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Douglas A Karr provides two great examples of how to build traffic to your blog.

In this post, he explains how he was able to generate a lot of traffic to his blog by simply engaging other bloggers in conversation. I’ve said before that commenting on other blogs is a great way to build awareness and traffic, now Douglas offers hard proof of that.

26.13% of visits to my site are through connections I’ve made through other sites! In addition, the number of page views of those visits is 1.86 pages versus 1.61 page views of those that find my site through search and other means. Wow! I hate to throw out the term flippantly, but this is the “Long Tail” of commenting, isn’t it?

Oh, and that second example? It’s not quite as obvious, but Douglas linked out to every blogger that sent traffic from the comments section. It got my attention – I made the Top 10 of his list of referrers – and I am sure others will either visit or link to his post.

  • Andy,

    Wow, thanks for the mention! And you are absolutely correct, #2 was quite intentional. 🙂


  • I often comment on blogs that are related to my blogs and seems like a good way to bring readers to my blogs, anyway thanks for sharing thins 🙂

  • Makes sense. Interesting comments incite me to learn more about their authors.

  • Quite often you have to, and its worth it I always check the links of those making good reasoned blog comments.

  • I think the most compelling thing about comments is that they let you know that person took the time to read your post and provided feedback. Often readers don’t leave comments because they feel they have nothing to add or it might seem spammy. I encourage everyone to leave at least a simple comment on the posts they read. No not a “me too” comment or an “I agree” comment but more like the ones left here. Keep on bloggin’ and comment while you’re at it.

  • David what have I told you about commenting here, you’ve used up your quota! 😉

    Blogs and comments are a symbiotic relationship. Your comments help fuel my posts, thoughts and attract other readers. If in return, I can send some traffic your way, I am delighted to do so.

    Nothing makes me happier than to see readers leaving a comment. 🙂

  • Given the nature of this post, I think that the authenticity of each of these comments could be questioned–including my own. :p

  • “I agree” and “me too!” 😉

  • No quoting quota at my blog, and the links are followable 😉

    Here is something related, is it better to comment or trackback?

    I think that partially depends on how a blog has been setup. If the tackbacks are included in the thread of comments, rather than above the comments then there can be an advantage using trackback.

    Also if you are the first or last person to trackback.

    With some bloggers, if you trackback, you are likely to gain at least one visitor, the blogger themselves.

    Linking Debt?

    When someone scratches your back in some way, you need to return the favour.
    Just one example I am probably in Andy’s debt for a while after his mention of my Disclosure Policy Plugin recently. It was picked up by so few sites compared to the number talking about disclosure. It will be a while before I can repay the debt totally.

  • It’s really cool to get a fresh comment on one’s blog. Some actually inspire me to write some of my posts.

  • Hey guys!

    Did anyone every try this? Write comments on about 300 blogs per month say for 1 year. Which would be about 3,600 comments on 3,600 blogs.

    Now if your blogs are listed on your name profile, how much traffic you think you would get?

    If each blog has only 100 readers average per month you would have 360,000 readers after one year reading those blogs each month. This would have to result in huge traffic after a year.

  • @Mike – the question is how many will click on your link? Give it a try and let us know in a year. 😛

  • I will!

    I forgot to mention that I have a picture on my blogspot profile. Most people leaving comments I noticed don’t have one. It sort of stands out a little since mine is a picture of a lighthouse.

    Anyway it is also possible many of the 3,600 blog site owners may link up to one of my sites even if the comments are not read by readers.

    Im going for it.

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