Posted December 12, 2006 8:29 am by with 1 comment

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After much teasing, Search Engine Land finally delivers the goods and launches with a new look.

Danny Sullivan takes the time to explain the reason behind the name – if I had know he was having that much trouble finding a good domain name, I would have given him – and also gives us a tour of the new site.

Apparently they’re working on a new comment system, which is good ‘cos there’s no way I am commenting if I have to go thru that Typekey registration process. We’ll also see if they’re accepting trackbacks/pingbacks with this post.

One idea for Danny, provide an OPML file for all the sites on his blogroll. If you tracked each of those sites, you’d know more than anyone in the biz! I’m also hoping that Barry will be able to convince Danny to include more graphics with their blog posts. SEW was a little dull to read, as it hardly ever had images with the post.

Best of luck to Danny and the team.

  • I have been in the name game for 8 years now and consder my self a master. I kinda like the Name. It can grow on you. I hated the domain youtube but got used to it.

    SearchEngineLand looks cool, looks kinda powerful when you stop and think about it. All domains come down to land. Location, Location, Location. You either got it, or you dont. Prime Realestate is everything on the net. Foundational building blocks. (everything)

    Opinion to ponder:
    Who needs search engines when you can use a common sense keyphrase 400 channel cluster of Vertical Locator Engines for every subject. There is only so much good land to go around. 100 mill names with content.

    Because of Multi-Channel Locator Engines like the MyLocator website. Search engines may slowly fade away evaporating into content baskets for multichannel networks of vertical Locator Engines. Strategic Keyphrase Location based search.

    Go to a search engine when you need to do a report on a cure for cancer. Go to a Locator Engine when you want keyphrase location based specific business and consumer driven results. Search Algorithims are Dead. Dime a dozen. That is why everyone is giving there search platform away for users to make there own engine.

    Still I hope all Seo factions the Best. There is enough work and opportunity to go around. People thought newspapers would be gone by now. May take another 10 years.

    Still……………Mashups Rule! Peace.