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Yahoo Answers Adding More Social Features

Yahoo has just opened a whole new bag of Social Media Marketing fun for us Internet marketers. On the 360 blog they announced the ability to star Yahoo Answers questions.

Starring questions lets the Answers community surface the best questions on the site. When a question is starred, it is automatically nominated to appear in the new “Popular” list on the front page of Answers (check it out!).

Answers’ Popular list is similar to Flickr’s “Interestingness” and the “Hotlist.” Sharing popular content has made these community experiences much better, and we believe our community will benefit from sharing interests with each other.

So we now can create Yahoo Answers marketing campaigns with unique and interesting questions about related topics to our websites and have the question answered using the site we want to promote as the source. I am eagerly waiting the first SMM blog post showing the results of such a campaign.

I am wondering if these stars will also influence which Answers will be shown at the bottom of the normal serps. If so, this could be a way to have your website (as an answer) promoted on the front page of search results without actually having to rank.