this one so wrong. Ultimately they cannot afford to alienate so many users, no matter how smart some of “you” experts are at getting around the problems they create. These big companies like Microsoft should do their sums and consider their bottom line.

    Being insulting to other computer users helps no-one. I run a business and have 6 computers. I now use Firefox and have no further problems. For joy! I didn’t even know it existed until I came on here.

    Thank God for all the civil people on this site who have been generous enough to assist people like me. And shame on you for thinking you are so high and bloody mighty just because your main (only??) life skill is computing.

  • Ron

    Naw actually I Have a full time job wife kids all that and a dog too, it just comes natural to me I guess, and im the last to insult people, just irritates me that people blame their lack of knowledge on others that work hard to make life easier for them than to admit that they need to upgrade themselves 😛 sounds like life lol

  • Mark

    Sarah nicely put and I found it extremely funny how Ron try to retract his comments which is all too late. Unfortunatly Ron you did insult the online community and also me on two occasions. Keep your ego in check and by the way nobody is intrested in it. If you can not help people in this forum then go to your full time job and help you wife out, she will enjoy it. For the record, not all legacy applications work in IE7.

    For those who are intrested I might have a solution to your problem. If you are getting the error “setup has detected a newer version of internet explorer already installed on this system”. Under the windows directory there should be a hidden directory called IE7. In here there is a copy of IE6 and all of its files. If you don’t have it, look for directory on another PC. When you have found the directory. Go back to the original PC that is having problems. Reinstall IE7 and then transfer the files onto the PC. Delete IE7 from control panel and it should work. During the delete process it will copy all the IE6 files to the correct locations and update the registry.

    Good Luck!

  • Bruce From New York


    If you wanted to perceive things accurately, you could understand it this way.

    I pay Microsoft and other software developers the Big Bucks, so I don’t have to become a high tech wizard just to use the program. They are supposed to remove the need for me to be a high tech geeks genius, and in return I give them the Big Bucks to help them make a living at making my computer functionality more efficent, manageable, user-friendly.

    We have this arrangement because I don’t have the time to get too mired down in the hypertechnical nitty gritty technical details, while the software developers DO have the time, because they do it for a living.

    Actually, I am quite computer literate … a self-taught geek who loves to interact with other well-informed geeks.

    But the botton line is that I simply don’t have the time to get dragged into a quagmire of of functionality problems, just because some software developer was too lazy to get up off his butt and do the job correctly. Many developers are so greedy that all they want to do is push the new product out the door so they can reaping the profits for new upgrades. Too often, they have absolutely no concern whatsoever, about the actual condition of the piece of crap they have foist on the public, in the name of profits.

    I shouldn’t have to become a genius high-tech geek auto mechanic just to own and drive a car. I simply don’t have the time to become a full-fledged, licence physician, lawyer, auto mechanic, chef, psychiatrist, electrician, plumber, contractor, etc., just to function in the day-to-day world.

    Doesn’t that make sense to you?

    Ron, maybe you have more time than I and most other people have. It might make a good hobby if you have the time and you have no other competing interests in life.

    Otherwise, I expect the software developers to do their damn job, because I don’t have the time to do it for them, and I shouldn’t have to after I already paid the Big Bucks for THEM to get the job done right.

    That is the problem with IE7 and a growing number of other software products being foist on the public at Big Buck prices.

    bruce From New York

  • Ron

    well if you feel insulted too bad deal with it an move on this forum has so many dam crybabys i shall unsubscribe right now. It might be better if you go back to windows 3.1 seems more your speed lol, have fun with your whining an sniveling lol. now for the insult. Get with the times and adapt or kill yourself simple really 😉 frekin newbs wahhh wahhh wahhh lmfao

  • Sarah

    Couldn’t agree more Bruce from New York. And Oh dear Ron………so much anger, so little anything else. I agree that your best bet is to unsubscribe. Maybe you can find another site where the people on it enjoy your negativity. Bye Bye Ron

  • Bruce From New York

    YIKES !!!

    Ron, that’s really over the top.

    There must be some way you can talk about computers, or anything else, without taking it so personally.

    Lighten-up with the ego investments. It’s plummeting like a lead balloon on the NASDAQ.



    To Jfitz. I am a MCSE and have been going to different training sessions for a number of years. I tech about 300 computers and it just seems odd that the only computers we have seen these issues on are the ones with IE7. If you aren’t having problems then thats great you must be the only friggin genius on this planet with an IQ about 200. Wow I am so impressed with the way you talk down to those of us who just are not as quick as you. Please bow down to Jfitz, he/she is our leader of the universe. Now we have had some success in the past couple of days. To put it quite plainly No, IE7 is not as easy as you put it to uninstall from a windows xp system. The reason being is these os’s are integrated with IE and have a hard time letting go of the software that keeps it running. Why on Earth anyone thought that integrating the web browser and the os was a good idea is beyond me. We found that with IE7 Ifolder has to use a so-called add-on to play nicely with IE7. For what ever reason when you uninstall IFolder and use the no-addons version of IE7 poof our site and others work. Another cause of this not loading correctly or at all is IE7 sees our site as an intranet site. So you would have to use the ip address instead of the url. Don’t understand this because our site is not managed in our intranet it is an offsite server so we don’t need to use the ip.(some of our people are comp. illiterate so IP is just two letters to them.)As for Ron, I appreciate you also. So High and mighty that the rest of us should just bow to him too. I think you and Jfitz should have a god like fight to confirm your true godness. 🙁
    I have updated to Firefox 2.0 Opens source is the real way to go. Should I explain what Open source is to you or are you to MS brain dead that it wouldn’t matter. I don’t think I will waste my time because you and Jfitz wouldn’t understand anyway.

  • Matt

    They fixed stuff that wasn’t broken.
    I don’t like the mandatory static interface. The button placement is stupid. The tabs are nice, if you’re into that sort of thing.
    In ie 6 (which the big Fortune 500 company I work for has required everyone to continue to use) I fit my back/forward arrows, stop, home, search, favorites, history, print, Refresh and Go (separate because they’re different) buttons together with my menu bar and address bar in a single row which fits neatly within a 17″ monitor with 1024×768 screen resolution. I can do that because I can move things around in ie 6. The portions of the same that are still available in ie7 take up 3 rows of landscape. Stupid.
    Just cause Ford put the horn on the directional signal shaft in the 1980’s didn’t make it the right thing to do.
    Capitalism is OK because it operates on some true democratic principals – if consumers vote by not buying something (or by not using it), then those in charge will be compelled to fix what’s broken.

    Matt (also from New York)

  • Bruce From New York


    That’s it precisely. I want control over my button bar and toolbar. And I want control over what the default Home page is. I’m tired of constantly fighting Microsoft for control over my browser. Megalomaniacs is the only way to describe the control freaks at MS and Bill Gates.

    Although IE7 claims to let user determine home page preference, in fact, the user has no choice in the matter because IE7 changed the definition of what “Home Page” means. It used to mean the default page that user gets when s\he opens IE. The IE7 version lets user select a Home Page preference, but the Home Page is no longer the default page user gets when s\he opens IE. The user automatically get a Microsoft page by default, and I could find no way to change that. I spent many hours futilely trying, then gave up and uninstalled the piece of junk. In IE7 the issue is what is the default TAB, and Microsoft robbed the user of control over the default page s\he gets when IE7 is started.

    And yes, Matt, Microsoft totally changed the user interface options in IE7. Now the user has extremely limited options (Button Bar – Tool Bar config, etc) because IE7 is extremely inflexible and has removed most of those options. Microsoft now determines what buttons you will have, what rows they will be on, and where you will be able to migrate with those buttons.

    In IE6 (which I reverted back to after uninstalling IE7) I use a third party add-on called “Add a Button”) that seamlessly allows me to add buttons to the standard IE6 button bar, and on the same row without being forced to start a new separate button bar row. I love it. But I wonder why Microsoft refuses to give users that kind of POWER and VERSATILITY.

    The answer is unmistakable. It’s all about control over where the user goes after getting on the Internet. Control Freaks at Microsoft are determined to impose their preferences on the user, and I am determined that they ARE NOT going to do that.

    Thank god for third-party software developers who realize that a hell of a lot of users feel the same way. They’re demonstrating the configuration genius that Microsoft and Bill Gates are utterly incapable of.

    Bruce From New York

  • FurryMuscleBear


    I have a Great Toshiba Satellite Laptop, XP SP2 was installed on it from the factory, I added a 512MB RAM chip, and it was BLAZIN’ FAST. After IE7, many of the above issues, but the main frustration was halfway downloading a page, seemingly losing my internet connection all the time. These two steps will revert your laptop (or PC) back to the blazin’ fast surfer it’s supposed to be…

    1.) Reduce the cache size to 250MB…Click Tools->Internet Options->General->Browsing History->Settings

    The default setting is way up around 1024MB or higher (Mine gave a warning window saying it was set even higher and was reducing it to 1024MB to maximize performance! I have no idea how it was set there) It says right on this tab that 250MB is the upper recommended limit!

    2.) Turn OFF the phishing filter…Click Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Security->Phishing Filter->Click Disable Phishing Filter

    I believe the phishing filter is the main culprit of the dropped/stale connection experience. Let’s face it, 99% of us are only going to type in personal/financial information into websites that we actually shop at and KNOW what the interface looks like. If you are ever in doubt of a site, then you could turn the phisihing filter back on, close the window, restart IE7, and test that site out for the one time, otherwise it’s a kinda useless ‘feature’ for anybody with common sense, not to mention a major slowdown.

    Surf’s Up

    P.S. If you don’t already have a quality spyware/adware remover, GET ONE! It’s amazing how much malicious speed-robbing crap is installed by reputable sites just from normal web surfing. I love Ad-Aware…get the free version at

  • Being insulting to other computer users helps no-one. I run a business and have 6 computers. I now use Firefox and have no further problems. For joy! I didn’t even know it existed until I came on here.

  • Arun

    Hi, I have internet explorer 7 running here with no problems at all. I’ve to admit that it has crashed on me a couple of times before . but hell as If I care . I have spybot lock the internet explorer settings + the HOSTS file which is very important . Since Internet Explorer 7 opens up faster than any other browser, I use this. its been working well enough for me. sometimes the cache doesn’t work. favourites seem messy.

    whenever I access warez sites or any suspicious links, I use FF as its obviously more secure than IE which can crap up. for the only reason of first time load speed, I use IE . I’m a geek using IE 7 , live with it 😛

  • Mike

    Nightmare with IE7. I have a 3rd party app (required for bidding my work schedule) that requires IE5 or IE6. Now IE6 doesn’t connect (broadband) and I can’t find a download (via Firefox) for IE5.
    I’ve uninstalled AVG, Ad-Aware, Bazooka, and SpywareBlaster, Disabled Windows Defender, uninstalled IE7, rebooted twice. Repeated this process four times. Found a program to reset “Winsocks” . Tried that several times. NOTHING and NO HELP from Microsoft.
    BTW, Firefox2 has been flawless throughout. I will pay for help to get IE5 or IE6 working (only so I can use my work program) but have no confidence that this is even fixable.

  • Mike

    Added to above: Also disabled phishing and reduced cache. The free winsocks program is “WinsockFix.exe”. Had mostly great reviews but no dice.

  • Richard

    IE7 is slow, very slow. So slow my computer is almost impossible to use if I have more than 3 or 4 tabs open.

    I tell it to open a new window when a link is clicked. Sometimes it does, sometimes it does not. It’s a pretty simple thing to understand, apart from IE7 that is.

    I want to reset the home page to blank. I have tried 4 different ways and still it refuses to do as it is told.

    Why have microsoft hidden things like history under a tools menu. For me, using the history button is a good way to pick up where I was yesterday yet now I have to go looking for a very useful button.

    Did I mention it was slow and makes my PC almost unusable?

  • This is my second post and I’m convinced more than ever that IE 7 sucks. It crashes and crashes and crashes and crashes and crashes. Oh, did I mention that it crashes. It can’t remember your session after crashing (Firefox does). It chokes on top 100 sites routinely including MS used to make good stuff, now it’s just junk. Vista and Office 2007 are just skin upgrades. Open source is finally seeing its day.

  • Guru

    I bought my new Acer Aspire 5100 2 months ago and it has IE7.0 on Windows Vista. IE7.0 crashes very frequently almost every day and since 2-3 days the frequency has increased a lot with IE7.0 crashing at least 3-4 times in an hour. Maybe, I too should start looking at Firefox.

  • Oh my god! IE7 is the worst thing I have ever come across. The crashing I have learned to live with. what I cant live with now is that it wont even start up. I am most sorry about that day I clicked update. IE6 was primitive but stable. IE7 still sucks after a year. Cant believe I have to be developing around FF these days. Maybe a blessing in disguise I suppose

  • IE in general is pretty bad. I’ve had many problems with IE Positioning.

    Here is a great site for troubleshooting IE problems, Positions is Everything.

  • Shafi Quraishy

    Since a week, I’ve just got fed-up. It crashes repeatedly often in the middle of filling out a form. Yesterday I had to fill 18 pages all over again!!! Today too I have had ebdless trouble.
    How does one go back to IE 6?

  • Shafi Quraishy

    This has come back to me.
    Shafi Quraishy

  • umm

    idiots use firefox and shut the hell up.

  • John Jupp

    Well I have now been IE7 free since January and having ironed out all the left over IE7 bugs, my IE6 works fine.

    In fact just today I even got a few browser security updates for IE6. So I guess even Microsoft is getting fed up with IE7.

    I’m due to buy a new PC soon but it won’t have Vista or IE7 on it. A security consultant friend of mine last week demonstrated to me just how easy it is to hack Vista. So I’m quitting Windows once and for all when I get my new PC.

  • GMan

    Still using IE7….ROCK SOLID….can’t believe the troubles everyone is having…IE7 never misses a beat!
    Happy Surfing!


  • Dan

    Crashes for me about 3 times a day. Also, it leaks reasources terribly. If you have any doubts about this, use Task Manager and enabled the GDI Objects column. IExplorer.exe will leak objects like a sieve. On mine, when I get up around 7500, the screens stop painting and become useless until IE is restarted. Buggy POS. Going back to Firefox (again).

  • Ian

    IE7 crashes when I click on the window before its ready. It sucks because I have to kill the process to close the window if I click on it too soon. I wish IE7 was more stable.

  • Mike

    (I posted #220 & 221 above). Still no fix from Microsoft. Posting this from Firefox, of course. Does anyone at Microsoft with any “pull” read this site? Why doesn’t M’soft have a way to download an older browser that works without having to use their browser that doesn’t work to do the downloading of the “obsolete” browser? (The preceding sentence is total lunacy – Microsoft should be able to make perfect sense of it, no?) I wouldn’t ever use IE except that my Fortune 500 company has such inadequate programs that it forces me to use a 3rd party inadequate program.

  • Richard Malin

    Help! I have recently purchased on behalf of a 77 year old friend, a Vista Home Premium laptop. I am now trying to teach him how to use it! As he mainly wants it to use for internet surfing, I am finding IE7 is making things very difficult. He is currently on dial-up but we are organising broadband in the next week. However, at he moment, after he has logged onto Tiscali, when he then opens IE7 it comes up as ‘work offline’ by default. Even going to ‘file’ then un-ticking ‘work offline’, the list of sites in his favourites folder are still ‘greyed out’. He can only access a live web page by manually typing a web address in the address bar and then IE7 seems to go live again. For a complete novice this is very confusing! (Instead of loading his homepage it just tells him there is a problem etc etc..) I will download FF when he gets broadband and hope it does not have the same problem. Meanwhile, any ideas if I can fix this problem with IE7 without meddling with the registry?

  • Richard Malin

    Follow up to my previous entry – when I first demonstrated my friends computer to him, the offline problem wasn’t evident. He started the PC, connected to Tiscali, opened IE7 and it came up with the homepage I had set for him. It was during the ensuing couple of hours that this ‘offline’ problem developed. How wierd is that?!

  • Deb

    IE7 totally sucks. I have tried a few different times to install it, always with the same results. By now, I’d say the problem is definitely not me but the IE7 browser. First I was connecting to the internet only intermittently. Then I lost my connection and my IP address and couldn’t repair it. The only way I could fix the problem was by installing Windows all over again. I really don’t want to go through this again. I’m sticking with IE6 and Firefox.


  • Elf1022000

    My problem is that in the tools portion of the explorer I am no longer able to access internet options. So I’m basically put in a hard place. I’m really annoyed with IE7. I’ve just got into explorer itself as I had to do a system restore. This really sucks. I have sights that I need to apply my internet options in the tools section to.

  • Deb

    Using IE7was like being back on dial up.

  • Joshua

    My names josh i’ve been useing InternetExplorer for years, this new update sucks, it makes web surfing so boring it takes forever to load web pages when i have cable “100Mdps” and a top of the line personal Computer. with IE 7 all it dose every time i try to use it makes me angry i like to use firefox. i wish i could go back to 6.0 but it dosnt let you install a lower version on your computer i just want microsoft to know that i hate the new IE 7 and they should give you a choice to install any version of IE you want on your computer

  • I hate ie7! I can’t open any of my html files because they are in a breifcase! I love the tabs but I can’t work on my site!

  • I ended up on this page because I was looking for a solution to my IE7 browser just shutting down and disappearing on me. I’ve never known anything but IE and I went with the IE7. However…..after several months of being aggravated, irritated beyond belief… being in the middle of something that requires having several tabs open at the same time and having IE7 just disappear with all my info… today, after reading this page, I decided to download Firefox and see what happens… imagine my surprise… IT WORKS! And it’s FASTER! My pages load in about a third of the time. So far.. I love it… IE may end up being a bad memory for me. Thanks!!! :-))

  • N. Huynh

    I wish I had not upgraded IE6 to IE7 as I could no longer get it to load. It just blinked on a screen and died! If it’s not for Firefox, I would not be able to send this complaint. Bill Gate needs to read this website. Since Windows Update does not work without IE, I have not been able to update my windows. Multiple reinstall and restore attempts failed! My next computer will be an Apple Computer. Bye bye Bill Gate.

  • Derek

    um lets see…… about, IMPOSSIBLE TO NAVIGATE. end of discussion. i currently use the previous version of internet explorer. this way i can find the stop button………..and the refresh button……and the home page button…

  • GMan

    I cannot believe all of the problems some folks are having with IE7…it works, and works WELL.
    How could it be impossible to navigate…does it open? Can you type in the URL you want?
    The stop, refresh and homepage button are still there! Maybe a bit smaller, but still there!
    If you dont like IE7, then try using FireFox and quit yer damn whining.
    Chances are that if you are having this many probs with IE7, then you will have just as many issues with FFox as well…maybe look at your system to be the problem!?

  • IE Sucks

    Why can’t M$ just please add JavaScript debugging to IE7? The absolute most useless error messages in the world: “Object expected”, “Invalid argument”, etc. Not to mention Line and Char are so far from accurate it actually gives me a headache. The interpreter obviously knows where the error occurred, and likely knows what the culprit is. How about passing that information along to the developer so I can do something about fixing the error? When working with thousands of lines of JavaScript it’s nearly impossible to track down the source of an error.

  • Per

    Hi 🙂

    I fully agree about the useless and inaccurate Javascript debugging. I am also experiencing lots of problems with keeping sessions alive on internet explorer. For no reason suddenly php cannot read the session id from IE clients. I get lots of mail from frustrated users because of this problem. The fact that IE7 sometimes launches a tab and sometimes a new window, seemingly randomly, is also a pain in the ***. Avant is the kind of browser IE should develop towards … IMHO. Yes, i know that Avant uses the IE engine (DLL), but all other features are so much better 🙂

  • Internet Explorer is a crash master.

    I am a bit amazed that this is what IE has become, a tool of total frustration.

    It seems like every time I attempt to use it you can almost be sure that it will bomb out in some way or hang.

    Firefox smokes IE.

  • I wouldn’t mind IE 7, except for 2 incredibly annoying features:

    1) It seems to “hibernate” if left open for a long time – when I click on a window I haven’t maximized in a long time, IE thinks about it for a while before actually opening the window.

    2) It takes forEVER to close the last IE window (not so much other windows, just the last one open). If I have more than one tab open in that window, it takes even longer. I have to wonder what the HELL it’s doing?? Sending my browser history to Microsoft? My hard drive whirs away and I sit and wait. It has taken literally 2 minutes to shut down. I honestly don’t think I’m wrong to expect a program to shut down in under 30 seconds. Am I?

    Microsoft, where the “M” stands for Morons.

  • Martijn

    I had the problem with IE7 too.
    A workaround is available on this site:
    It switches the icon for an IE icon, but fixes the IE-briefcase bug.

  • lee

    I just want ie 6 back!!!! Please post a sticky at the top, HOW TO GET 6 BACK!!!

    I fn hate this thing, I cannot even customize how the toolbars look.


    Why is microsoft going toward this trend of HORRIBLE user interface and SLOW user interface. Any one use VISTA, I spent a total of 20 min on it so far and it is PAINFULL.

    WHo the hell is running microsoft these days. FIRE whoever it is!!!!!

  • lee

    I hate to double post but I wanted to thank the owners of this forum for giving me the opportunity to relieve myself of my complete and utter frustrations at MS and this so called, new web browser.

    Hopefully MS will take the hint and maybe take into consideration THE OPINIONS OF THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALY HAVE TO USE THIS SOFTWARE.

    But in reality it is free, so who are we to complain right? Firefox anyone.

    Thanks again.

  • I have been using Windows since 2.0 and Internet Explorer since it was first sent out. Back in the 3.x days it was slower than anything else, but ran stable. Then I tried the new 4.0 and it damaged a hard drive and when it was installed I was not able to connect to the Internet anymore. It took a lot of studying and repairing before I was able to use it again. But at that point I PAID for Netscape Navigator instead of using the FREE Internet Explorer. Netscape was noticeably faster.

    Then Netscape was purchased and they went downhill and IE 5.0 came out and it simply ran great to me. I upgraded to 6 and it also was just great.

    Then I made the poor choice of upgrading to 7. Suddenly my entire system seemed dead slow. So I fdisk, format and reinstall. Seemed to resolve the jssue but after I had all the windows Updates on board and went to IE 7, again it became very slow. I did not at first blame IE as I was really stoked about it being the only browser I ever use. So I checked my system, checked the BIOS, ran PCPitstop’s full suite of system tests.. Ran defrag and many other maintenance programs. Still slow and seemingly getting slower. I have 1GB ram and a Pentium 4, 2Ghz machine. 2 years ago, when I installed XP the last time, the system flew through tasks with ease.

    But what I started noticing was how slow IE 7 was to start up and then, while streaming youtube vidoes, how the entire system was so slow to react. I would type a paragraph into an instant messenger (ICQ6) and lick send and still not one word I had typed had appeared yet. I had to wait almost a full minute! I started noticing this at random, while writing messages in a gmail message box as well.

    I spent a month trying various things to improve my system but nothing worked. I thought the IE slowness was something in my system causing it. I looked at everything else until all I had left was IE 7, but I was still slow in blaming it.

    Then I saw this forum and others telling their stories and so many were the EXACT experiences I was having. I think for now, I will try Firefox (even though I don’t like it) just to see if the problem still persists or if it is fixed. But reading this forum has been a real eye-opener.

    My thanks to everyone who was decent enough to post the details of their experiences.

  • Here is a list of why IE7 is a peice of crap and I use firefox exclusively now:

    – Crappy UI:
    * No choice to use an alternate skin like firefox.
    * Does not look clean, and the spacing is exaggerated.
    * My stop and refresh are at the right of the bar, not the left.
    * By default it tries to use live search.. which is also crappy, remove the search from my browser!
    * You can not put multiple bars on the same line, since i use a monitor with a wide horizontal it sucks to have 1 inch of vertical realestate take by it with no way to use the classic interface.
    * Favorites window doesn’t look right when it docks.. you have to click a few options to get it to dock like ie6
    – When using WinXPx64 bit it runs slower then IE6
    – Bugs now replace security holes that were in IE6
    – Windows update keeps wanting to put this smoking peice of shit on my computer.
    – security level prevents access unless I go through a special configuration.
    – Phishing filter sucks
    – IE attempts to identify itself as mozilla; bastards!
    – Bad CSS interpetation you have to do hacks to get it to work right

  • Jory Earl

    Just an update on my situation –

    I stopped using IE 7 but that did not completely resolve my speed issues. What I did after that was format and reinstall Windows XP again – using my old nlited copy missing the last 2 years of updates. this cured the speed issue.

    Resolution : Likely some update in the last 2 years is causing a problem in windows. (and not for the first time, I seem to remember another update in the low 2000’s that caused a massive slow down until it was removed from the system.)

  • I never considered firfox until I downloaded 7.0.

    It sucks. Stupied folders. You know what else sucks.
    They completely ruined hotmail.

    what sense does it make to completely change hotmail. I hate the new live hotmail. I hate it.

    It is way slower and I can’t set the number of emails to 100 per page. and i can’t get back to the old hotmail.

    microsoft sucks the big one

  • In the UK all the stores are FORCING customers to buy the crappy Vista pre-installed with IE7. Cos thats what they are being supplied with.

    Unless you can show you are a business….or just say you are a business….as most business software does NOT work with Vista or displays correctly with IE7.

  • Fabien JLC

    I am really annoyed with Windows Internet Explorer 7. I downloaded it less than a week ago and it has been wasting me so much time. I have decided to switch to firefox for good. Good bye Microsoft Explorer and Hello Firefox!

  • IE Gripe

    I have never used something more annoying than IE 7.0! It really sucks! Terribly slow, very inconvenient functionality. I wonder how it passed their internal Quality Control to be allowed to launch. It is absolutely unacceptable for them to put such an inferior product in the market and still force people to use it! I suggest we all dump MSFT stocks (if you personally own some). Consumers need to have some clout over such monopoly. Maybe this will get them to listen.

  • Linuxdude

    I put up a page recently on my website that was getting some heavy traffic…at least heavy traffic for me. In the logs I noticed that I was getting alot of error messages when people were going to that particular page.

    I only have one Windows machine that I hardly ever use (prefer Linux) and never bother testing my site in I.E…can’t be bothered.

    I couldn’t figure out why all the errors…the address was correct but after awhile tried it in IE7.

    Apparently whenever someone is using IE7 and they just type in “” instead of “” they get a “page not found” in IE7. Weird. Because it works fine in Firefox and every other web browser available to Windows and Linux users…and my guess… Mac users too.

    The folks usually visiting my site are a bit more “techno-savvy” and tend not to use IE and so this sudden influx of “the great unwashed” running IE7 resulted in a large number of errors in the log.

    Am I going to fix it? No way. Screw Microsoft.

  • What are you talking about? Those shortened url’s do work fine in my IE7. And it also works in IE6 on my work laptop. I got away with IE7 at work, im using Flock there! (Mozilla based). Even how badly IE7 sucks it’s not really that silly…

  • Mark

    Hey just like to say I agree completely – screw Internet Explorer. It USED to be good when it was at a more simplistic state. Yet, now it seems Microsoft has their heads shoved way to far up their you know what. By adding all this useless garbage just makes load times unbearable. On top of that, you try to close the damn thing and it won’t close! I run Firefox on my computer, no problems whatsoever. I recommend anyone using IE7+ to dump it and get a browser that serves its purpose.

  • arkansascajun

    my insperon 1505 worked flawlessly until my auto updater updated to ie 7.0. now my computer frequently freezes even to the point i have to cold boot by removing the battery. it constantly error reports sometimes even error reporting on the error reporting. but i haven’t noticed any slowdown on my dsl. and i’m not a computer newbie either. computing since 1986 started with dos 2.1.
    count me in on any class action suit. thats ALL MS will pay attention to.

  • Glen

    I used IE7 without any problems for many months UNTIL I had to just recently have Windows XP Media Center 2005 reinstalled for me (by a Dell technician) then when I updated IE6 to IE7 I began having awful problems with constant crashes for no apparent reason.

    Neither Dell nor Microsoft have been able to help, despite numerous attempts.

    Can anyone suggest why reinstalling Windows XP Media Center then downloading the latest IE7 would cause this sudden unreliability and what I can do to overcome it?


  • I might have an idea why.

    I refused to buy any Vista installed PC in the UK and recently had to go “business” to get a XP Pro version as the public are being compelled to buy Vista.

    The retailer advised me that every application software produced by Microsoft prior to Vista was not fully compatible with Vista as they had received numerous complaints from business, so a corporate decision was taken to continue supplying XP as an alternative for business.

    IE7 is designed to work with Vista. In fact IE7 comes pre-supplied with Vista. Users of XP Pro however are supplied with IE6 and NO UPDATE to IE7 automatically as business in the UK fed back to the retailers (PC World etc) that IE7 crashed with XP. The explanation when analysed by the retailers was that there is incompatibility with XP and IE7 and that came from the retailer I went to. This is simply becuase IE7 is designed for Vista operation, pure and simple.

  • I am glad I am not u

    I have installed and used IE7 this since it came out and have not experienced any of the problems you people have. I know the cause of all of your peoples problems. It is called USER ERROR!

  • I am glad I am not u

    I cant beleave I read every rant on every post. It is simple once again USER ERROR! I have installed IE7 on about 20 systems and have 3 of my own no problem. Stop complaining and just go away if you dont like it. System restore, uninstall, get a clue you didn,t pay for it so if you don’t know how to configure a system leave it to the pro’s. It is all USER ERROR try a clean install and find out what crappy software you installed that caused it. I have never had a problem and use it like clockwork. Once again USER ERROR. Someone had to point out the truth from these rants.

  • I am glad I am not u

    Microsoft Frontpage does not work with Vista and performs badly in IE7, so if you build websites you need to use Dreamweaver or other software. Oh wait, dreamweaver designed sites have problems in display mode in IE7 too. Now that little pearl comes from the stores which sell brand spanking new untouched by human error computers.

    If IE7 is so good, why is that stores do not generally sell computers with IE7 and Vista pre-installed to business but only to the home computer market? Could it in fact be there are problems with applications designed pre Vista and pre IE7 successfully operating including all the leading accounting and stock management software? I also note that the browser operated ftp facility on IE7 is still flawed and that it is better to ftp via dreamweaver 8 direct to server instead of using an open IE7 browser window.

    If IE7 wishes to emulate Firefox then IE7 should perform exactly as Firefox does. Sadly it falls short. So I continue to use IE6 (on a brand new computer bought two months ago as a business computer and fitted with xp pro as recommended by the retailer – one of the top two in the UK) and Firefox as my two browser systems.

  • Tired of MS BS

    It sure doesn’t surprize me that IE7 is a piece of crap! It has slowed down my entire system! I tried turning off the tabs and now I get duplicate windows openning! Can anyone here think of a single MS product that worked well from the get-go? Look how many versions of MS-DOS and Windows they have brought out! And not one ever worked properly even after many updates! Their Live Windows stuff is another example of crappy programming. It’s a good thing MicroSoft doesn’t build cars! One guy once opened a site called MicroShit but he was forced to close it down. I’m switching to FF!

  • Tired of MS BS

    Here is an update to my last message. I downloaded and installed FF using the Google Pack. I did this in case I would loose connectivity when I uninstall IE7. I had no problems and it did revert to IE6 but got the message that Windows updates were available for my computer! I knew what was reserved for me if I downloaded that update so I turned off the automatic updates. (My setting for automatic update was Notify but do not download or install). But I still wanted other updates especially the critical ones. I did a Google search and found out MicroSoft had a toolkit to disable the automatic delivery of IE7. I downloaded it and then it asked me where to store the extracted files. I typed in “C:\block” (no quotes). It stated the folder block did not existed and if I wanted to create it, I said yes. Once the action finished, I went to the folder and ran the batch file. I went back to the automatic updates and reverted back to Notify but do not download or install. Got the message Windows updates were available and I clicked to see the updates. IE7 was there as was were other updates but IE7 was now a choice, I unchecked it and clicked install. A popup asked if I wanted to ignore it in the future, I checked off the box, and the rest of the updates downloaded.
    The toolkit is also for network administrators.
    Here is the URL for the toolkit:


    Still using IE7 accross a lan of 200+ pc’s….NO PROBLEMS…EVER! I think the person 4 posts ago summed it up right….it be user error!

  • Tired of MS BS

    This is in response to I am glad I am not u and HAHAHA. When you say don’t complain because it was free, you seem to forget most of us have paid for a trouble-free operating system. Windows XP comes with Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7 was foisted upon us as a critical update. The fact that they now offer a Toolkit to prevent the download of Internet Explorer 7 as a critical update but as an optional update should be considered as an admission of guilt. I believe some of the problems encountered are hardware related. And before you yell USER ERROR please read post #264 “Neither Dell nor Microsoft have been able to help, despite numerous attempts.”
    If you are so smart, why aren’t you rich?

  • g tek

    4 gig ram q6 processor ie7 still absolutly bloody useless ,another for microsoft product,paid for and released in haste against perceived competition,which funnily enough has driven its users to the competition,of the hangers on of ie i know including myself ,we have all switched from ie7
    nice going bill

  • Ken ster

    My Youtube videos look much worse now on IE7. They Look great on firefox. At first some flash sites would not play at all, just kept telling me to install flash. I used the Adobe uninstall program. Reinstalled 9. Now they seem to play but the quality stinks. I’m using EX7 with xp

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  • smokinjoe

    ie7 is much faster and more stable than any firefox version i have ever run. never a problem with speed like i get with firefox, tabs work great, css displays fine for me. no java troubles. i run it on 7 systems 24/7 without any problems ever. with firefox i cant even get to my homepage. way to slow

  • vanarie

    smokinjoe: give me a break. IE: still sucks after all these years (as the song goes). I’m a web developer and I’d be rich if I had a nickel for every time I cursed IE for being a pain in the A**. Firefox clobbers IE as far as ease of use, plugins, clean CSS display and look. I *wish* IE got it’s act together and joined the friggin rest of the world and quit being so… Microsoft. I’m really really tired of writing for 2 worlds: IE and all other browsers!

    Microsoft is doing a rope-a-dope on the world because it’s lazy, apathetic ass was content to just sit there until Mozilla built a better browser for the rest of us. M$ creates crappy bloatware that is far less innovative than the competition. They’re more concerned with us getting “Genuine” than building innovative products. It’s more like genuine crap.

  • GMC

    Thought that installing ie7 would be nice to see the new features.
    PC Down after;

    Still troubleshoot multiple issues with IE7.
    Browser window will not close
    Browser will not play audio
    Browser FREEZES
    Browser Looses Connection
    Browser loads ActiveX on popular site then locks. I can not visit my favorite site because of this.




  • Alicia

    I’m a busy mom of three young kids and never found time to burn all of my nero photoslides to cd. So a week ago, my husband decided to upgrade to ie7 b/c he was sick of the prompts and thought maybe we’d benefit since we are always behind with the new stuff. Obviously there has been many problems. He was beyond stressed since he does grad school online…and it took him forever to figure out how to get internet access. He’s not a “super tech” of a guy, but he’s not dumb either. So, now I can’t go into Nero Photo express or snap shot photo. I keep getting messages to send an error report to microsoft. What does this mean? are they going to try to fix this? I don’t think they will, but does that mean I’ve lost all everything in those programs? I know I should have backed it up, but I never had any issues before now. My husband just blames me for being stupid…

  • Well everything is set to get worse.

    Microsoft has just rolled out Internet Explorer 8 Beta and feedback from those who just tried it is that the latest of their latest efforts is even more useless and deadly than IE7 and that takes some!

  • J-Man

    Alicia, you didn’t leave anything in the way of a contact so I will have to answer you here :

    Your info should still be where you saved it, however the programs used to view it may be corrupted. Look on Nero’s website for the most up to date version and install it. Then you should be able to look for your photos. Be certain that if it asks to save your old settings (read : photos, etc) not to over-0write that.

  • Alicia

    Thanks J-man! I really appreciate your help and will give it a try tonight. I just felt ill thinking all of that I could have lost.

  • michael Arvesu

    ie 7 wouldn’t open. really stupid. And the solution they have doesn’t work at all. How could you I update if it doesnt open?

  • Per

    Hi 🙂

    For all of you who struggle with IE7. Simply get rid of it, if it came as an update through windows update. The instructions can be found here:

    Method 2 worked for me!! It may work even if it came preinstalled, i’m not sure.

    Best of luck 🙂

  • MHR

    I don’t know why anyone would blame Bill Gates. Hell, he probably doesn’t even have time to sit down at computer anymore and surely no time to oversee the development of IE7. IE7 is a pile of garbage and it fits right in with the other latest pile of garbage called VISTA. Microsoft is going to the crapper and most likely it’s because Bill isn’t part of anything anymore, so the idiotic developers who probably don’t ever see daylight or communicate with human beings are out of touch with reality.

  • BuilderBloke

    Scanning thru this post I am sure thaat many others have covered all bases with IE7 but I just had to add my voice to the multitude saying just how much IE7 SUCKS! Like others on this page IE7 stopped other long trusted software I use – and in a twist of irony – actually stopped their media player 11 working – din’t loose much sleep over that though as thats rubbish too. and… STOP PRESS! The very latested version of MSN messenger does the same – had to roll back to a previos version… WHAT ARE MICROSOFT PLAYING AT???

  • Rob Ellitts

    Very annoyed at the stuck up attitude of I am glad I’m not u above. Some things may well be USER ERROR ( no need to shout) but the program is supposed to be used by members of the public not all of whom are IT professionals strangely enough. I don’t pretend to understand all the problems and tech details, but it should just work!!!! My bug with it is that it keeps telling me I’m working offline when I’m connected to the net and tries redialling my home internet when I’m on wireless at work. When I go to tools the work offline box is ticked even though I’ve unticked it a minute before. This is especially the case when swapping between tabs. I’m sure there is a way to stop this happening and it is user error, but my point is, that the solution should be obvious to people who are using the system and are not called Bill Gates!!

  • g money

    War lost. IE7 signals further decline of Microsoft. Worst browser I have ever had the misfortune of downgrading to. How is it possible. The most completely useless piece of (*&^ of all time. Why. A lot of @#$%^^& idiots here in these comments too, only a braindead #$$%%^ would use IE&, period.

    Javascript? I don’t think so, not in IE7, not unless you rewrite the source code.

    Got all day for a page to load and then it looks terrible when it does? Welcome to IE7.

    Here’s what happened, Micr*soft employees don’t give a rat’s ass.

    Have a conversation with any of them, go ahead, I invite you… might as well talk to Martha St#wart, a bunch of fakely (yeah, that’s a word) nice don’t really give a rat’s ass because Bill Gates never shared a dime I’m really sorry I’m here types.

    And, they didn’t buy Yahoo. Sell. Sell. Sell.

  • Mark

    I work for a medical software firm and since the release of IE 7 my life at work has been pure hell. We have informed Microsoft of an issue where IE 7 makes a call to a Vista only DLL (DWMAPI.DLL) when connected through RDP to a 2K3 server and the program the user is running uses XML. This bug causes the program to quit drawing and makes a portion of the foreground window transparent. The only fix we have come up with is to remove all IE 7 updates without rebooting then IE 7 itself. The problem is on a few sites an IE 7 update doesn’t uninstall so after the reboot, you get what I like to call IE 6.5. The icon is IE 7, the browser is IE 6 but other things like Internet Options are IE 7. This one update (which I haven’t been able to narrow down) not uninstalling still has the bug. Microsoft informed us that they are a break-fix shop and not enough people have complained to fix it. IE 7 is PURE JUNK and Microsoft is simply looking the other way…

  • Clint

    You know, here it is July 16th, 2008, and IE7 is still crashing. I only just started using it because the content for a particular site will only show in IE7. So I get into browsing, and fwop IE7 completely closes out on me, not once, not twice, but 3 times in the last 2 days. MS IE7 is still BS, will they ever get it right.. So for the time being, I am going back to firefox3 never ever has it crashed on me. Go figure!

  • IE7 sucks i made the mistake to install it bcus i made myself a new account and they prompt me to do it i then tried going on youtude and they tld me to install flash player or java script which i had and which worked fine with IE6. howver i tried to install it and the security system tht cums wit IE7 wouldnt let me and i tried evrything that the troubleshooting and other ppl told m, nothing worked to. I had to go back to IE6 and reinstall adobe flash player and it worked again. It took me over 12 hours to figure out tht it was the upgrade tht was the problem it sucks i wasted my entire day. Advice to any1 and evry1 stay with IE6 or get firefox

    Tamara’s last blog post..By: Clint

  • Brett Phipps

    You know the funny reason why I’ve been following this thread was because a long time ago I couldn’t get my toolbars to stay the way I like them. I learned to live with it, though. Just recently I needed some more screen real estate and adjusted my toolbars for maximum viewing pleasure and VOILA! they stayed. The problem appears to have been resolved by one of the Windows updates (XP service pack 3?). Who knows, but my only real bitch with IE7 has been vanquished. I really haven’t had the issues that you all experienced, and trust me, I have a TON of stuff installed on this machine. Visual Studio, SQL Server 2005, Altova, Lombardi Teamworks, Eclipse, and a sundry of other work and non-work heavy duty programs. Personally, I wonder if many of these problems aren’t caused by the simple fact that you do have several different browsers installed that are overwriting and competing with each other’s registry settings. Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that there are other browsers that may work better/faster (flock being one of them). But, personally, (feel free to call me crazy, I can take it) I feel a little safer with IE7’s built-in security.

    Oh and Tamara it’s time to learn how to type/spell.

  • jean

    Anyone thinking of suing Microsoft for being too aggressive force users upgrade their browser to IE7?
    I am using Win2K with IE6, recently my IE browser keep open site force a page to upgrade IE7 while Win2K doesn’t even supported. No matter how I change the homepage to others, it eventually back to the god damn annoying IE7 promotion site. Anyone know how to tweak to adjust any registry to let my IE 6 back to as before as a normal browser?

  • GMan

    Why not just upgrade to IE7?
    You know you wanna!
    It’s great and works well, for me anyways!

  • Ted

    for those of you that want to avoid IE7, ( I know there are millions out ther) here is Micosofts download blocking tool. This should keep IE7 from being downloaded by automatic updates.


  • Lisa

    IE7 sucks big time. Anytime I am in Facebook, if I click around too many links in there at some point it will give an error which closes the browser in it’s entirety. That was not happening with IE6. The computer I have is from work and I had no choice but to install it, AND I HATE IT!

  • Rageracer

    I have enjoyed IE7 and have learnt to tolerate all the annoying bugs. The favorites column in IE7 was the only reason I stayed with it.
    A friend recently persuaded me to try FireFox 3 and I was quite surprised. IT DOESN’T CRASH!
    The only thing I’m not fond of is how the bookmarks resemble IE6’s favourite column on the left hand side. Otherwise FireFox gets 10/10 from me.

    Oh yeah, another dam bug in IE7 that was driving me mad is the pop-up box asking to dial a connection even though IE7 was connected in the first place???


  • robert l. huffstutter

    you asked how much MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER SUCKS? Let me tell you that words cannot define how much it sucks. It even sucks when you unplug your PC out of sheer exasperation. It continues to suck throughout the entire time the PC is off; it sucks up one phoney excuse after another to set before one’s eyes. I don’t understand it–but I am going to let it suck itself right out of my PC and find a program that will permit me to enjoy my computer. Robert L. Huffstutter

  • Edward

    I am truly amazed at the number of problems people are having with IE7. I don’t like it either but my issues with it seem minor compared to others. My main issue is no matter how much you turn off “Friendly http error messages” most of the time you get when there is a problem is “Internet explorer cannot open this page.” This is annoying when you are developing and trying to decipher whether it is a 500 or a 404 or a 403 error. I also want to know the line of the file on which it is failing. this would be bad enough if it did this consistently, but it doesn’t. Sometimes I will see the “500 Server error ASP.Net error line 405” which is what I always want. Also I find it had to believe that practically ever site I go to is filled with javascript errors but I keep getting the error message box “Error on line so and so. } missing” or “object not set” or others. this does not happen with Firefox. However in Firefox I am finding a lot of pages render incorrectly because the programmer was using VS to program it and chose attributes that did not correspond to any in Firefox or Netscape. Also a lot DoD sites needed for work require IE so there is no way around it. Sometimes IE will lock up trying to load a website, but not the machine itself. I suspect the problem most are having is that there is not enough RAM or virtual memory to run this version. It soed seem that everything MS comes out with is using increasing more and more memory. (Making you have to go out and buy new machines.) This comment is way too long, but I did want say something not quite as negative about this product.

  • builderbloke

    Edward and all the others that think there isn’t much wrong with IE7…

    You are all missing the very important point that for most XP users IE7 works… albiet sluggishly… the issue is not that or RAM – the issue is that IE7 was designed for Vista which was supposed to have a new core file system… which never materialised as Microsoft rushed vista out before work was completed on it in 2006.However some of the core components load with IE7 and the very latest version of MSN messenger if you use that… because it is inherently NOT XP compatable it stops other long trusted and robust software working on your machine… including – incredibly… Microsofts own media player 11 – the effect is worse than a virus making other programs unusable and the data they might hold inaccessable!
    It is unforgivable that microsoft unleashed such poor software on the world and made it mandatory for users to download it as a security update. However all this may be accademic as IE8 has been rolled out – which has to be the fasted upgrade microsoft has everdone… what does that tell you? I for one will not be downloading it – microsoft did more damage than they realised… they lost our trust – they will have a long uphill struggle to win that trust back.

  • Hating IE7

    I have to use IE7 for a research site and i SWEAR it’s timed that every 10 minutes or so, IE7 will crash on me and i’ll have to end the program and restart it…what’s worse is that at least modzilla will restart all the tabs that you had before it crashed…IE7 DOES NOT! IT’S THE WORST INTERNET BROWSER EVER!

  • gentoo

    How to crash an IE7? Find a Heavy scripted website, especially games or financial Java online charting program with lots of cache feed into the browser. IE7 crash in no time whenever you sift from one game to the other or work page to the other. Want to see how safe you IE really is? Visit underground cracker sites or hacker sites. Would infected malwares, trojans, or spywares cookies in no time. IE6 or IE 7, no matter. Same shit and didn’t improve much. One good thing for IE is to keep people like me busy on other stupids keep using it. Else I wouldn’t have to make a living on doing something else.

  • Robert

    I loaded IE7 figuring hey, IE6 works great all-in-all so how bad can IE7 be? Hmmm… biggest problem I’m having is that is DEATH SLOW. So I’m using Firefox and not having issues. Let’s seeee, I’m using Firefox on an MS OS based system and not having probs but I’ve tried using MSIE7 on an MS OS system and I’m having problems. This does not compute!

  • IE7 totally blows. On my fresh installation of Vista ita like a time bomb, it just keeps eating up more and more memory until each instance is like 200mb to 500mb in size. I guess it could go higher but by then the whole computer is useless, and I have 3gb of ram. I really think they have their heads up their aaassses, how much power do you need to render 50kb of html markup? geez.

  • ethel

    this ie 7 is a freak..g nightmare it freezes up at least 20 times a day if i cud uninstall this crap i would iam bloody tortured micro sucks

  • Kevin Gunderson

    I have absolutely no problems with IE6, 7 or 8 beta 2. I have had problems with Firefox, esp with Java enabled sites….but I understand why. I have never bothered to configure it. However, I have configured IE every single time that I have installed it. But that goes to the dreaded common sense. With everything we use, there is always some configuring. TV, Phone, Radio – you configure the volume, or possibly the station, or the time, or the recording schedule – these things have always been a little difficult at first, but just like riding a bicycle, it takes a little to get used to.. Normally the people who complain, are those who don’t take the time to learn about it, they expect the magic bullet. For all of MSFT’s problems, it still requires one of the most userfriendly interfaces when it comes to a Major OS. Mac is probably # 1…but cost wise, I like MSFT. One of the things that slow down IE is all of these browser tool bars….yahoo, google, etc. What else do you have running? Are these using any of the same components that IE uses. Any hoo….just think about what you are complaining about before you do. And don’t complain about a Beta….it just shows your inexperience.
    Good Surfing….IE Rocks!

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