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Google Gives Gov’t Top Spot

Has anyone else seen this before:
Google SERP for flu symptoms

I actually checked a similar ‘symptom’ keyword for a potential client last night and noticed this change today. Here’s a close up of the change:

Google SERP for flu symptoms close up

Notice the result just under the paid listings: the NIH or National Institutes of Health. If the .gov didn’t give it away, this is an institution of the US government. I’m not sure how NIH got in above the one box type refinements Google’s had on SERPs for a while now–conspiracy theories welcome.

  • Bill

    Hi Jordan,

    No conspiracy. :)

    That looks like a Google Q&A result to me, by both the placement and the way the link is referenced (the “according to”).

    Same kind of result that you get for a search for something like:

    Derek Jeter birthplace


  • Jordan McCollum

    Bill–Ah, right. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a Q&A result. I was surprised to see this one pop up overnight, but it appears as though you are correct, sir.