Eons’ Jeff Taylor Wants to Make Over-50s Cranky.com

Whenever I visit my in-laws I tend to notice a strange TV commercial for a company called Eons, with an overly-charming Jeff Taylor telling the over 50 crowd there is a social community just for them.

Now comes news that the founder and former chairman of Monster.com has launched a new search engine to satisfy the search requests of those approaching the golden years of life.

Cranky.com uses Ask.com’s index for its backbone, but tries to serve results that are better targeted to Baby Boomers.

…there were also several key differences between what’s interesting to younger Web users and the older ones that Cranky.com is targeting. While Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were top celebrity searches on Yahoo and Google, author Stephen King was the most searched celebrity according to Cranky.com. Other popular searches on Cranky.com were for information about brain builder mental exercises and jobs after retirement.

If anyone wants to admit to being “21 years old, plus a few decades”, let me know what you think about having a search engine that believes you’re “cranky”.


  1. [...] Clearly I am a bit biased on the subject since Healthline has penned a deal with EONS & Cranky.com BUT I have to say that I am really excited (for EONS) about the amount of discussion Cranky has received. [...]