Posted January 10, 2007 10:45 am by with 2 comments

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ZDNet’s Donna Bogatin has an interesting interview up with CEO, Jim Lanzone. She asks some probing questions, and Jim shares some interesting morsels.

On switching users to the new AskX environment…

The AskX website is a testing ground for what the next generation of could be. is the sandbox area and slowly but surely will be migrated over to everyday users starting at some point in this quarter, but we have a lot of testing to do still. AskX is the potential future interface of or potential future experience for

On exploring paid search partners outside of Google…

We control about ten percent of all search queries in the U.S. (between and our distribution network)…We will most likely strike another deal with one of the major networks (Google is the incumbent) because our own ad system combined with an ad network will make us the most money. It is going to be a significant deal. We will be the ones with the power in the relationship because we own our traffic, ten percent of the market.

Lots of other interesting stuff in there, go take a look and then come back and let me know if you think Ask will ever become more than the “#4” in search.