Posted January 29, 2007 9:39 am by with 3 comments

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On the heals of many webmasters declaring that Wikipedia gets too much Google love, Rubel has scooped Google showing Wikipedia results in the OneBox.


I am very disappointed with this move by Google. Just as the use of DMOZ has turned into a joke, so shall the use of Wikipedia. It’s only a matter of time. All Google is doing is inflating the egos of Nazi editors who deny factual information while allowing misinformation to remain. I can just hear the chest thumping now from my down stairs 13 year old editor neighbor.

Disclaimer to all you trusting people, please ignore the following few lines because it’s tin foil hat time. Does the NoFollow changes recently made by Wikipedia have anything to do with the OneBox change? Was it a private arrangement with Google?

  • This is kinda old, see from Dec. 2005

  • Darn, I guess I can take my tin foil hat back off then. Oh well, it was giving me a rash anyway.

  • Google will keep a tight relationship with Wikipedia at all cost. The “buzz” among my teenagers and their classmates is about Wikipedia, not Google.

    According to them Wikipedia is the place to get information. In their view the fact it is built in wiki form gives it more authority. The potential for spam does not seem to bother them.

    In order of importance in their circle.
    1. World of Warcraft (not a bit interested in {yet})
    2. YouTube
    3. Wikipedia