Posted February 26, 2007 1:01 pm by with 1 comment

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Okay, Andy, I’ll concede that Yahoo’s headed in the right direction with Panama. The folks at Google are either running scared or showing off: Google’s been cranking out improvements for advertisers pretty fast lately.

First they started sharing the Quality Score and then planning to update the Quality Score algorithm already this month. Now, they’ve released AdWords Editor 3.0 and announced they’ll be displaying the URLs of sites where your ads are running on the content network.

It looks like AdWords Editor 3.0 is a real improvement, adding useful features (and not just bells and whistles). eWhisper and SERoundtable each have feature breakdowns. The consensus: upgrade.

Jennifer Slegg (jensense), Queen of Search, writes today about Google’s announcement that they’ll make it possible/easier to see the URLs that are displaying your ads on the content network. She sums it up well:

So from an advertiser perspective, what does this mean? This means that opting into the content network while having the transparency of knowing where your ads of being displayed just got easier. You will now be able to easily filter any URLs you don’t want your ads showing up on (such as for competitive or quality reasons) without having to opt-out of the entire network.

I bow to the queen. (Via SEL)