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Remember the days when you actually checked your web site’s rankings on [cue flashback]

Well, the company that originally brought us AllTheWeb, FAST Search & Transfer, is back, and this time they want to help site owners offer their own paid search platform without the need to involve those pesky Google or Yahoo kids.

FAST will today unveil their new AdMomentum platform, designed to be a one-stop solution for publishers and networks looking to cut out the middle-men of search.

“It’s like a digital marketplace in a box,” said Sue Feldman, an IDC Research vice president who reviewed early versions of AdMomentum. “This gives Web sites an opportunity to become more independent and take more control over their revenue stream.”

And what motivation does FAST hope will drive web site owners to use AdMomentum?

“Publishers are not going to want another hand in their pockets every time they are selling ads,” said Perry Solomon, Fast’s vice president of strategic market development. Solomon declined to discuss AdMomentum’s pricing model.

I’m not so sure. Agreed, there are enough “big brand” sites out there to tease FAST into thinking they’d do business with them, but will they really switch? Running your own ad network is a lot of hassle, especially when Google and Yahoo are there, ready to hold your hand. FAST could possibly pick up a few big wins, but I suspect that all that will really happen is AdMomentum will be used as a bargaining chip with existing partners, to negotiate for a better share of the ad spend. If you own a huge network, and currently use Google for the back-end, you can bluff your intention to switch, and force Google to offer a better percentage share.

Will AdMomentum make any significant impact? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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