Posted January 31, 2007 1:52 pm by with 8 comments

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While Del-Boy and Rodders may have had their “Beano to Margate“, I’m looking forward to my trip to England on Friday.

I’ll get the chance to visit my family in Brighton over the weekend, then meet with a client in London, on Monday.

Posting will be a little erratic next Monday and Tuesday, as I’ll be on a different time zone and obviously busy with a client.

If anyone wants to grab a beer near Victoria Station on Monday night, leave a comment or drop me an email.

This time on Saturday, we could be millionaires I’ll be eating fish and chips!

[For all US readers, there’s probably at least a couple of references that will be lost on you. It’s ok, I miss out on all the Seinfeld jokes, so it’s a fair trade.]

  • You know what they say… “He who dares… wins!” 🙂

    I’m currently indoctrinating my missus on the finer points of British comedy with every episode of OFaH being sent to me by Netflix.

  • There should be a universal blogging rule:-

    Don’t make other people homesick

  • Hah! Luvly Jubbly! 😉

  • It never dawned on me that you might be from the UK.

    I presume you’re on your way to SES?

  • Ahh You’re missing out, you should visit the Site Visibility boys in brighton! We’re always good fun…

  • Kelvin – maybe I’ll find some time to swing by.

  • I spent two years in SF, home sick for dear old blighty. Mind you, if you’re going to be homesick it’s the best place to be.

  • Rob

    Funnily enough, I just bought a Beano in Brighton. Cost me 10p.

    Rob’s last blog post..The Good, the Bad and the Weird