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Just an FYI, the MyBlogLog widget is not loading well today and is causing extremely slow page load times. I’ve removed it from the page, until they fix the issue.

If anyone from MBL or Yahoo wants to leave a comment once it’s fixed, I’ll gladly add it back.

In the meantime, anyone else noticed the slowdown today?

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric for stopping by and explaining the lag was due to a server issue. All is well again, so I’ve put back the widget.

  • Yes, I’ve got the same slowdown. I checked the images loading from amazon AWS and they seem fast, so it’s something else. The MyBlogLog site is running fine. Interesting… took mine down temporarily too.

  • I didn’t notice that today, but I didn’t check my blog in the morning.

    Anyway my page is loading fine, I think it might be fixed now 🙂 So try placing the widget back

  • Mine is still loading slow so I removed it as well as my twitter code which was also stalling page loads.

  • Something’s been preventing my blog from finishing loading in some browsers, and I suspect it is MyBlogLog, since that’s the last thing that loads before the browser goes into “Waiting” mode. I’m thinking of disabling it for a few days, then trying it again over the weekend.

  • Hi,

    You guys are the only ones who mentioned any issues today. We had a record day (1.96M face widgets served) but our servers seemed to be doing fine. We’ll look into it. If we can find anything, we’ll let you know.

  • Hey all — we’re very sorry about today’s performance, but things are fixed (as of about 4p PST). We had a server go down, so some members in our third tracking cluster saw some serious slowdown while we got it straightened. One of the benefits of moving to Yahoo!’s infrastructure over the next month is that these occasional problems will become history.

    Once again, we’re very sorry about the slowdown. We recognize that being on your page is a privilege and we’re doing everything we can to give your site the respect it deserves.

  • Seems fine now, mine’s up again. 🙂

  • Scott/Eric, thanks for stopping by and providing an update.

  • Yep, had to remove mine, too – problem is bad if it’s called up before the rest of the content, as with mine, as it stops the entire site loading up.

    A selling point for right-hand navs, I guess. 🙂

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