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Over at Pronet Advertising, Cameron tells us that “Serph’s Up”.

Serph is a new reputation monitoring tool, they have been working on for a few months, that was previously in a closed beta. As of today, they’re making the beta more readily available for anyone looking to try it out.

It’s a welcome addition to the toolbox of anyone looking to track their online reputation, but it’s somewhat basic in it’s offering. There’s really not that many features at this point. You enter the keyword, wait a few seconds while Serph scours the various social media sites, then view the results. After that, you have the choice of subscribing to the RSS feed for the query or viewing recommended results for similar queries.

It would be neat to have greater control over which sites are scanned, as would the ability to see how popular a particular result is (e.g. how many people are linking to that blog post, how popular is the blogger).

That being said, these features are the wish list of someone that has spent years knee-deep in this stuff. Serph’s target audience should be anyone looking for a quick, simple and consolidated place to track their reputation. Serph more than meets that need.

  • Andy,

    Thanks for the mention and the feedback. We really appreciate hearing about desired features from someone that has spent years “knee-deep” in reputation management. If you have any other suggestions please let us know, your feedback is valued.

  • I’m sure you’ve got a lot of stuff planned. I’d imagine that the tool will be popular, because of its ease of use.

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