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You know you’ve been in the SEO industry too long, when you decide to perform a rock song about the topic.

It’s definitely time to get out, if you find yourself tapping your foot and singing along to the lyrics. 🙂

In case you need the lyrics, here they are:


I built this site for the world to see

Content and Links are found in plenty

Crawl my site everyday and night

Come on spider take a look at me


Bot Bot Bot (Let Me Show You What I Got)


There’s plenty of stuff for you to see

My nav is easy to follow

Just read the sitemap and you’ll see

Come on spider take at me


Bot Bot Bot (Let Me Show You What I Got)


Come and crawl my code oh yeah!

You’ll find my site’s easy to read

No errors found whatsoever

All my pages are validated


Bot Bot Bot (Let Me Show You What I Got)


No traps for you to get stuck

ISAPI paves the way

Text and links are served up rich

Don’t worry about flash there’s none to see


Bot Bot Bot (Let Me Show You What I Got)


So much I want you to read

No link farms or stuffing on me

What you see is what they see

Come on spider take at me

Bot Bot Bot (Let Me Show You What I Got)


Slurp, Googlebot, MSNbot, Webscooter, Teoma


Bot Bot Bot (Let Me Show You What I Got)


Thanks to Amanda of iCrossing for passing on the link. The song is written by Richard Chavez, Senior Natural Search Optimization Strategist for the company. Let’s hope he optimizes better than he sings. 😉

  • Matt

    I can’t believe the audience actually stayed for the entire song. Man was that bad.

  • Wow that was painful to watch….

    That took balls to do in public.

  • Wicko

    Is there a way to ban that music? Or at least put a penalty on it?

    It’s like nerd punk grunge . . earplugs not included.

  • I didn’t know that geeks were cool enough to make rock music.

  • Sammy Johnson

    I actually dig the song. It’s pretty catchy. Too cool.

  • Sammy, who do you work for? 😉

  • Wow. When I’m marching to battle against algorithms, that is NOT my anthem.

  • Coyote

    Very Cool Slurps and Bots song!

  • That hurt! I watch up to about the third line in the song and had to make it stop. I think I might be twitching for the next few hours! 😛

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  • Dean

    I thought the song was brilliant!

    Right Said Fred, Vannila Ice, and Billy Ray Cyrus

  • WebGurle

    That nerd needs chicken wire on the stage next time, he’s lucky nobody threw a bottle at him.

  • Jesse

    Huh? I’ve heard of these guys. They were pretty good. Not sure what possesed them to do this song. It really sucks.

  • phoenixgirl

    wow! great beat! catchy toon, been humming it all day! don’t listen to the haters, this song rocks!

  • Big Wink

    “THA MOOJ”

  • Richard-Great guitar work. To those bashing the guy, you probably can’t write code and chew gum at the same time. Pansies.

    Chavez keep up the good work man. You’re a great ambassador to the agency and to the NSO space.


  • Thank you for checking out my SEO rock song. Some of you liked it and some of you hated it. Nevertheless, I had a great time writing the song and am glad to share with so many people.

    You can download an mp3 studio version of the song from my band’s web site at


    Richard Chavez