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You may have noticed that I have again removed the MyBlogLog widget.

Over the weekend, I noticed – as did others – that MP was taking far too long to load. After a quick analysis using the nifty OctaGate SiteTimer, I managed to isolate the offending item. The MyBlogLog widget.

Here’s a snapshot showing the widget taking almost six seconds to load.

I email the MyBlogLog team to see if a server had gone down again, but have not heard back as of yet. I’m not the only one that appears to be affected, TechCrunch was having the same issue and Michael Arrington has removed the MBL widget too.

I really like having the widget on the site – especially for the avatars – but I can’t keep removing and uploading the widget each week. Guys, you need to tap into those millions that Yahoo has and get this issue fixed, otherwise that precious momentum you have built will be worth zilch!

  • graywolf

    HOLY CRAP!! that tool totally rocks!

  • Andy Beal

    The SiteTimer? Yeah, it’s one of those little gems. I like that you can click on each URL and see what exactly is slowing down the page.

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  • Steven Bradley

    Andy you can blame me since I joined MyBlogLog over the weekend. I must have been the straw that broke the widget’s back.

    And I agree with Michael, the Site Timer tool is great.

  • Paula Neal Mooney

    And I thought it was because I loaded many of the bloggers’ faces from that 2000 Bloggers Project on my blog that slowed up the dial-up readers!

    Maybe it is…but I don’t care. That’s a fun project Tino’s got going on. And I see my big ol’ face right to the right of me as I type this, so I guess the MyBlogLog widget is back in action, heh?

  • http://my Scott Rafer

    Yup, sorry about that. We fixed a few software scaling issues plus more hardware is going in now. thanks for bearing with us.

  • Andy Beal

    I’ve put back the widget, but only if it promises to behave. 😉

  • Scott Rafer

    It will certainly do it’s best as we are doing ours.


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