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The Only List of Search Marketing Blogs You’ll Ever Need

If you’re too lazy to compile your own list of the best search marketing blogs out there, never fear. Lee Odden has compiled a list of over 250 blogs and is even kind enough to provide the OPML file.

Should keep you out of trouble for a while.

  • mad4

    My new years resolution was to read less and work more, this is just what I needed. Not.

  • Jeremy Luebke

    LOL good god. I’m not even gonna look at it because I will be tempted to DL the OPML file & load it. One of my resolutions was to cut my blogs down by half. I did a count yesterday and I was up to 92. Within 10 minutes I had chopped 35 with no sweat. Now I’m down to the ones I have to debate leaving out or not.

    I feel like I am abandoning my family every time I hit the delete feed button.

  • S.Hamel

    On a similar theme, I’ve been aggregating blogs about Web Analytics (nearly 50) and created a Google Co-Op Search (about 100) on the topic.

    Check out the “Community Services” side-bar at

  • Rob Humphreys

    Great post Andy! Nice to see your blog in the list.

    You might want to reserve the domain name Quite catchy.:)

    And for those Pilgrim readers out there (like mad4, et al), you might want to check out – user driven online marketing articles, news, best practices – as way to be able to read less and work more. :)

    Apologies to anyone who think this might be comment spam (the site is relevant to the post and useful…imho).

  • Alan B

    A-Hem!!!!! Andy Beal and the entire Blogosphere had best look out cuz here comes Alan B with one of the biggest Blogrolls that Web 2.0 has ever seen!!
    Sure my blog has not been updated in a while but I sure have got one HELL of a Blogroll! Run for them thar HILLS, Lee Odden!! I will have THOUSANDS of blogs in my Blogroll soon!!

  • Andy Beal

    LOL Alan! Maybe we should all contribute to one huge OPML file – see if we can break the world record! ;-)