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Ben Wills has been a busy boy since winning our SEM Scholarship contest. The newly established social media marketing consultant will be at Search Engine Strategies in Chicago, signing autographs and explaining exactly how to take advantage of social networks.

Just in case you don’t happen to see Ben while zipping between sessions, he and I will spend some time propping up the hotel bar, and we’d love for you to join us. As an extra incentive, I’ll buy a drink for the first 25 people that catch Ben and I at the bar – we’re not sure when, so you’ll have to just keep an eye open. You’ll need to find both of us – ‘cos I’ll be the one buying. 😉

Note to Mike Grehan, 20-year old single malts are not part of the deal. 😉

  • Mmmm… BEER… burp! 🙂

  • Ethan

    What if I would like to buy Mike Grehan?

  • There’s a few of us already meeting up in the hotel bar tomorrow night ’round 6:00-6:30-ish … hopefully I’ll see you there!

  • I won’t be getting in until Tuesday. It will either be Tuesday or Wednesday.

  • Sounds good guys love to meet up with both of you and anybody else that was involved in the SEM Scholarship contest. That’s beer Li, not Mojitos.

  • Alright then Andy … will make sure to introduce myself on Tuesday then. 🙂

    Is Ben there for the whole time?

    David …. hey I’ll ask Ward to buy me a mojito! 😉

  • How about n/a beer? Does that still count?

    I look forward to seeing both of you again…I’ve got plans for dinner & jazz clubs on Wed. night (birthday fiascos, etc.), but am psyched to see you guys (on your bill this time, Andy!) 🙂

    Fyi, I landed at the airport and there were even scarves on the guard posts outside. Everything is cold out here…

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  • Can’t wait to meet up with everyone!


  • Thanks to all of your who joined us for drinks on Wednesday. Shoemoney, Neil, Cameron, Todd x2, Chris x2 and Tony, were among those who helped me spend some $ on drinks. 😉

  • Sorry I missed out on that. Ben you owe me one. Nice having dinner with you guys though. That was the biggest filet mignon I’ve ever seen.

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