Posted February 23, 2007 10:45 am by with 3 comments

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The San Jose Mercury News is reporting Google has signed a deal with Audible Magic to screen uploaded videos for copyrighted content. Just days after Google’s Eric Schmidt confirmed YouTube would roll out anti-piracy measures – which we all assumed would be something developed internally – we learn that the video sharing site will partner with the very same company MySpace partnered with last week.

The big question now is whether YouTube can maintain its popularity, once it starts screening for copyrighted content. Could YouTube become the next Napster – immensely popular while unregulated, but now just a shadow of its former self?

YouTube is “definitely going to lose popularity,” said Jesse Drew, acting director of the technocultural studies program at University of California-Davis. “These things become popular because they are underground and free and accessible.”

Do you still use YouTube for video sharing? Which is your preferred site?

Hat-tip to Marshall.

  • I have uploaded exactly two videos. One very short video of each of my kids. I used YouTube but I haven’t uploaded anything since around Halloween or even really used any of the video sites except for the videos embedded in people’s posts.

    If I want to embed videos of the kids in my site in the future, I will probably use YouTube because I am familiar with it and I would rather use their bandwidth and server space than mine.

  • I stopped using YouTube when they took down two clips I put up of Jim Cramer from when he was on the Colbert Report. So now I use DailyMotion from time to time. I still post YouTube clips on my site, but they are so slow that I will eventually phase even that out.

  • I prefer YouTube because it has far greater reach at the moment than Google videos. However, you really need to think about your demographic too.

    I have heard that Google has a slightly older and a more male audience than Youtube.

    Also according to research Youtube viewers seem to stay on the site almost twice as long as on Google videos.