Posted December 3, 2006 2:59 pm by with 3 comments

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GSINC Ltd’s Gareth Davies (disclaimer) has put together a great series of online video tutorials aimed at those new to search engine optimization.

Gareth’s put together 6 videos, starting with a beginners guide to optimizing the Title tag.

It’s a refreshing change to the “Top 10” list format, and Gareth’s instructional style is clear, easy to follow and authoritative (an English accent helps).

  • Thanks for the tip on these videos. I just took a minute to check them out & they really are put together well. A lot of things that many of us already understand, but really helpful for beginners!

  • Andy … this industry has been waiting for a place like this where beginners can go and learn the basics of SEO/SEM to prevent themselves from being “BSed” by some SEOs.

    Usually when someone novice asks you about SEO, he/she is being sent to different Top 10, Top 15 beginner guide articles. It’s about time that this community creates 1 place where beginners can be sent for a “fast track SEO knowledge”.

  • I agree Igor. I think Gareth is on the right track by focusing on beginners. Most experts tends to focus on advance theories, hoping to demonstrate just how talented they are, yet this industry adds newcomers every day, who need help.