Posted January 18, 2007 9:56 am by with 6 comments

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As of today, if you decide to comment on any post at Marketing Pilgrim, you’ll see a new layer of spam protection. As long as you know basic math, you should have no problem posting your comment – and if you don’t know basic math, well…

This has already cut down automated comment spam to virtually zero, and should help me better identify false-positives in Akismet. However, as it’s new, please let me know if you find any bugs, or your comments don’t appear.


  • nice plugin, thanks for the tip.

  • Hey Andy,

    Have you had any bug reports since adding the math plugin? I tried it on a blog I had and it caused comments to be buggy when the subscribe to comments thread was also enabled.

  • Not yet Jeremy, but I only had it installed last night.

  • I tried to leave a comment on another article. Spam protection: Sum of 4 + 5 ? Well, I am no math genius, but I think that = 9. Anyway, it said I got it wrong.

  • BTW,

    The url I could not post to is:

    And here is what I wanted to post:
    Here is my Pligg:

    What you think? I doubt will be over taking Digg anytime soon. Not a bad name though. So anyway, I thought I would try to drum up some free traffic with you marketing guys.


    I tried every number from 1 to 20, no luck.

  • very good!
    I’m from Brazil!