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  • Dean

    I’ll wait to see the particulars…battery life, cost, durability, etc. It looks like a potential battery hog and fragile as a china doll; and I smell a $600++ price point. One thing is for sure, they are miles ahead of the market when it comes to design…it’s an enormously sexy little device.

  • Yeah – it’s not practical, but oh “my precious”. 😉

  • Dean

    Wow, $499 price point and 5 hours talk time. Ok I’m in…I wonder if they’ll subsidize the cancellation penalty on my Verizon account? 😛

  • LOL…I didn’t much enjoy being a Cingular customer. I prefer Verizon. It would be cool if I just use it as my main office phone – maybe connect via Skype.

  • One word. HOT!

  • I am in, in, in! But only available Q4 in Europe! BOO!!!!

  • Don’t let her read this (the downsides to iPhone):

  • You guys are SO lucky, I have to wait until half way through next year to get hold of one of these babies in Australia. Maybe buy the time it arrives it will be 3g with bigger HD.