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I think I’ve just discovered the new spokesman for our “Nofollow me to Wikipedia” campaign – Stephen Colbert.

As Rand points out, Colbert has already taken many stabs at Wikipedia – even getting his viewers to change the entry on “elephants” to say the population has tripled in the past ten years. His latest funnies include:

Wikipedia – The encyclopedia where you can be an authority, even if you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.

My favorite is when he offers $5 to the first person who changes the entry on “reality” to “reality is a commodity”. Then mocks all those that might say “that’s not what reality is”..

“Oh really? Go and look it up on Wikipedia, I think you’ll find that I’m right”

Great stuff. If anyone from the Colbert show is reading, I’d love to have him help our efforts. 😉

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  • steven colbert

    Reality is a commodity, and so is your blog.

    Want to buy generic herbal Viagra?

  • Daniel Brandt


    “Good lord, look at all those Hate tapes!”

    (for twelve million points, spot the reference!)

  • SEO

    yeah… those stupid wiki’s!
    wonder what happen if we all use nofollow to them?

    Have a good one.

  • Yes wiki is really stupid and I really hate it too much

    Rishabh’s last blog post..How to get good PageRank ?