Posted January 3, 2007 3:57 pm by with 6 comments

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If you’re too lazy to compile your own list of the best search marketing blogs out there, never fear. Lee Odden has compiled a list of over 250 blogs and is even kind enough to provide the OPML file.

Should keep you out of trouble for a while.

  • mad4

    My new years resolution was to read less and work more, this is just what I needed. Not.

  • LOL good god. I’m not even gonna look at it because I will be tempted to DL the OPML file & load it. One of my resolutions was to cut my blogs down by half. I did a count yesterday and I was up to 92. Within 10 minutes I had chopped 35 with no sweat. Now I’m down to the ones I have to debate leaving out or not.

    I feel like I am abandoning my family every time I hit the delete feed button.

  • On a similar theme, I’ve been aggregating blogs about Web Analytics (nearly 50) and created a Google Co-Op Search (about 100) on the topic.

    Check out the “Community Services” side-bar at

  • Great post Andy! Nice to see your blog in the list.

    You might want to reserve the domain name Quite catchy.:)

    And for those Pilgrim readers out there (like mad4, et al), you might want to check out – user driven online marketing articles, news, best practices – as way to be able to read less and work more. 🙂

    Apologies to anyone who think this might be comment spam (the site is relevant to the post and useful…imho).

  • A-Hem!!!!! Andy Beal and the entire Blogosphere had best look out cuz here comes Alan B with one of the biggest Blogrolls that Web 2.0 has ever seen!!
    Sure my blog has not been updated in a while but I sure have got one HELL of a Blogroll! Run for them thar HILLS, Lee Odden!! I will have THOUSANDS of blogs in my Blogroll soon!!

  • LOL Alan! Maybe we should all contribute to one huge OPML file – see if we can break the world record! 😉