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We’ve already covered the PPC campaign for Election 2008. The candidates are making more headway in their Internet campaigns every day. From blogs to online video to MySpace profiles to their own social media networks, it’s clear that anyone who’s serious about the presidency in ’08 has hired someone who knows their Internet stuff.

To help us all stay on top of the developments in the Internet campaign ’08, debuted this week. Part of the Personal Democracy Forum, describes itself as a group blog:

that covers how the 2008 presidential candidates are using the web, and vice versa, how content generated by voters is affecting the campaign.

With a battery of bloggers monitoring the candidates’ Internet moves, you won’t miss a step—or misstep—of any of the candidates. They’ve already begun monitoring everything from candidates’ announcement videos online status to the number of friends each candidate has on his/her MySpace profile. The contributors include former Internet campaign advisors to publishers to vloggers. A quick glance at their credentials seems to indicate that it’s a reasonably balanced lot, politically speaking. says it’s ready to offer

  • A daily digest of fresh news clips, blog posts and campaign initiatives
  • Live from-the-campaign-trail photo feeds created by voters
  • Campaign website reviews
  • Links to campaign ads and websites (official and unofficial)
  • Charts showing who’s winning the most friends on MySpace and Facebook
  • Detailed tracking of incoming blog links showing who’s hot and why [to come]
  • Up-down voting on each candidate [to come]
  • A searchable repository of emails from each campaign [to come]

I know what you’re wondering: if the presidential election in 2008 were decided instead by a popularity contest on MySpace today, who would win? The answer should be obvious: Barack Obama. (Same goes for messages on the candidate’s Facebook wall.)

(via the AMA’s Marketing News Blog)

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  • I think it’s great. Nowdays there are a lot of people especially the younger generation who can be better informed and influenced by the use of web 2.0.

  • Hey, thanks for the campaign coverage and the new links. I haven’t seen techpresident before. I think the online efforts by the campaigns will show us a lot of interesting things by the time the election comes around. I am doing a bit of coverage of the candidate websites too and will definitely follow along with your reports and refer to them. Thanks!