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Barry has reports that Google is again updating the publicly displayed PageRank values for certain websites. Barry’s skeptical, as Google only updated a couple of weeks ago.

Well, I can confirm that some sites have indeed seen a change in PageRank, including Marketing Pilgrim – I almost fell off the chair when I first saw our PR had increased to seven.

Thanks to all the Pilgrims who have help us grow over the past 18 months and linked to us in the process. The last 6 weeks have in particular been a wild ride, with our traffic and Alexa ranking doubling in that period. We’ll keep striving to bring you great value and hot stories throughout 2007.

On that note, be sure to check back on Monday for a new announcement from us.

  • I have seen this new update as well.

    It seems to have affected a variety of newer sites which were passed over in the previous update. My blog went from PR0-PR5 this time around; last update, despite being nearly a year old, it did not budge from PR0.

    Congratulations on the PR7; despite everything everyone says about the worthlessness of PR as a metric, there has to be at least a small bit of pride at seeing it go up like that!

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  • The SEO contest didn’t hurt the ole PR did it? 😉

  • Lol, neither did the Google click fraud or Yahoo IE article. 😉

  • Woo hoo.. definite update, I’m PR6 now. Hmmm… now what about a contest…hmmmm – coolest SEO answering machine message?. ooorrr… SEOs with the most gadgets in the smallest possible space.. yes, could be then I might just get to 7 like ‘ole Andy. Gotta get the thinkin’ cap on.

    Maybe Monday. Whoah… look at that prehistoric shark!

  • I also got hit with this update and I’m pretty excited about it. I went from, as far as I could tell, a pending 3 up to a 5 on one of my sites. I’m glad to see some of the work and regular blogging are paying off!

  • I noticed the push on Wednesday afternoon. I had checked the PR of three sites, and all had a PR0 across all of the data centers. Wednesday night I checked again, and the sites had jumped to a PR5, PR4, and PR3. For the PR5 site, no Digg, no marketing, and it’s not even officially announced until February 1 of this year.

  • They might have noticed earlier in the week I was poking a little fun at them for the WebmasterCentral blog still showing PR0

    They are going to have to have a round 3, there are still blogs out there with no PR on their front pages, but their internal content is PR4+

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