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Google Reader Changes, Now Every Blogger’s More Popular

It’s been an interesting weekend to watch the blogosphere’s fleeting excitement as one by one, they realize their RSS subscriber count hasn’t actually seen a huge increase, Google’s just made some changes to the way it reports Google Reader and Google Homepage subscribers.

That said, it’s still nice to see your Feedburner stats take a jump. :-)

Darren has more.

  • Doug Karr

    This finally raised my reader count enough that I’m not embarrassed to display it anymore. :) It’s still puny in comparison to yours but I’m happy!

  • Andy Beal

    And we’re all puny compared to TechCrunch. ;-)

  • Todd E

    Aw man, you just ruined my night. I’m off to bed to dream about real Feedburner readers…

  • Terry Ng

    I’m glad Google Reader subscribers are finally part of the Feedburner stats. At least it shows how strong the product really is compared to Bloglines!