Posted December 17, 2006 8:32 pm by with 4 comments

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If you’re curious how you too can have you photo appear on each comment you leave and in the “pilgrim readers” sidebar, you should consider joining our community.

MyBlogLog tracks blog communities and their readers and is a great way to connect with other readers, discover new blogs, and even build some traffic for your own site.

Joining is quick and easy, and soon, we’ll all be able to enjoy your mugshot, alongside your words of wisdom! 😉

  • Cool feature, Andy. Just signed up so let’s try it out with this comment.

  • Gotta love MyBlogLog. If your blog ain’t there then it ain’t anywhere. Keep on bloggin’.

  • This is just another way to see how close this community is. Everybody knows everybody.

  • Andy, mind sharing what plug-in you’re using for the MyBlogLog avatar integration? I’ve seen a couple solutions around on various sites but it appears yours is far superior. Is it reading in the MyBlogLog cookie or getting the account information with a POST using the users web address?