Posted January 10, 2007 9:06 pm by with 2 comments

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It appears there is one downside to having the MyBlogLog profile script on your blog and SoloSEO’s Michael Jensen has discovered it. (disc)

He used automatic refresh on Opera, a fake MyBlogLog account and an experiment on hundreds of blogs, including TechCrunch. He discovered that it’s easy to display any profile continually on blogs using the MyBlogLog script and generate lots of free traffic.

UPDATE: TechCrunch responds.

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  • Nice loophole.

    BTW, Opera’s default refresh for all open tabs is 1 minute. So you don’t have to “set” anything. 😉

    I’m wondering how much traffic one could really expect from doing this (even thought it’s spam and not ethical).

    This goes back to the challenge Shoemoney made to you last week (his pic of a prety girl vs. your mug on your respective MyBlogLog pic/avatar): if your MyBloglog name is relevant to the subject matter (like SoloSEO) or if you have a pic of a pretty girl like Shoemoney, you may see some traffic increases. Otherwise, you may get just a few more adds on MyBlogLog.

    Either way, any short-term increase in traffic may also be short-lived (imo).

    Nonetheless, nice find!