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SEJ reports that Wikipedia has gone ahead and added the NOFOLLOW attribute to all external links, effectively dismissing any link-juice value from Wikipedia links.

While marketers may still benefit from the actual link traffic, this marks the end of receiving any PageRank value from the highly-respected resource.

So, in response, any future links to Wikipedia from us, will include a NOFOLLOW. Maybe if we all take that approach, Wikipedia will lose its PageRank and won’t have to worry about link-spam any longer. 😉

Join the “NOFOLLOW me to Wikipedia” campaign!

  • xensen

    Good response.

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  • Andy Beard

    Just linked through from my blog post on this (a rant)

    If you want a plugin to backdate all though prior links, let me know.

  • Dale

    That’s interesting news. With all these “no-follow” suff going on with websites, I wonder where the state of the Web is headed 6, 12, or even 18 months from now. While I understand the underlying reasons why it’s a necessary action, how will Google and other search engines react to this? I suspect the concept of “defensive SEO” (or something similar to that term, as coined by a blogger I came upon a few weeks ago) will be more vital now.

  • Andy Beard

    The thing is it isn’t a necessary action

    It would be so easy to add Digg and DiggSpy functionality to Wikipedia as I mentioned in my post

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  • Jason Schramm

    I think nofollow is poisoning the web. Did you know that WordPress adds nofollow to comment urls automatically? You even have it here on your site. This makes little sense when people filter out spam like your site does. I wrote a post about it on my site a few days ago.

  • Andy Beal

    Jason, I’m actually glad that WordPress ads a nofollow to comment urls. Many people still try and include a link back to their site that is not relevant to the post and I am sure that I would get a whole lot more without the nofollow.

    Now, if I started adding nofollow to other links, that would be crappy.

  • Nomadishere

    Hm… Nofollow from Wikipedia? Well Andy, I’d have to say I agree with you, if Wikipedia is going to give us all the shaft we may as well give it back to them. Maybe then they’ll stop ranking for everything from “Chocolate” to “Viagra

  • Jason Schramm

    Then a system for selective nofollow would work best. Where site authors can choose which comments to use nofollow on and which to exempt. Such a plugin may exist, and if not it shouldn’t be hard to create.

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  • Andy Beard

    Wikipedia Nofollow Plugin

    Andy, something to save you some time – it saved me some as they wrote it, not me.

    Digg story

    Proof it works

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  • smoMashup

    I would guess that the inherit problem with this is that the majority of people linking in, probably have no clue what “nofollow” or linking is really about in the eyes of the search engine so I doubt any significant change could be brought to this by that action.

    It will definately be interesting to see how this all sorts out.

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  • Webproject

    I agree with smoMashup. Nobody will read the source code ti know if “follow” or “nofollow”. And lets think speculatively: in some time Wiki can “follow” again, so, dont stop post links (its only an idea… dont post any spam…).

  • maarcis

    actually your campaign apears to have taken off pretty well
    google search for “wikipedia pagerank” refered me to this post cause i actually wanted to know what s happened to wikipedias google juice-i did some 50 biology related searches today and in 40 of them i had to add “wiki” to my keywords to get the wikipedia article on first page.
    actually it’s a!@@#e to do that sort of thing they were here to bring justice-give google juice to obscure nevertheless very relevant sites and save you minutes of google research.or something

  • warhammer 40k

    i think it´s ok, that wikipedia is using “nofollow”. In the past to many spamers use wikipedia for their projects.

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  • web design

    Its a pity Wikipedia has done this, one of the reasons so many people wrote articles was so that they could get linked.

  • Niraj

    But I think there are other factor which does not get filter out with nofollow up tag

  • vikas

    wat is this …. may be to stop spamming