Posted January 23, 2007 7:54 pm by with 8 comments

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Jennifer Laycock explains why not all online reputation management services are created equal. She looks at one firm that claims to “DESTROY” negative content, for just $29.95. A closer look at the fine print reveals a nightmare waiting to happen.

You authorize us to take such action on your behalf, and to identify ourselves as acting on your behalf…The Customer also acknowledges and accepts the risk that Reputationxxxxxx, Inc., may not succeed in effecting the removal and/or alteration of any Internet content about the Customer…You recognize that such contact may have unpredictable side-effects, including but not limited to negative responses from others.

Cool, so for thirty bucks, you’ll create a bigger mess than I’m already in? Where do I join?

Do yourself a favor, don’t touch any reputation management service that costs less than a good steak. In fact, take a look at the do-it-yourself online reputation monitoring guide, I put together last year, and treat your loved-one to a good steak instead. 😉

  • Andy,

    Any bets on how long it takes for us to find out how well their “DESTROY” service works? 😉

  • Yikes! Does that mean my blog will self-destruct in five seconds?

  • Hahaha $30. We just signed a Rep Management contract for well over 1000x that amount 😉

    I actually love Rep work. You get more appreciation from clients then ever seen from normal SEO.

  • Prevention is much less expensive.

  • kching

    if you think you landed on you’re knees.. these guys will show you rock bottom for $30,-

  • Gaaa! Things like that scare me deeply – though I don’t suspect anyone with any sort of remnant of a brain stem would place the reputation of their brand in the hands of someone charging just $30. I would hope.

  • I believe they have budget offline reputation fixers too – they’re called “big guys who break legs.”

    I guess anyone who needs their reputation “fixed” for 30 bucks will probably be right back in the same boat in a few months, so sounds like these guys can really get some repeat business.

  • I looked at their management team. They have a bunch of lawyers there. I would imagine they just have some scary legal letter templates they fire off.