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A little off topic, but it’s still interesting to note that book authors are starting to learn a trick or two from marketers. The WP looks at a new book that includes a contextual ad for Lexus

The Lexus loaner turned out to be a GS Hybrid. To say it was an upgrade from the battered Crown Vic I’d driven with the LAPD would be an understatement. For one, you don’t need a key. You keep the remote control thing in your pocket and to start the car you just push a button on the dash. Like on a computer. In fact the car’s more like a super-powered laptop on wheels than anything else.

Call it a fictomercial, a literatisement, branded entertainment. Lexus doesn’t really care. As long as it makes people lust after its new top-of-the-line car.

And the connection to online advertising? Lexus hopes to turn the book into a podcast!

  • contextual advrtisements in books are not new, I still have a lot of german Science Fiction books from the 80s ( Heyne Was the publisher I think) with ads for Maggi Soups. Something like ” Tim has fought all the evil robots for more than twelve hours he really needs a rest. How delightful to have access to a Maggi-fixed-in-5-minutes soup ….”