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>> Yes, if you win, you can select an iPod instead of a Zune <<

So, last month we gave away an iPod just for reading our RSS feed. The lucky winner simply spotted a secret message and took the prize. This contest is even easier!

Step 1 – Join Marketing Pilgrim’s MyBlogLog community.

Step 2 – Er…that’s it. We’ll pick one random member sometime before Feb 16th.

Easy enough? All we want you to do is join our MyBlogLog community and you’ll be entered to win a “shiny” (that’s for you Lisa!) new Microsoft Zune.

Bonus prize: If the lucky winner happens to have mentioned this contest in a blog post, we’ll also throw in a pair of Shure Sound Isolating Earphones.

So there you have it, we’re buying your friendship, but in a good way! 😉

  • Andy-

    I challenge You to a mybloglog contest. I will just use a hot chick avatar but no incentives like a contest 😉

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  • Lol Shoe, you have already spammed 5000+ people with add contact messages

  • Heck Shoe, even I’d take that over a Zune. 😉

  • Andy Beard wtf are you talking about spamming 5,000 people?

  • How about those of us who joined your community without a bribe? Shouldn’t we get an added incentive? You know like a prebribe contest and post bribe contest. Or just send me something to keep me from whining.

  • Family, Friends and Contacts (5,652

    Refer to the conversionion on the MyBlogLog blog

  • Andy, I deserve that Zune. After all, I blog about dogs and spend so much time walking my two dogs that I could really use an update from my poor old Sony Walkman cassette player… OK so I am exaggerating with the walkman, but I think a Zune would look great on me.

    GO Andy.

  • Andy – stfu dude I never sent anyone spam messages get a fucking clue idiot. Do you look at the people I add who thank me for adding them? Do you see ONE person complain that I spammed them? I went through and hand picked contacts so what its a social environment Im not spamming messages or websites so don’t make it sound like I am.

  • I spend a lot of time in MyBlogLog and I have to say that Shoemoney is not even coming close to spamming. I mean look how good looking she is. No wonder she has so many contacts. 😉

    Here’s my favorite spam hound’s message;

    This is a formal invitation to join my group and visit my Blog: http:/ / www. findnews. blogspot. com and Portal : http:/ / www. oneindia. in Kindly leave your openion, suggestion or tip to improve my blog.

    Hey thanks for reading my blog you idiot! You don’t want to hear my openion, belive me.

  • Congratulations, in the space of 1 hour you have carefully selected 200 bloggers to add as a contact, and many of the poor guys actually think you visited their blog.

    Maybe some of the new community members will even result in new subscribers because you do have a decent blog.

    I suppose you can justify anything by the end result.

  • Now, now, Andy, Jeremy, play nicely with each other…or at least, let me figure out how to monetize this fight. 😉

  • Rhea

    I completely agree with David about those who joined not knowing there were goodies to be had. I don’t even have a blog, I’m there purely to soak up the brilliance of others. Unfortunately, that makes me pretty worthless to the blog community unless you count the fact that I’m a young chic, similar to Shoemoney’s girl that can make your blog look ten times sexier. 😛

  • David, Rhea – you are extremely valued and I hope that you get enough great content from us to reward your efforts.

    If not, I’ll send you an envelope of cash if you promise to pretend. 😉

  • All done tongue in cheek Andy, you know I’ve gotten a lot out of Marketing Pilgrim. (Please send small unmarked bills)

  • I know David, thanks for reading!

  • Rhea

    Not to be annoying, but I can only accept payment in the form of travelers checks or Magners cider.

  • George

    LOL… shoemoney at his old SPAM tricks again…? spamming the 5,000 people… geeez

  • Marketing Pilgrim vs Shoemoney community subscriber drive; both of you will win with this…a great idea as both blogs are must reads for marketers. I know I’ll be watching closely.

  • Kim Krause Berg (cre8pc)

    What the heck good is a picture of a pretty girl going to do for me???? I’ll take the geek toy any day 🙂

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  • My hot chick avatar just doesn’t seem to be working for me, maybe I should try bribery too, I could give away a box full of old/broken PC components.

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  • OK, fine, I’ll enter the contest. But I want an iPod, not a crappy Zune.


  • …A Free Microsoft Zune to One Lucky MyBlogLog Community Member, thats right people just go to MyBlogLog and sign up, then find and join their community…

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  • raajaraman

    i like zune player send a reply

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