Posted December 12, 2006 3:08 pm by with 2 comments

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Well look what the Alexa folks shared on their blog. They took the publicly available Sitemeter stats for a couple of web sites and matched them against the Alexa traffic history graphs.

Here’s the comparison for TechCrunch.

The green graph is the site stats and the blue line is Alexa overlaying them.

Interesting, Rand, what do ya think? It appears Alexa is able to get the numbers right, relative to data within one site, maybe they just suck at comparing data from differnt sites.

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  • I was just explaining the disparity in Alexa rankings to a representative at a CPM ad network.

    For high traffic, tech related sites, Alexa may be fairly accurate. For low to medium traffic sites which target a non-tech/marketing crowd they’re usually horribly skewed.

    I was just looking at a blog which is targeted to a non-web design crowd. On Sitemeter, the site is reaching over 80,000 visitors per month. According to Alexa, it’s not even in the top 2 million sites traffic wise.