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Cingular and Apple Dropped the SEO Ball with iPhone

There is a reason that smaller agile companies and entrepreneurs will always have a place on the web. Big corporations just don’t get it sometimes.

Take for example Apple’s iPhone launch. Both Cingular and Apple where in the perfect position to dominate the free market for the product. After all, they are the source and in the end, it all comes from them. So how is it that when I search Google for iPhone, Cingular is not anywhere on the first page and the only place you find Apple is in the sponsored results?

In fact, let’s look at the site searches on and for iPhone. There is not a single page on either site that is optimized for the iPhone.

Both websites should have setup with exclusive photos, videos, and information and promoted the hell out of it at the launch. With their domain authority, and the links those pages would have gotten at launch time, I guarantee they would rank #1 & #2 right now. Instead, both Cingular and Apple are going to end up paying advertising dollars to middle men to sell an exclusive product. I am willing to guess this oversight will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars if not more.

I bet if they where smart enough to include an SEO Manager as part of all product launches or just hire an Interactive Marketing Manager who had a clue about the importance of SEO, they wouldn’t have this problem.

Let’s also examine one other aspect of where they are dropping the ball. Large corporations should have an SEO team who’s only goal is to dominate the first 15 listings of search results for every major product they launch. It really isn’t that hard. They know about the products well in advance of launch date and can ramp up before then with mini sites and so on. But why you ask? What happens if a product like the iPhone has major bugs and 3 of the top 5 listings in two months talk about how much the iPhone sucks? The potential revenue loss to such an event would be in the millions. If Apple & Cingular had just taken the time to preemptively dominate the search engines, the impact on sales would be much less.

If anyone from Cingular or Apple is reading this, I’m worth my weight in gold, and I’m a big guy.