Posted December 26, 2006 3:14 pm by with 13 comments

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I started compiling the Top 10 most popular blog posts of the year, back when authoring Search Engine Lowdown. Marketing Pilgrim is barely a year old, but we’ve already racked up some great scoops and informative articles.

Here’s the most popular posts of 2006.

  1. Dr. Google Sends Pain Relief – back in July, we openly asked Google to stop making constant changes to AdWords, as it was giving us a headache. They didn’t quit with the updates, but they did send us some acetaminophen. The story became the most popular story on Marketing Pilgrim and one of Digg’s most popular of the year! Top traffic source = Digg
  2. Google’s Click Fraud Rate is Less than 2% – in December, I published strong clues that suggested Google’s click-thru rate was less than 2%. Google later went on to clarify the data – suggesting the rate was less than 0.2% – and I sparked a storm of discussion. Top traffic source = Digg
  3. Online Reputation Monitoring Beginners Guide – when I decided to put together some free tips and advice, for those looking to track their online reputation, I never expected the resulting guide to be this popular! Top traffic source = Google
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 Sucks! – probably the most commented-on story we ever had was my gripe about the bugs in IE7. To this day, we get new comments daily and many new visitors wondering why IE 7 sucks! Top traffic source = Google
  5. Top 10 Business Mistakes Search Marketing Firms Make – with this post, we discovered just how many search marketers were reading Marketing Pilgrim – lots! Many of you could related to the mistakes I outlined in this article. Top traffic source = Google
  6. Five Secret Strategies to Add $1 Million in Revenue… realizing many of our readers wanted help and advice with running their agency, I followed-up with this post. Top traffic source =
  7. The Five Pillars of Social Media Marketing – not only was Ben Wills’ article the most popular entry of our SEM Scholarship contest, but it makes the list of the most popular posts on Marketing Pilgrim in 2006. Top traffic source = Google
  8. StumbleUpon Announces New Video Surfing Site, StumbleVideo – we had one of the first looks at StumbleUpon’s new StumbleVideo service. Top traffic source = StumbleUpon
  9. SEM Scholarship Contest – in October, we started a quest to find the next big search marketing star. The popularity of the contest was incredible! Top traffic source = Stuntdubl
  10. Google Offers Corporate Gmail – proving that a good blog post title is important, this post makes our list simply because so many people are searching for “corporate gmail“. Top traffic source = Google

I’d love to know which was your favorite? Maybe you enjoyed a story that wasn’t among our Top 10 of the year.