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In honor of Valentine’s day: e-mail marketing is part of a love triangle. Perhaps that might more accurately be described as a love-hate triangle.

Marketers remain hopelessly devoted to the medium. E-mail marketing was chosen as the #1 most important advertising media in 2007 according to an informal survey of 1500 marketing professionals conducted by Datran Media.

83.2% of the respondents selected e-mail marketing as one of the most important media for this year, followed by 61.7% for search marketing. On the low end were RSS (4.3%), mobile marketing (10.6%) and online video (14.9%).

Not only is e-mail popular, but also:

  • 70.6% of those who will use e-mail in customer acquisition this year said they plan to increase their e-mail budget this year.
  • 83% expect their ROI to increase this year.
  • 72.3% will use e-mail more often this year than last year.

Released on February 5, the study surveyed marketing professionals who work for companies including, KPMG International and InfoUSA. The full study results are also available online.

Now for the bad news (which isn’t all bad): recipients are still having a hard time trusting commercial e-mail providers, based on a JupiterResearch report. Their “E-mail Marketing Attitudes and Behavior” Report states that:

Forty-three percent of e-mail users believe signing up for permission-based e-mail from retailers and banks leads to more unsolicited e-mail, while nearly one-third believe the unsubscribe button in e-mail offers does not work. Despite such attitudes signaling an erosion of confidence, nearly one-half of online users opting in to receive e-mail marketing messages have been influenced to make purchases from them.

While marketers are head over heels for e-mail this year, consumers are more wary. Keep that in mind as you plan your campaigns and reassure your potential subscribers with a prominent privacy policy.