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After I announced I’d be giving away a free Zune MP3 player to one lucky member of Marketing Pilgrim’s MyBlogLog community, Shoemoney decided he’d throw down the gauntlet.

His challenge? That sex still sells and people who join MyBlogLog are essentially only one step above MySpace users (my words, not his), and would rather see a photo of an attractive girl in a tight top, than win a Zune.

It’s an interesting challenge, and while I’m more interested in building community members than beating Jeremy, it will be fun to see who “wins” this social experiment.

So, in the meantime, I’ll ask you. Are you that easily swayed by a picture of a pretty girl? Or does old fashioned bribery work best? 😉

Thanks for adding an extra twist Jeremy!

  • Sorry you lose. MyBlogLog users are blinded by the pretty girl picture and never get a chance to see your bribery. Not only does sex sell, but first impressions are critical.

  • Considering the DRM-laced Zune is far more restrictive than the iPod or any other player in the market I’ll take the picture and retain some amount of personal freedom.

  • Lea

    Dude, I’m a hetero female and I don’t want a Zune!
    I’ll take the picture if I have to choose… 😛

  • Andy,
    Sex sells, unfortunately. I am a member of both communities and wish you the best. I have an interesting idea though, you could ask you readers to drop ShoeMoney’s community right before the “contest” ends.

  • btw I nominate kid_disco for cool mybloglog avatar of the year

  • I interviewed Nicole while visiting Shoe. She is very talented when it comes to Internet marketing and programing (java, C, php…) and I think he will win for that reason. 😉

  • A girl in a tight top would attract only half the audience. You’d need an attractive man too. Remember the study LGBT people are more into blogging and social networks.

    Must change my blog-log image then…

  • I’ll take the Zune, at least it has some monetary value. I’ll sell it to someone stupid enought to buy it, and voila, im rich! 🙂

    It also depends who the girl in the picture is.

  • Would it make the competition righteous if I would promise to post a photo of myself with my shirt off? 😉


  • Shonzilla, I thought of that tactic too, but being a one-person shop, the pickings were slim. 😉

  • Hey Andy –

    I’m gonna have to side with Shoemoney on this one.

    MyBlogLog is just a notch above MySpace (IMO).

    The real currency on MyBlogLog is the person’s content (like your site). But unfortunately, too many people (including me) initially perceive the measure of relevance of someones’ BlogLog by it’s popularity (how many people are friends/contacts or members of the community). Basically, the number of contacts/members you have is only an approximation of relevance.

    Just because someone has a lot of contacts or members of a community, doesn’t necessarily mean the site is that much better than someone else who has less contacts or members.

    And to confess, I too have found myself clicking on a person’s icon first by their profile name (something marketing or seo in the name) and then by their picture (a good example is Go2Web2’s pic and profile).

    Like most other things online, the system can be gamed. And Shoemoney knows a thing or two about gaming systems. 😉

    Although both your sites are good reads, Shoemoney will get more nods/joins with the pic of the nice young lady on his profile.

  • Point taken – I’m off to swipe a picture of Rand Fishkin and use it as my avatar. 😉

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  • Shoe has made it into the hot communities list on MyBlogLog…

    As for the zune…

  • Shoemoney as a TS. How could anyone beat that? =))

  • I don’t think people are more interested in seeing a picture of a girl than winning a Zune. I think people are more interested in seeing a picture of a girl than “a small chance of winning a Zune”.

    If you “even the playing field” by offering a pic of a girl or a free Zune, or a small chance of seeing a pic vs a small chance of a free Zune, I think Zune would win anytime.

  • I would like to win a Zune, becuase i have the best Charger! See it on my site

  • Zee

    I think picture of Zune is sexy enough. But a picture of Zune with a pretty blonde in the display screen would be even better…….