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A couple of days ago, I asked who you thought was the “Godmother” of search. Jeremy already had the rights to find the “Godfather”, so we thought we’d find the industry’s most powerful woman.

Currently, Jill Whalen is in the lead with 27% of the votes, followed by Kim Krause Berg with 19%. We’re sure this has nothing to do with the fact that each own a popular message board, with many members. 😉

Anyway, if you’ve not voted, make your voice heard. Who is the Queen of all things Search?

  • How many tiers “search royalty” are there going to be?

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  • So I’m chopped liver once again? [sniff]

  • Or someone voted more than once perhaps? Smells like Florida all over again.

  • Kalena, Kalena, Kalena. How is that I either miss your off a list or I miss Kim. I get an earache, either way. 🙂

    I’ll make it up to you at the Search Summit Conference in Sydney. 🙂

  • Ah, Shoemoney push me to vote Jennifer Slegg

  • So Jen’s Prince comes and she gets the happily ever after ending. Don’t you love how fairy tales work? It’s not what you know. It’s who you know.

    Kal, I’d be honored to keep scrubbing the floors with you 🙂

  • Oh, if before this looked like a “serious poll” … now with Shoemoney promoting Jennifer Slegg this has become a “scientific poll”. 🙂

    Good linkbait though Andy.

  • The intention wasn’t linkbait, but I guess if it got Shoemoney to link here – and send his readers over to vote – then it must be pretty good linkbait. 😉

  • Hey hold on there – It was form Jen’s blog that I heard of Shoemoney a long time ago and then Shoe told me about this blog and the vote going on. If you don’t like the results don’t watch the polls – ask Danny Sullivan who’s the Queen if you want to know. It’s funny guys take a poll on which guy is King and I did not see any cattiness – just an observation. To see someone who is on the voter’s list post a sarcastic remark makes them look really sad – no I mean really really sad.



  • Eric, who are you talking to?

  • Kim Krause Berg

    Eric, if you are referring to me, you jumped to the wrong conclusion about my intent. Shoemoney is a great guy and fun to hang out with. Jen has some serious supporters and is well loved.

    Andy didn’t put my name there for any reason other than to have some fun poking fun, which has been so totally fun, so far.

  • Hey Shoe told me he would buy me a beer if I voted for Jen…. well maybe not – but I think I can get him to buy me one anyway!!!

    They are all royalty to me.

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  • OK, I’ll hold you to that Andy!

  • Well, after shoemoney’s request i am sure who will win? :p you?

  • I don’t need a poll to tell me who are the great women in internet marketing – I interview two of them every week. 😉

    I think these polls are just a little silly (in a good way) – but inevitably SOMEONE who each of us thinks should be on there, gets missed, write in or not. I mean really now, Shoe left off Mike Grehan… yeesh!

    Almost all the women on the list will say someone else is more deserving. That’s just how all these wonderful women are, they are all deserving… voting is just tough, and unfortunately right now, it looks kinda fruitless. 🙁

  • Li-

    I did not nominate anyone. I admitted that I was in no position to name (im a total newb to this seo world) the godfather of search so I emailed tons of people in the industry then posted there nominations in the poll.

  • Thanks for clearing that up Shoe!

    OK – so the rest of the “Gurus” forgot Mike Grehan … I still say YEESH! That man can spin circles around almost everybody on the list! 🙂

    Shoe – you’re excused since your a newbie 😉

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  • Now Vanessa is the most searched!

  • My vote, undoubtedly , would be for Jennifer Slegg.

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  • Vanessa Fox RoxX!! 😀