Eons’ Jeff Taylor Wants to Make Over-50s Cranky.com

Whenever I visit my in-laws I tend to notice a strange TV commercial for a company called Eons, with an overly-charming Jeff Taylor telling the over 50 crowd there is a social community just for them.

Now comes news that the founder and former chairman of Monster.com has launched a new search engine to satisfy the search requests of those approaching the golden years of life.

Cranky.com uses Ask.com’s index for its backbone, but tries to serve results that are better targeted to Baby Boomers.

…there were also several key differences between what’s interesting to younger Web users and the older ones that Cranky.com is targeting. While Paris Hilton and Britney Spears were top celebrity searches on Yahoo and Google, author Stephen King was the most searched celebrity according to Cranky.com. Other popular searches on Cranky.com were for information about brain builder mental exercises and jobs after retirement.

If anyone wants to admit to being “21 years old, plus a few decades”, let me know what you think about having a search engine that believes you’re “cranky”.

  • Dean

    I think they are fighting an uphill battle here. Google et al can deliver the right information based on good queries. The only value might be the ranking of ambiguous terms like “train”. Older folks might be looking for Amtrak whereas youngins might be looking for the band. I suppose that if it can draw more targeted and relevant advertisers then it might be an interesting play that cranky people would find valauble.

    Better yet, let Google allow users to create profiles from which Google can deliver the most relevent results.

  • http://www.nonlinear.ca/blog/ Helen

    Having worked extensively in the senior and boomer online market, I have to say that I have mixed feelings about this site. It does some things right, like using larger fonts and lots of whitespace. However, the first page of results for “clothing” are Banana Republic, Nike, Cannondale, and Jcrew. While boomers are *NOT* elderly, and are more likely to need leisure and sport clothing than the same age group in decades before, these are not the sites I’d personally choose to show them first.

  • http://www.sakara.net Karras Bommer

    Being a definite Baby Boomer, born 1947, I consider “cranky” to be an insult. Years ago the term was associated with senility and not in a favorable way. Most of the educated and sophisticated of the Baby Boom Generation will ignore this search engine since it obviously doesn’t know us.

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  • Jacky

    I know Cranky via a friends on meetwealthyboomer. I checked lots of news about cranky, and saw lots of negative comments. But I think it’s a good news that people start to pay attention to us. Good job, Tailor