Posted January 31, 2007 10:02 pm by with 12 comments

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Despite all of the grief that came my way yesterday, the MyBlogLog contest is still alive and well.

All you need to do is join our MyBlogLog community and you’ll automatically be entered to win a Microsoft Zune – or if you hate the idea of owning anything MSFT, we’ll send you an iPod instead. Also, don’t forget, if you’ve blogged about the contest, and win, we’ll give you some $100 Shure headphones too!

In the meantime, we’ve updated our MyBlogLog avatar to keep everyone happy…

Note to Danny Sullivan – stop lurking, start your own MyBlogLog contest, you know you want to. 😉

  • Lara

    I love it! 😛
    BTW – I’ll take the iPod… 😉

  • Scott Rafer

    Thanks for your continued support!

  • Andy Beal

    Scott – thanks to you and Eric for understanding the MyBlogLog community.

    Lara – if you win, deal!

  • Peter Davis

    Yea, you should seriously send me an iPod for sticking up for you on Jeremy’s blog. 😉

  • Andy Beal

    Peter – I seem to recall you suggesting you like to give me a hard time too. 😉

  • Leonard Chen

    Ah good to know the contest is still on. And I would love that ipod too.

  • Mike Macgirvin

    Interesting marketing strategy… targeting those who would prefer a Zune over a scantily-clad babe. Even with a user base of thousands of acknowledged geeks, you’re looking at what, three or four people?

    But then I didn’t agree with Jeremy either. The funny thing about marketing is whether it achieves results. Maybe a free Zune gets results. No complaint there. But I think one would be extremely foolish to ridicule the sex factor. MBL is undergoing explosive growth, but that’s *nothing* compared to the traffic that Brittney generated in a single wild night. Recommended reading: jwz’s treatise that was featured in today’s Valleywag.

  • Text Link Master

    Contests are great! I love the ipod.

  • Andy Beard

    @Andy – hmm so is this one Zune per month, or per year? Or maybe one for every 100 new community members?

    @Mike (and Danny who got it wrong in his Podcast) If you are comparing sex vs zune, you also have to take into account the effect adding 8000 friends in 24 hours might have on the results.
    Most of those were subsequently removed in a coverup, but there is no way to delete all those friend notification emails sent out.

    Also important are the existing size of your readership, and how that compares to your RSS subscribers (those not using Google Reader)

  • Khara

    Lord knows I would LOVE an iPod . . . for my ever growing iTunes collection that always have to stay at home . . . :(

  • Lord Matt

    Actually, you can (probably) keep your proprietary “locked in systems” in favour of a generic MP3 player. That is if I’m not just teasing you and do join… I’m mean like that you know.

  • Kevin

    Thanks for your continued support!